Monday, January 30, 2006

First Day

The first day at my new job went ok; no major mishaps or events. You know how first days go; you learn nothing and feel out of place a lot :) The people or nice though and I can see where I will be a great asset to them - so that's a good feeling. I'm going to have to get readjusted to the 1 hour drive each way, but you take the good with the bad.

Other than that my day was uneventful. I went to work, came home and played Evercrack :) Now I'm off to bed. Tee Hee. Tomorrow I have an assignment due that I will have to come home and get workin on. Speaking of school, let me tell you about this absolutely CRAZY policy CTU (my school) has, OMG! I am going to Scotland in May and will be gone for 13 days; so I wanted to see if I could take that session off (each session is only 5 weeks) and start the next session in June! I figured no biggie. CTU on the other hand gives me these two options: 1) Withdrawl from the school completely and reapply when you are ready to come back (entails repaying app fees and all) or 2) fail the class and retake it. Can you believe that shit. Well, I will be doubling up before I leave to get way ahead (which I only have 3 days from the time the class opens for me to see assignments till I leave) but I'll have to at least get the 1st 2 assignments done. I just could not believe that was their policy! Oh, well stupidity is everywhere.

Sleep well dear world. I wish you a dream of a world without stupid people :)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Vacation is Over

The vacation is over, tomorrow I start my new job. This both a cause of joy and sadness. Joy because I belief, hope, pray that this position is going to be a good fit; sadness because I can't spend the rest of my days doing what I want to do when I want to do it. Man vacation is nice; wish I could spend my life on vacation. No, I wouldn't' sit around and eat junk food forever, but I would do stuff that I really enjoyed even if it did pay crap (photography, work in a knitting or scrapbook store, volunteer doing something). Oh, if only I could win the lottery -> tee hee.

Mama came down and spent the night last night. During this visit I realized one thing or actually a couple of things. I am just like my mother in many ways: temperament, facial expressions, attitude, outlook on life, some beliefs and etc... However, even though she is my best friend I have nothing in common with her. She likes to watch the history channel, the weather channel and to garden; she likes learn interesting facts (she could win jeopardy) and decorate the house. I like to knit, scrapbook, create other various items, play games, read romance novels and generally be lazy. It's amazing how two people so close can be so different.

I for example hate debate and discussing differing points of view regarding politics, religion or cultural issues such as race. It irritates me when people disagree with me and because of that I try to avoid the topics. It shouldn't irritate me - I know this, but it does. I don't think the fact that they disagree irritates me as much as the fact that I'm not very good at expressing myself during a debate so I get defensive. I get irritated at myself more than anything. Jack and Mama on the other hand love it. It makes me feel bad because I want them to enjoy their conversations and I try not to look disgruntled as one argues for a certain politician and another gives valid points regarding the opponent, but I do. So they stop the conversation which makes me feel even worse. I need to learn to debate, to love debate and to express myself better in those situations then the problem would be solved. God knows I would be more interesting to talk to, but then I would need to read the paper and watch the news so that I knew what in the hell I was talking about, which I don't...something else to work on I guess.

However, on less serious/reflective fronts the bag part of my bag is done. Pics to come tomorrow. Now, I have to figure out how to make the handles. How exciting. I also need to figure out what my next project is going to be. I think I may try an afghan, or maybe do another bag as a gift, or a hat and scarf as gifties... Choices, choices! I do need to start working on stockpiling some gifts, but at the same time I enjoying exploring new things to make... Maybe I'll do two projects and swap in between them? Hmmmm.. Uh oh - I think I'm getting the bug :)

Well, sleep well dear world and wish me luck tomorrow!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Good Mood

I'm in a surprisingly good mood considering the day I have had. I have to recount the story of my day just for the sheer humor of it all, then I'll give you a glimpse of my bag :)

Wake up at 1:30 this afternoon - Man I love vacation! Then I get dressed and head to the vital records department in downtown Atlanta for a certified copy of my birth certificate, apparently the one the hospital gave my mother when I was born isn't good enough for a passport. Just another way for them to suck money out of my pocket, but back to the story. The other day I lost my debit card and the bank is mailing me a new one so all I had cash wise was a $100 bill; so I took it with me just in case they didn't take credit cards, which is how I normally pay for things (get those sky miles you know). Well, anyway I get down there and wait in line to get a form, then I fill out the form and wait in another line to turn it in and pay for the certificate. They have a huge sign on the window "No Personal Checks or Credit Cards" so I was grateful I brought my $100. So I get up there and the lady says "Sorry, we can't take this - you'll have to go get change." Now, I know she has change because the 7 people before me all paid with $20's - so do I go get change - Hell No. I don't know where a bank is and even if I did I wouldn't have went and gotten change. It was the principal. I told her "No, you will accept this American Currency as you have no legal reason not to! You have no sign saying that you can't take money over a certain domination and you will take this and give me my change." So she says "I'll have to let you talk to my supervisor. " and I reply "Why don't you do that?" The supervisor then says we don't' take anything over a $20 at which time I told her the same spill I just gave the next lady and that she will accept my American Money; hell they are a government office and they can't take American Monday - Not Today! In the end she took my money and the expedited the process to get me out of there quickly. Then my day continues...oh yes it gets better!

I went to the post office to apply for my passport. I have all of the documents filled out, but the guy I saw the other day is not there, it is another lady. I arrive at 3:03 - the passport office closed at 3. She is walking out of the passport room about to go up to the main counter , because she doesn't' get off work for another hour and tells me "It's closed!" Not, "Sorry, we're closed" but very rudely "it's closed". You know I would understand if she was about to leave for the day, but she wasn' I just look at her and very sweetly, trying desperately not to strangle her, say "ma'am, it will only take 5 minutes, everything is complete and Steve, the guy who told me my birth certificate was not good enough said if I came before 4 it would be fine." An elderly postal worker who is very sweet then pipes up on my behalf and said "Yep, she was here before - you go on and help her." The lady the looks at me as if I had just killed her first child and says well the photo's aren't the right size. By this time I'd had it! I looked at her and said "Lady, they were the right size Tuesday when Steve took my husbands application, so give me a damn break and take the application, Shit". So, she looked at me told me to raise my right hand and took the application. Damn people!

