Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Charleston Day 2

Sunday, July 10, 2016

So I'm a little late in posting this, but did wanted to go ahead and post before I forget the details.

We enjoyed sleeping late and then got up to head out to Toast for breakfast. I had a french toast with cinnamon apples baked in it. It was really good,but after having that Cinnamon Bun French Toast yesterday it just doesn't compare. Next time we come to Charleston the Another Broken Egg is my go to breakfast spot!

After breakfast we headed out to Boone Plantation to spend some time. It was sooo hot - I mean unbearably hot, so it did put a little of a damper on our enjoyment of the plantation. I want to go back in the fall. That being said we did enjoy it. Below are some details on our visit:

1) the tree lined drive was gorgeous. I wish cars would have stopped coming so I could get the picture I really wanted of it.
2) they have horses that are super pretty.
3) the house was pretty, but reminded me of several other older homes we have visited. What I did find interesting is that the owners when on site actually live upstairs. It is owned by an elderly brother and sister and the sister was in residence when we were there.
4) it has acres and acres of gorgeous land. Most of which is actively being farmed for produce. This plantation has been in business, in one way or another, for centuries.
5) We took the bus tour of the land and I really enjoyed it.

They have a big maze at Halloween time I really want to come back and do - in fact Jack wants to more than I do which makes my day!

Once we left the plantation we went for homemade ice cream, drove through the Isle of Palms area to see how much it had changed since Jack lived here and then headed home.

Overall it was really an enjoyable weekend - I enjoyed the town, but more than that I enjoyed the relaxation, the connection with my husband, and well just the stress free time. I need more of that!

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Charleston Day 1

2016 Jack and I decided to live so I planned a little something to do every month. This weekend, my birthday weekend, it is a trip to Charleston. We left last night after work and headed out to Charleston -- we desperately needed a weekend away. I know we just were in Greece, so we shouldn't need another vacation, but I did. I don't know if its how unhappy I am at work right now or Jack being away, or just where I am in my life right now but this has been great.

The trip here was uneventful. We stopped in Columbia and ate at a restaurant called Cooper River. It reminded me a lot of Carolina Ale House, just wasn't as good. I did like the little shopping center it was in though -- and by little I mean humongous. It has all kinds of little stores; even a beef jerky store Very cool.

We then headed on to Charleston or rather Mt. Pleasant. To get from Charleston to Mt. Pleasant we drove over an extremely large suspension bridge that reminded me of the Dames Point in Jacksonville - just longer. It was pretty.
We are staying in the Hilton Garden Inn using our points and it is only a mile or two off the bridge. The room is nice and well - you can't beat free.

This morning we got up early and went and ate at a restaurant called Another Broken Egg for breakfast. I loved the decor, the coffee was ok, and the Cinnamon Bun French toast was out of this world good! Awesomeness. We then went for a horse drawn carriage tour which was really enjoyable. The guide was nice and extremely knowledgeable. Plus the horses were moving slow enough I could actually see things and take pictures. Really liked it.

Once we got done with that it started to rain. Jack and I went back to the hotel so I could change out of my sundress and to see if it would stop raining. By time I changed and we left the rain had left. We then went and walked around the open air market Charleston has. I really liked it, lots of handmade crafts, great atmosphere - really really nice. And they have a fresh made lemonade stand that was also incredible.

We then and ate lunch at Low Country Bistro which was nice. It has exposed wood beams inside which was cool. I had a shrimp salad and I did like it. Wasn't exceptionally hungry, but the air conditioning felt good, the service was good as was the food so I can't complain. Once we got done eating we went and rented bicycles so we could drive around the residential areas and see the houses a little easier.

I loved the bikes - I had my camera and we were off. We rode down several streets, and along the battery just looking - pausing to take pictures - trying to not get ran over. I loved every minute of it, that being said it was in the high 90s today and sweat was rolling down my back. Not necessarily from the bike ride because it is all flat, but the heat - wow it is hot here. This summer in the southeast is going to be killer for sure.

So after an hour and a half we headed back, turned in our bikes and came hunting for a shower at the hotel - deviating to get more lemonade along the way. Once we were cleaned up we headed out again - this time destined for a cruise of the harbor. The captain warned us all it may rain and that we could come back another night, but we (and several others) decided to risk it and boy am I glad we did. The clouds and impending rained cooled us off, but we didn't get not one drop on our cruise. The weather was just perfect! The guide was also good - he had a dry sense of humor and I loved his southern slow draw.

The cruse had several dolphin sightings which was also really cool. We had a really nice time.

We then left and headed to Charleston Crab House. The wait was about 20 minutes for a table so we shopped in the market area some more. They have a candy shop and I may have went a little crazy :) We then got our table and had an excellent meal. I had steamed shrimp, crab legs and crab cakes. Delicious!!! I highly recommend this place if you are ever here in Charleston.

Overall I could not have asked for a more perfect day. Now we are sitting here on the bed relaxing. Hope you had a great day as well... see you tomorrow blogland.

P.S. One thing I don't want to forget that didn't make it into the narrative above, 2 actually...

1) Pelicans dive bombing into the sea for food is awesome to see.
2) Being on a trip with just Jack has been a while and while I love traveling with others, this day of just us has been nice. I love him and glad to have this time to connect.

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