Monday, July 12, 2010

Mentally Impaired?

I worry sometimes that I may be mentally unstable. I know many of you are going - about time you woke up and smelled realty, but I'm serious. I have some serious drastic mood swings that can last for seconds or weeks.

Here let me give you an example

Last Week = Lethargic, Didn't want to do anything, World Burn Up = I don't care, Hate my Life, Super Lonely, No Sunshine in my World, Million $$ Wouldn't be Folded Right, and I could go on and on.

Weekend = Reflective, Lonely, Nothing could Cheer Me Up, Missed ATL and my friends, Birthday Sucked, Etc...

Today = Worked Sucked as always, but I got shit done! Came home and studied a weeks worth of photography class, Dug down and played with some camera settings, Organized photo stuff, Got ready for this weeks material, Geeked out by making list for the house, myself, shopping, vacations, etc... Got folders and started planning some trips, Complete and total organizational geekfest.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring... here's hoping it's upbeat happiness with an attitude of I can/I will/I did. I'm sick of the other crap.

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