My passport application is now off and I'm happy about that so I go get some sweet tea from Captain D's (who has the best sweet tea by the way). I get the sweet tea and take a sip - there is NO sugar in it. So I look at the lady behind the counter and ask her if she is sure it's sweet tea. She looks at it and laughed - the sugar was still sitting beside the container waiting to be stirred in. She was very sweet and replaced my tea; it was pretty funny all in all and I'm still in a good mood. So I head off on my next adventure - oh yes there's more - somedays you just need to go back to bed.

My fourth stop for the day is my tire store. I was going to get my tires rotated and my oil changed. I give the man my keys and go sit in the waiting room to knit. There is only one other customer in the entire place so I figured it would go quickly. The customer and I are chatting away and then I realize that I've been there quite a long time; about an hour by this time so I go check on my car. One of the back lugnuts is rusted and they can't get it off. Did they come tell me they were having difficulty and that it would be a while - no - So anyway I told them to break if they had to and I'd replace it; it's only $8. I go back inside and 20 minutes later my car still isn't done. So I go check on it again and he said I'll have to come back tomorrow as they don't have the nut I need. I say ok and ask how long it will take tomorrow; he said probably a couple of hours because he wants to check all of the lugs. Fine, just another step in my already perfect afternoon. I tell him to get me ready to go and I'll come back tomorrow. Then I call Jack and tell him what's going on and he of course asked questions that I could not answer. So, I take the phone in to the customer service guy and asked him to tell my husband what was going on. This man has the nerve to close his eyes and sigh at me!!! Today of all days! I looked at him and said "Don't get an attitude with me" he replies with something about dealing with customers for 50+ years and I didn't tell him anything else but man the things I wish I would have told him. I mean man, I'm a paying customer and I ask you to explain to my husband what you need to do to my automobile and you are going to get an attitude with me about it. Man oh man - bad move! But anyway that was my day. After that I came home and hid. And I'm still in a good mood - miracles do happen.

Anyway, as promised here is a pic of my bag. No it's not birthing an alien - I'm using my prom glass to hold it up for it's modeling debut. It's not perfect but I'm proud of it! On row 49 :)

Well, tomorrow my goal is to give the house a really good cleaning. It will be good to start a new job on Monday with a spotless house :)

Sleep well dear world! I wish you dreams of nice customer service reps fulfilling your every need!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tired - But Had Fun :)

Man, I'm tired. No real explanation for it, but I could curl up and sleep for a week. Probably going to call it an early night as soon as this post is done.

Jack and I went to the aquarium today; it was a lot of fun. They have done an amazing job with it! I was really impressed. It was too dark in some of the exhibits to make good pictures but it looks like I got a few good ones; not too many though. I haven't waded thru them all, but here are a couple of fun ones.
This is one of the beluga Whales they rescued from an amusement park in Mexico. He was so cute and personable. I could spend hours watching him and his 4 friends swim around.

One thing I was really impressed with was how much room all the animals had to swim in. I really hate zoos and aqariums where you can tell the animals are miserable because they have no room to move around, but they went all out and gave them environments as close as possible to real. It was awesome!

As I said the picture quality is not great due to the darkness and the fact that I was shooting thru 5 feet of plexi glass, but it was fun. I wish sometimes I had the money that I could just rent a place out like that for the day or the zoo - no little children to annoy me and just peace and quiet with which to enjoy the view. I need to buy a lottery ticket :) lol

We really did have alot of fun, I do plan on going back. This also made me want to revisit the Atlanta Zoo. Atlanta has done such a good job with its zoo. I've had never been to a zoo other than the one in Atlanta until a few years ago. I was horrified at the DC zoo to see the animals in cages and horrible living conditions. They were not in habitats but rather cage fences and concrete. It was horrific and I believe cruel. The Atlanta zoo all of the animals have huge habitat's! While the animals are still not in the wild they are treated well and have plenty of room. If you ever visit Atlanta I would highly recommend the zoo and the aquarium - both are wonderful experiences.

I'm on row 36 of my bag :) Woot - it's coming along!!!!

Other than that it's been quiet in Mylerna land. I'm enjoying my week off and hope you are all having a wonderful week as well, even if you are at work.

Sleep well sweet world - I'm off to bed early or maybe I'll curl up and watch TV. Anyway I wish you all an wonderful night.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

No Insight Today

I've been playing EQ II most of the day so I have no deep insight to share. This week I may not be blogging as much; you don't have alot to share when all you do is sit around the house eating junk food, sleeping late and basically doing nothing. I'm looking so forward to it :) LOL

Sleep well dear world.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Self Reflection

Well, today was my last day at work. When leaving any position I believe it wise to look back and see if there was anything I could have done differently to make it better, to make it "the" position. This requires a brutal honesty that is hard to swallow and most people including myself do not appreciate most of the time. However, I consider it a value learning tool and so here goes:

1) I could have listened more. Listened to the background on the accounts more.
2) I could have made a more conscious attempt to try and remember the small things.
3) I could have been less defensive and taken criticism better.
4) I could have been more detail oriented and looked for the small things.

Yes, there are things I could have done better. Now would my having changed or done things differently increased my level of happiness in the position? When really thinking about this question I have to say no - I hated what I was doing. My boss while nice as a person was an absolutely horrible boss who appreciated nothing. And when put simply I was not getting paid enough for the emotional stress the job placed on me.

I did however learn a great deal about how big business works and I learned a lot about myself. Unfortunately you have to try something before you know if it is for you. I tried and found that I like smaller business who treat you like family. I like to know that my boss appreciates what I do and that he/she cares about me as a person. I like to be empowered to make decisions and do not appreciate someone micro-managing me. I want to work somewhere I enjoy and life is simply too short not to. Next week I am taking off and then on the 30th of January I start a new position at a small brokerage/agency in Canton Georgia. It is about 46 miles one way and the pay is less, but they are going to let me work flex hours and I can work from home one day a week after I get trained. I know the people and the environment is more my style.

I think it is going to be a good fit, I hope and pray it will be a good fit, I need it to be a good fit. 2005 was a rough year for me professionally, I need to find a job that fits me. I need to be happy professionally, because when you are not happy at work it makes it difficult to be happy at home. No, I'm not thinking or expecting everyday to be a stress free happy day, but I do want a job that I enjoy at least 85% of the time. Here is me praying I've found it.

Reflection Over :)

My assignment that was due tonight has been turned in. Now I have to do my two sections of the group assignment. I have to have it turned in tomorrow by noon. We also have to go to Jack's nieces 1 year birthday party tomorrow. I'm hoping to squeeze some EQ in there somewhere but I'm not sure how that's going to work out. But Sunday and next week watch out EQ I'm coming !!!!

I on row 16 of my scarf. I had to do some back tracking and the fact that school has been so busy has made it slow going, but it's looking good and I'm enjoying the process. I'll get to knit some tomorrow on the ride to the party (2 hours one way) so hopefully I'll get some good work done.

Thanks for listening blog land. I wish you dreams of fluffy clouds and chocolate dipped ice cream cones!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

1 Day Left

Tomorrows my last day at my current job position! God I can't wait. I'm leaving at lunch - they can bite me!

Talk to you later.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Ok, so I warn you now this is probably going to be a long post. I have lots I want to share with you. I know what your thinking - "Mylerna your post are always long." Well, I know but ah well...I like putting my thoughts/goals out into blog land. So here goes - fair warning that subjects will change suddenly :) Tee Hee

1) My secret pal rocks! I wanted to post this last night, but with my assignment time got away from me. Yea, I know I shouldn't have procrastinated but it's in my nature. Anyway I digress - my pal Rocks. Yesterday I came home after what I affectionately call the day from hell. When I got home I walked down to the end of the driveway in the drizzly rain and opened the mailbox. Being in the frame of mind I was in, I did not immediately think "sp7" when I saw the package the mailman had stuffed into our mailbox. Instead I thought "Man, why did he have to shove this in here. Doesn't he know I'll never be able to get it out? Doesn't he know my day has sucked and if he would just have placed this by the front door he could have lessened my headache?" I know negative - I'm working on it!! So, anyway I finally get the package out of the mailbox and still being in the mood that I was in it didn't dawn on me. I get inside drop my stuff off on the kitchen counter and look down. Then the light went off!!! Ding Ding Ding - Oh yea you have a pal! and I bet this is something cool. Oh, I hope it's from my pal, oh I hope, I hope!!!! So then I forget the day from hell and rip open the package to find the following great items!!!

Thank you Secret Pal!!! You made my day. My mood and thus my evening were so much better because of you. You could not have picked a better day for this to show up, stuffed or not, in my mailbox :) Thanks so much.

For those of you who can't tell in the picture above I got the following great items: Stitch'n Bitch Nation, a yarn measurement guide (which I really needed being the newb I am), a great measuring tap that retracts (how cool is that!) and a needle case by Lantern Moon. I'm so excited and pal once again Thank you not only for the gifts but for the timing. You really did make my day!

2) My secret pal inspired me. I had planned to get up Saturday morning and go to the knitting store but I couldn't wait any longer. I found another store near work, because as you know the one I went to last week was not so great. This store is called the Needle Nook and it was really cool. Lots of yarn, but not so organized and stuffy that I was intimidating. The salespeople were friendly and helpful and they had a fairly wide selection of books. They still did not have the needles my pal has on her wish list - guess I'll have to shop on line for those, but I did get her some cool alpaca yarn and the book she was wanting "Knitting Vintage Socks" by Nancy Bush. Which should make two really cool packages for her. I have to be careful of my spending with the pay cut I'm taking but I figured I would go ahead and grab a couple of gifts just in case I can't find a shop near my next job. I'm so excited - I only hope she likes it. I'm scared I didn't buy the right color or that she won't have anything she wants to make out of that size yarn, but here's hoping. Here's a picture - Patches is modeling for you :) Don't worry I saved the yarn right after the picture...he loves to get into trouble.

3) Speaking of knitting I've worked on my bag some, but unfortunately I messed something up so I had to back up several rows. I'm at 8 complete rows now - I think. It's harder to back up when working on circular needles or so I have found out. I hope I'm counting the rows right. But anyway the bag is looking good after I fixed the dropped stich and I'm enjoying the process of making it. I can't wait till it's done and I can use it. It's so neat to make stuff that you can actually use. Oh, and speaking of making things. I thought I would post a picture of one of my frames. Please keep in mind that you can't see the fingerprints on it like you can in this picture...I guess the flash really picked up on them because I can't see them at all and I'm staring at it. BTW the picture it holds is one I took :)

4) My cats are nuts. Take a look at this - no we are not depriving them of water...they have a fresh bowl that I had just fixed, but no they have to drink the hard way. It's so cute.

5) Hmm..what else should I ramble on about? I could tell you the really gross story about the turkey, but I'll save you the misery. Tee Hee - Can't think of anything else. Life is good here. I had a good day (my boss is out of town) and I'm happy. Wow, happy! That's a good feeling. I wish you all dreams of kitty cats and fluffy yarn. Sleep well sweet world.


Time got away from me last night and I didn't get to do my post. I did however receive a bunch of goodies from my secret pal :) It was so cool, pics to follow when I get home from work. I just wanted to do a quick post to say thank you!!!!

Have a great day out their in blog land.

Monday, January 16, 2006


Ok, so I'm a negative person, but I'm getting better. Its a goal to improve myself in that arena and I'm working on it. I have to tell you that meeting people like Tidbit can only inspire you to be better both in outlook and just as a person. Ok, so I haven't actually met her, but I'm good friends with her thru Everquest and I consider her one of my best buds (One day I'm going to make it up to Canada to meet her- tried to go in August but the $$ didn't work out).

I think about my life and then I think about hers. Not just about her illness and what she has had to go thru but more about how she had handled it. She is still gracious and inspiring - I can only hope when I am faced with tragedy I can be as strong as she is. She is such a bright spot in the world and I admire her courage and her strength.

I am grateful everyday for my health and the health of my family. Please keep Tid and her family in your prayers; we are hoping everyday that a miracle cure will come thru the works.

Ok, so on to a few lighter notes.

I now have 7 rows of my bag done! I'm not posting any pics because it looks very similar to what it did yesterday, but it's coming along.

School is progressing. I have an assignment due tomorrow, one due Friday and my part of the group assignment which is due Saturday. Lots of stuff to do for each, so I'll be busy this week. **tear goes down cheek as Mylerna thinks of the missed knitting/EQ hours**

4 more days at work! 4 more and I can't wait. You have no idea - I may start counting the hours :)

Also SP7 officially began last week. I need to get to the knitting store on Saturday to see if I can find my pal some stuff. Maybe I'll go Saturday. Grrr - I forgot about Jack's nieces birthday party and the knitting shops are closed on Sunday. Guess I'll have to get up early. I don't guess one Saturday before noon will kill me - tee hee :) I can't wait to get her a package in the mail...this is so much fun!!!!!!

Other than that life is quiet. I've been neglecting my walking, which CAN NOT continue so it's back to the road for me tomorrow. I found I actually enjoy doing 3 laps (when it's not freezing outside). On the other hand that machine that Jack bought last year, which I had him drag up the stairs and put in the spare bedroom is not for me. It is just too aggressive; more like running up a mountain on it's lowest setting and lets just say I'm not in shape so it's to the neighborhood for me - cold or not!

Guess, I'll go read some more in my text book, boring as that is and then head off to dream land. I wish you all sweet dreams tonight and fond moments tomorrow.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Learning Experience

Ok, so this bag is a major learning experience! I finished the rectangle bottom last night - see below.

So, this morning I decided I was going to start the actual bag part, which required me to pick up stitches. Actually the pattern called for "pick up and knit twisted" Ok, let me get on my soap box for a moment - who ever writes these patterns needs to use language that when I do a google search for how to "pick up and knit twisted" I will find something. Ok, so anyway I found a video on how to pick up stitches; between the video and my Stich'n Bitch book I figured that out. Then I called Lotus Knits who bless her heart tried to explain to me what they meant by knit twisted, but my limited understanding of knitting and the fact that sometimes I just have dumb moments made the explanation via telephone difficult. She did however give me some terms to look up on the internet that explained it a little bit more. Too say the least this was a 2 hour endeavor; I did however get the 100 stitches that the pattern called for picked up; I can only hope I picked them up correctly! Here is a pic of the 100 stitches having been picked up and one row knitted - then I just had to take a break.

I hope I've done it correctly - time shall tell. I have found that I am a person who does not really enjoy challenges - they merely frustrate me. I know that is horrible and that I should enjoy learning new things, but I enjoy knowing the new thing not the learning there of. I am trying to stick with knitting cause I know if I do and I really learn how to become more advanced I will enjoy it just like I enjoy making the scarves, but getting to that point is frustrating. I will not give up though - I will preserver and this bag is going to look great by Golly! Or it may end up looking like a hat, but hey I'm trying.

One thing I have learned thru this is that I'm going to have to find a knitting group in the area to join. Which I want to do cause I think it would give me a chance to make some great new friends, but I'm not good at meeting new people and my schedule is hectic and it's going to get more hectic when I start my new job on the 30th. We shall see - we shall see.

Sorry, I didn't post last night. We were playing Evercrack and by time we decided to log it was late. Tee Hee - I was knitting the bottom of my bag between pulls :) Also, during our many battles Sox, who is normally our standoffish kitty decided to come get lovin. He was sitting on my lap while we were playing; here are some pics. He is so cute.

By the way my Canon Digital Rebel which is being used to take these knitting pictures is insulted. I hear it telling me "Woman - what are you doing! I am The Camera - the one you waited for and you are using me to take pictures of your knitting projects, which by the way you have a long way to go and your kitties! You should be outside using me to capture the wonderful world of nature. I am the camera you use to capture majestic waterfalls, fields of wildflowers, the birds soaring high above you, not your kitties being lazy!" Bah, I like my kitties and my knitting and I will use use Mr. Camera for what ever I want. However, I do need to get out more and take some quality photos instead of sitting in this house/work day after day. I need to exercise my photogenic muscles :) Here is a shot I got during a family barbecue. I think it's my fav; hard to tell I like so many.

I bought some glass to make some custom home made frames with. I'm going to take a bunch of my favorite shots, frame them and hang them thru out the house. I just think that will be neat to have my home decorated with my artwork! That's not an immediate goal as I have way to much going on right now and the frames take a good chunk of time to make but eventually.

I think I'm going to go grab some tennis shoes and go for my walk, or I may just go get lost in a novel. Who knows I may just go back to sleep. Tee Hee. Have a great day everyone!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Too Tired to Contemplate

I had this really contemplative blog thought out earlier today, but after working on my assignment the past 4 hours, I'm just too tired to write it. I'll post it tomorrow with any more contemplative thoughts I have had :) tee hee

I'm a few rows into my bag...finally. I'm very excited, here is a pic! I love the way these colors are coming together. I'm so excited.

This weekend is going to be an Everquest weekend, I haven't played much this week and I miss it.

Oh, yes and tomorrow I will go indepth about my customer service phone call today. I know you want to know now, but a little anticipation will do you good. Tee Hee

Well, good night all because I'm about to crash at the keyboard. I'll write more tomorrow - in the meantime I wish you dreams of Cashmere Yarn and Rosewood Needles.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Yarn & More

Well, I went to the yarn store today and bought the yarn for my bag. I've started on it about three times now and mess up and have to start again; I'm just not used to using circular needles, but I'll get the hang of it.

I didn't really like the yarn store I went to. Part of it is the fact that I'm so inexpierenced that specialized yarn stores intimidate me a bit and part of it was their selection was crap. They didn't have any alpaca yarn which I wanted to get for my pal, they didn't have any real needle selection at all and the ladie looked like she wanted to bite the head off of something. I don't know maybe when I know more I will find the little yarn stores fun and quaint but now I just feel out of place, but Michaels doesn't have a very wide selection of quality yarn like the specialty shops nor do they have a wide selection of needles. I need to find a little yarn store that I like :) but at the same time then I would want to go more which in turn would cause me to spend more money...hmmm.

Well, here are my goodies. Of course I couldn't just buy what I went into the store for I also picked up a book of afgans to knit. I really like the one pictured below - that may be my next project.

Well, other than that the day was good. I'm about to go watch some tv with my hubby and work on getting my bag good and started :) Tomorrow I have an assignment due so it'll be study study study for me.

I wish you all a wonderful evening!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Project Done

Ok, so I finished my scarf. It feels good to finish something finally! Now I just have to get it sent off.

Here is another picture after Jack made me laugh - I look about dorky but you can see the colors in the scarf really well. Other than that today was good. I called the yarn store hoping to pick up the Noro Kureyon yarn when I got off work, but both of them near the office closed at 5, so I guess I will go during lunch tomorrow. Not a huge deal; gave me a chance to finish the scarf!

I didn't walk today - I felt blah this afternoon and just came home and vegged on the couch. Bad I know, but one day won't kill me. I'll pick it back up tomorrow.

Well, I'm off to bed. I need to get some good restful sleep. I never realized how exhausting teaching someone can be - and she is very bright - imagine if she was dumb.

Well, anyway I'll chat with you all tomorrow. I do hope you get a restful nights sleep and that your dreams will be of happy moments.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Man Oh Man

Today was a day! My new trainee started and while I would love to start with the basics with her there is just so much going on so she is really getting thrown in to the fire and we are kinda jumping right into the work flow! While I feel sorry for her to a degree and would fix it if I could; I figure that's what they are paying her that extra 30,000 for! I know I'm holding a grudge, but good grief 30,000 more a year - OMG I just wish I didn't know that. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Ok, so on to other topics before I get pissed all over again. My assignment is turned in - not so sure about it's quality but it's done! The next one is due Friday. I don't know I just seem to be struggling with motivation this term, maybe it's the fact that I can't stand the professor or the Christmas break spoiled me, but I have to get myself mentally pulled together so I can graduate in December.

The bag has been decided upon I talked to my knitting mentor, aka my sister-in-law, and we decided I better do the smart thing since I'm a beginner and go buy the yarn the pattern calls for instead of my cute Patons yarn (color 11430) which is just way too thick for anything I'm beginning to think. By the way fellow knitters, what do you use yarn that is that thick for? I really like it and want to make something with it eventually, but it's too bulky for a scarf and for this bag. Well, anyway I looked up a couple of knitting shops close to work and will give them a call tomorrow to see if they carry Noro Kureyon yarn then go pick some up :) as I really want to get started on this! I can grab some stuff for my SP7 pal while I'm there. Only drawback is I have to be careful with money; accepting this new position is a slight (ok more than slight) pay cut and while I will be happier I'm not sure how it's going to affect the purse strings yet.

I did my 3 laps today :) I feel really good about this walking program and really hope I can stick with it. Probably boring but putting it on my blog makes me feel accountable to more than just myself so it gives me some extra motivation and I'll take all I can get!

Other than that things are quiet. I'm about to go to bed; my sleeping schedule has gotten really messed up and going to bed at 1am is just not healthy so I'm going to make myself lay down and hopefully fall asleep. I bid you all sweet dreams of lollipops and tootsie rolls.

Monday, January 09, 2006


I realized today that I have started using this blog as an activity tracker; while good for me is probably very boring for you in blog land. I will try to add some more spice as I can, but tonight I can't seem to think of anything spicy.

I was extremely dedicated to my school work tonight then the CTU server went down and it was 10:00. Jack was playing EQ and I succumbed to the temptation. That game is way to addictive and it sucks because I want to do other things like my bag and my scrapbooking. I love all of it and EQII just sucks time but I enjoy it bunches. Hmm...I need to limit myself though and do more productive things. Tomorrow I'm finishing my assignment and then I'm working on my bag. No EQ till Thursday - or maybe 1/3 of the night Wednesday :)

On other fronts I started back walking today - 3 laps and we got the exercise machine moved into the house where I can use it. Woot!

Other than that today was quiet. My new trainee starts tomorrow and I found out today that they are paying her 30K more a year than they are me. Talk about putting a bug up your ass! Oh, here train your replacement and by the way were are paying her 30K more to do what you do! Granted I resigned for dang good reasons, but I probably would have stayed for 30,000 more a year! Oh, it just irks me. I'm going to try and not take it out on her...I mean she is getting trained not even a 1/4 of the time I got and during our busiest time of the year. I can't wait till 1/20! You will see me do cartwheels out the damn door!

Well, I'm off to bed and tomorrow I'm starting on my bag!!! Dang it I'm getting started come hell or high water. Oh, I did knit some today though while my professor was talking - got about 10 rows done on my scarf :)

Well good night dear world. I'll try to think of more spicy topics for later post.

SP7 Questionnaire

1. Are you a yarn snob (do you prefer higher quality and/or natural fibers)? Do you avoid Red Heart and Lion Brand?

I’m not experienced enough to be a yarn snob yet. However, I do like really soft yarn. The course yarn that feels rough against your fingertips – not my fav.

2. Do you spin? Crochet?


3. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in?

Currently all of my needles are just sitting in my yarn basket. I want to make me a holder for them, but all in due time.

4. How long have you been knitting? Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced?

I’ve been knitting since September of 05 so I’m still a newbie. Very much in the beginner level.

5. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?

Not currently.

6. What's your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products etc.)

Too many smells tend to give me a headache so I don’t burn Candles in the house. I love bath products though and while I don’t have any particular favorite I like something that smells fresh or flowery.

I don’t really like vanilla.

7. Do you have a sweet tooth? Favorite candy?

Hmmmm…Choices! No real favorite I don’t guess. I like cookies and cake more than candy, but a Twix bar is always fun.

8. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do?

I like to scrapbook, make greeting cards, make homemade picture frames and I enjoy painting a bit (though I’m not very good).

9. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD)

I can play MP3’s. I enjoy country music and soft rock. I also really like to relax to music by Enya, Enigma, and the like

10. What's your favorite color? Or--do you have a color family/season/palette you prefer? Any colors you just can't stand?

My favorite color currently is red and pink. I also like hunter green; navy blue and burgundy. I look horrible in yellows.

11. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?

Married with two cats.

12. Do you wear scarves, hats, mittens or ponchos?

I wear all of the above.

13. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with?

I’m still figuring that out. I like really soft yarn!

14. What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?

None yet

15. What is/are your current knitting obsession/s?

I’m trying to make a bag.

16. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?

So far I like scarves, but I want to advance further.

17. What are you knitting right now?

Scarf and a bag.

18. Do you like to receive handmade gifts?

Would love it.

19. Do you prefer straight or circular needles?

I’ve only used straight needles thus far but I received a Needle Master for Christamas I need to try out.

20. Bamboo, aluminum, plastic?


21. Do you own a yarn winder and/or swift?


22. How did you learn to knit?

Combination of book and sister-in-law’s guidance

23. How old is your oldest UFO?

3 weeks.

24. What is your favorite animated character or a favorite animal/bird?

Favorite Animal is butterflies. I also like Dolphins. I don’t have a favorite animated character.

25. What is your favorite holiday?

Hmmm…don’t really have one.

26. Is there anything that you collect?

I love butterflies and dolphin things.

27. What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have?


28. Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on?

I would like to get the next Stitch’N Bitch book – Stitch’N Bitch Nation

29. Are there any new techniques you'd like to learn?

How to make a bag :)

30. Are you a sock knitter? What are your foot measurements?

No, Hmmm is sock size same as shoe size? I wear a 7 ½ shoe.

31. When is your birthday? (mm/dd)

July 10th

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Lazy Day

Ok, so today I have been completely lazy and have gotten nothing productive accomplished. I played Evercrack for the majority of the day and while I did have fun part of me feels guilty for not doing something more productive like knitting, scrapbooking or studying. I didn't do my walk or anything today. I'll pick it back up tomorrow.

On the other hand I did talk to my sister-in-law today and have renewed hopes for my bag. I know I keep swapping projects, but she walked me thru what the guaging meant and told me of some easier bag patterns. I'm going to look at them and either choose one or continue on with the bag I had previously chosen. I want to advance further than scarves; I just have a bad habit of getting frustrated - patience is something I need to work on.

Another good thing happened today - we got assigned our pals for SP7. I can't wait to begin spoiling mine :)

Other than that the day was, as I said lazy. Tomorrow is my last day at work alone; the new girl that I have to start training starts on Tuesday. I'm hoping to get some things caught up so she doesn't start in the fire completely - we shall see if time allows. I'm officially out of there in 2 weeks - can't wait!

Tomorrow I have to come home and do my assignment after which its knitting for me. I want to get something other than the regular scarf I have started going.

I hope all of you out their in blog land had a great weekend and I wish you peaceful dreams. May your week be filled with delightful moments!

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Today has been one of those days that you could hand me a $100 bill and I swear it wouldn't' be folded right. I'm just grumpy. Not sure why - I just am. I've tried to stay away from Jack no need for him to feel the wrath of my grumpiness, but I'm sure he has noticed. We did have a nice dinner out though :)

I completed my goals for the day which makes me happy. The tree is down, I did 3 laps around the neighborhood and I tried to start on my bag. However, upon really looking at it I decided that I better go back to the scarf because I obviously need a little more knowledge. Hell, I couldn't even figure out how to read the gauge requirements she was talking about - they were wrote different than they are in my other book and I'm not very good at comprehending numbers. I also looked a little further into it and it requires crochet which I can't do so I went back to making the "Ribbed for her pleasure scarf" I didn't get very far though. I'm not sure what to do next - I really enjoyed just making the knitted scarves but I want to advance further than that of course. I don't know I'm just frustrated I guess - it shall pass.

Well, I guess I'll take my grumpiness and go to bed; tomorrow will be a better day. I wish you all sweet dreams of purple flowers and puffy clouds.

Friday, January 06, 2006

My Day

Well, as I said earlier I'm celebrating the small accomplishments today! I walked my three laps, finished my assignment and got to get my crafter up a level! Woot! Now to fill you in on the small details and some other miscellaneous items you really don't care about but I feel like sharing :)

1) Walking - this felt great! I have every intention of continuing the exercise routine; however I may have to get Jack to move our exercise machine (elliptical runner) back upstairs where I can use it. It's down right freezing outside - I don't know how people walk in that everyday. I had on warm cloths and I still felt like ice was shooting thru my skin. Anyway Jack said he would help me find a place tomorrow for the machine. I'll walk on it while listening to music and escape into my own world. Probably won't be as easy (mentally) as walking a set number of laps cause you got to stay on it and your not really going anywhere; but it'll have to do till the temperature goes up some.

2) Assignment - The material was not that hard; trying to format it and figure out what in the Hell that professor wants was very frustrating. It took me from about 7:30 to 10:30 to get it done, but I think I'll get a good grade. Next assignment is due Monday; it's only a short essay though so no big deal. I also plan to have chp 2 read by Monday and to go ahead and start my next sections reading even though it's not due for a week or so.

3) Evercrack - My alt is now a level 21 provisioner. I played for about an hour - I'm trying to get her up where she can make food for our higher level guildies :) Plus it's a good thing to do when there aren't alot of people on to group with.

4) I plan on starting my bag tomorrow. Or maybe tonight before I go to bed it just depends. I'm not extremely sleepy :)

5) The Christmas tree is still up; a fact I realized today. I just forgot about it - it sits in the corner of the living room and while I do pass it everyday we just never spend any time in that room. It's coming down this weekend!

6) They hired my replacement at work. I have 7 days to train her before I leave -> I was trained for approximately a month before the lady (she was going to law school) I was replacing left so this should be fun. I feel sorry for her, she's really just getting thrown into the fire. It's not my fault though. I gave them right at 6 weeks notice; they can't ask for more!

Other than that I have no deep revelations or confounding thoughts to share today so I guess I will bid you a good night. May your dreams be of smiles and feelings of peaceful bliss.

Celebrate the Small Accomplishments

Woot! I just got back from my first walk. I did three laps around the neighborhood and it felt great. Ok, got to do my assignment I'll post more later - just wanted to share :)

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Distractions, Distractions, Distractions

It's really amazing how when you have something you "need" to do, but don't really "want" to do everything in the world can distract you. Man oh Man! Well, anyway I got some reading done for school and some research done for my assignment due tomorrow. I'll finish my reading up when I'm done rambling here and then tomorrow it will be time to hunker down and get the assignment done. Not the first time I've pushed it off to the last day, but I hope not to make a habit this term.

Do you want to know what I have been distracted with this afternoon? Sure you do - I know your on the edge of your seats. Well, here goes:

1) I'm staying true to my resolution to keep the laundry up to date. One load was piling up - it is now clean! I'm not Miss Susie Homemaker; don't get me wrong my house is not nasty, but the cloths tend to pile up and clearing away the clutter is something that must be done often. That being said you really don't realize how many towels you have until they are all clean and piled up.

If that falls on one of my cats he could be trapped for days :)

2) I also decided - Hey I need to post some pictures of the kitties for all to see. I mean why study when you can share kitty photos.

<-- This is our Baby Sox. And the one below is Patches. They are brothers and look just alike other than the fur pattern. Sox is very quiet and has gotten to be quite the lap kitty. Patches on the other hand wants to be petted, but only if you do it his way. He is extremly demanding. We love them both soooo much :)

3) Also while I was deciding how to figure out how not to study I picked the pattern for the bag I'm gonna make. I know I'm horrible and I'll pay for it dearly tomorrow but ah well. A picture of the bag I'm gonna try to make is to the right (Mel expect lots of phone calls) Tee Hee. The pattern is from the book by Suss Cousins titled "Hollywood Knits." I got it for Christmas (Thanks Mel). I need to knit a gauge with the yarn I bought for that "Ribbed for her Pleasure" scarf and see how it goes... I'll be watching lots of tutorials to do some of the steps, but hey you got jump off the knitting ledge sometime! Wish me luck guys.

Also as a follow up from yesterdays post I spoke to my sister-in-law and we have decided I would start with walking! Simple, easy, free and well I don't have to learn how to do it. Tee Hee. I'm going to start tomorrow; the only thing I'm worried about is the fact that it gets dark so soon. Hmmm. I'll figure it out and make it work -> I've got to get in better shape so I can have more energy and I feel better.

Speaking of feeling better - I am. Still have a bit of a cough, but I'm much better than yesterday! Woot!

Other than that life has been quite. I'm going to log off now, get away from the many distractions I can find on my computer (amazing what you can find to do - I mean who knew I needed a defrag?) and go find some will power. I know I have some stashed somewhere! Time to hunker down and get this done.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Plan!

Well, I'm still sick - bah! I'm taking medicine religiously - I hate head colds worse than anything I tell ya! Well, anyway other than being sick not much is going on. It's amazing how an illness will suddenly make you stop doing everything. I think part of the reason we get sick is because our body is telling us that we need to pay closer attention to it and take care of it. Therefore, I am adding another resolution to the list (ah yes it keeps growing) and that is to take better care of my body. The plan on how to do that has yet to be decided. I'm going to talk to my sister-in-law who knows alot about physical training and etc and see if she could help me design a low-key fitness program for myself. Then I'm going to get a vitamin schedule and start drinking more juice and water... My immune system just needs a good kick cause right now it sucks - I get every little thing and I hate it so instead of whinning about it here for years to come I'm going to do my best to fix it. Granted everyone gets sick, but surely there an exercise program and taking vitamins would help...

I got some more done on my scarf today. Still haven't picked out the bag pattern yet; just haven't felt like the challenge. My scarves are relaxing and I guess that is what I need currently. But I'm going to pick it out and start - I promise!

I'm getting a little behind in my class too. I have to get well soon; this can not affect my grade. 1st assignment is due Friday!

I did however make 6 levels on my tradeskill char in EQII. Now granted she is just starting and the beginning levels are easy to get, but it was fun! Tradeskilling requires little thought so it was perfect for today :)

Well, I'm off to take some night time cold medicine and pass out. Dream well sweet world.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Fight is Over

I'm afraid the battle is over and I've lost. This cold has taken over my body and is rampaging thru it with remarkable efficiency. I hate head colds: I can't even think clearly enough to compare them to something horrible, but they are truly horrible. Probably going to the doc tomorrow - hopefully they can give me a wonder drug.

Other than that things have been going along here. The last load of laundry is in the washer! It's only taken me 3 solid days to get caught up. So I'm adding a New Years resolution to the list - I'm going to keep the laundry caught up. I mean this has been insane, lol.

I didn't meet my goal to get all of chp 1 read today, I did get thru section 1.5 and have to go to 1.9. Not good enough, but hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and can get caught up. I did however listen to my professor's chat tonight - talk about a micro manager. He wants to even dictate that the title of your slide be in Times New Roman 14 font while the text be in Arial 12 - I mean good grief; I'm not in elementary school. This is Grad school for God's sake I think I can figure out how to format a damn word doc. On the other hand (trying to be more positive you see) he does seem to pay attention to students and is available for help if need be. He may end up being great, but its off to a rocky start!

Got some more done on my scarf today (while listing to class) - no not the perl knit one - Just a regular scarf for a friend of mine. I'm giving up on the perl scarf for now and I"m going to try a bag instead. I wanted to look thru my books today and pick out a pattern, but I just haven't felt like it. Tomorrow maybe.

Well, I think I'm going to veg on the couch till I pass out. I pray that I get better soon - I hate head colds :) Good night dear world - sleep well.


Ok, so maybe my aunt does have some type of future telling capabilities? She told me yesterday that last night "was a good night for lovin" and well, lets just say it was! However, this post is not here to discuss my wonderful experience. The question is "what if"? If she was correct about this what if she was right about the baby? Surely not - I never miss a pill and besides that I wouldn't name her Velma. Goodness No! But the question is still out there? No, I don't think I'm pregnant and don't ever plan to be but the question is now in the back of my mind. Is premonition real - can she really see glimpses of the future? The answer is No of course, but still the mind wonders :) 9 times out of 10 last night was good because I had her statement in the back of my mind which caused me to think it would be good and thus we made it good. Premonition BAH !!!!

Well, anyway back to work for me - just had to throw that bit of confusion out :) Have a good day everyone!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Family & Real Life

My aunt is in town visiting my mother - this is a rare occasion. My mothers family is from Texas and I've been out there a few times in my life. They are nice enough people, but they are all a little looney; ok not a little ALOT! I don't know how Mama escaped, well she sorta escaped - even she has her moments :), but I guess we all do. Well, anyway I digress. My aunt is visiting so I drove up to see her today + I wanted to see Mama and get out of the house. This lady is sweet as she can be, but nuts! I mean down right Nuts! I can't even begin to describe the level, but to say the least it was an entertaining afternoon. Apparently I'm a princess - according to her; who was I to argue (tee hee). I did however argue with the fact that she insisted I was going to have a little girl and name her "Velma" (she thinks she can see the future apparently). First of all Jack and I are not having children, for a # of reasons I won't spend 5 paragraphs describing, but even if we did have a little girl I wouldn't name it Velma! Nuts I tell you - Nuts! But I love her just the same - odd huh?

Well, anyway being around her got me thinking about what makes people who they are? Is it some genetic line somewhere that if checked yes your looney and no your not? Or is it the upbringing? A combination of both? Does your life expierence really affect you so much or is who/what you are going to be really predetermined before you begin? Yes, the Lord gave us free will, but doesn't he have a plan for our life? Isn't this a contradiction? Basically, its just a lot of questions that have been debated back to the dawn of time, but at this particular juncture in time I find myself debating them internally. There are no definitive answers really, but I don't believe in my heart of hearts that my path is pre-chosen. I believe that the choices I make and the things that occur make me who I am and where I am going to be. Granted there are the unavoidable things that just happen unexpectantly, but it is my decision on how to handle those catastrophe. How I choose to handle it makes up another fiber or page in who I am. I believe the Lord guides us and directs us in our path, but ultimately we choose to go right or left. He may not agree w/ the decision, but it is our choice. Ok, so I've rambled enough about that - if you can't understand what I'm talking about forgive mind is still sorting it out so it's probably not very clear.

Tomorrow (or later today I should say) it's back to real life for me. 14 more days at my current positon and I can do cartwheels out the door. I can't wait!! In the meantime I determined to give them 14 days of good solid work, and hopefully get someone trained to take my place. I just have to keep my will power up. Something happens when you are about to leave a job - your "give a shit meter" stops going past negative 1 :) tee hee.

Also, school started back today. I have to read 2 chapters and do an assignment by Friday. I got 2 sections of chapter 1 read today. My goal is to finish 1 tomorrow and do 2 on Wednesday. That will give me 2 days to research and get my assignment completed. I plan on using this blog to set my goals for school this semester. Hopefully, it will help me stay on track - > I want to keep my 4.0 and my professor this semester seems like he is going to be tough.

Oh, one more think -> I think I'm going to try making a bag! I just don't like the way that yarn that I posted a pic of knits into a scarf and I thought a bag might be ideal. I'm still trying to get an understanding of what yarns work for what. This is a big step for me; the venturing away from the easy scarf (or at least it seems to be) so wish me luck...I hope the yarn is not to bulky for a scarf.... We shall see.

Well, anyway that's my rant / goins on for the day. I'm off to dream of the lovely bag, EQ tradeskillin and romance galore.

Secret Pal

Well, I just signed up for my first secret pal event. This should be a lot of fun :) I can't wait.

I thought I would take a minute and highlight my interest for whomever I happen to get paired up with. I'm so excited...can't wait to start planning my gifts to whomever :) Tee Hee

Well, here goes:

1) I love to knit, but I'm still leaning. I'm just now starting to really get the feel of the perl stich.
2) I'm huge into digital photography. I own a digital Rebel and drive my family crazy taking pictures. One of my photo's is being placed in a book. On a side note here is a link to the site and the picture that is being printed. The photo is of my niece - Amanda - she is so photogenic :)

3) I like to scrapbook, but I'm currently behind. I have several pages planned including my wedding album but with school and the fact that you can't take it anywhere like you can knitting I don't get to do it as much as I would like to.

4) I can read a 500 page book on one Saturday. I just get caught up in whatever world I'm reading and get lost. It's such a great way to escape. I am addicted to Nora Roberts books. I also like Nicholas Sparks, J.D. Robb (another name for Nora Roberts), Mary Jo Putney, and any romantic novel that is not just sex (i.e. I'm not a Harlequin romance fan, lol). I like to have a good story... I also like dramas! far as my hobbies go I guess that's about it. I also like to watch movies and play Everquest II, but those are with my hubby mostly:)

Well, I'm excited to start the event! Chat with you soon dear world :)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

3 am

Well, it's 3 am here and I'm just about to go to bed for the night. Dang Evercrack :) I think I've been playing since about 11 am this morning! However, I had a great time and got some good quest done :)

Haven't worked much on the scarf. I just don't think I like this particular yarn for a scarf, which aggravates me cause I think it's really pretty. I'll figure out something to do with it.

Amoung other news I washed a shit load of cloths today! It feels good to have accomplished something. I told Jack that come hell or high water we were putting them up tomorrow - we shall see if it happens. LOL.

I'm so glad I have tomorrow off (or today I should say). I'm going to have to do some school work, but hey I'm not at Work :)

Well, off to bed I go to dream of yellow epic mobs and fun snowball fights. I wish you all the best of dreams and the happiest of New Years!

Jamaica Day 2 and Part of 3

I'm relaxed - I mean really relaxed and it feels amazing.  Yesterday after the post they showed us a new room and I was really undecided...