Friday, August 10, 2012


I don't get on here very often any more. I'm not sure what that means... have I reached that point in my life that I'm content and thus don't feel the need to pour my soul out into the faceless void or am I just lazy? I don't know the answer to that, but what I do know without a doubt is that no matter the day, no matter the event - Life goes on.

The hubby and I are well; in fact we are fantastic. Things fall apart around us, unexpected circumstances arise, breakage occurs - and we stand. We stand stronger; we stand boldly and with joy. We stand... I'm excited by that fact, excited in a world where things make no sense, we make sense. We are and and by God's grace we will remain. I love having that - it's like a permanent security blanket that is warm and fuzzy. Fuzzy Pants for the soul :)

And onto other rambling ideas:

- Someone at work the other day compared the US to the Roman Empire, how they were the wealthiest Nation, how they prospered until their morality began to circle the toilet, how they justified their actions and how that justification eventually lead to their collapse. I couldn't help but see his point, how long will the US stand if we continue to be morally bankrupt? I don't know the answer, but I pray I'm not here to see the collapse.

- Speaking of praying - I need to work on my own moral compass. I need to find a church, start back my daily reading time and generally live like I should live vs. how I want to live. I could justify myself and almost did as my fingers fly over the keyboard, but there is no excuse. As a recent blog I read stated - I need to brush my moral teeth.

- And continue the rambling - Some recent finds that are true gems:

1) -> I love this guy's way of thinking. Wish he was pastor at a church near here.

2) Awesome Band I recently found at a local talent night -!/SheNSheSounds

- Politically I watch and read more than I ever have - the past 3 years I have become a spounge reading all kinds of articles, websites etc... and while I live in a state that will never vote with me I will vote - I will vote for Obama. I didn't vote for him in '08. I didn't want him as my President, I don't even know why - I wasn't educated enough to tell you (our voters really need to be able to tell you about the issues on some level), but then he won. So I engaged - I wanted to see what hole he would bury us in. What did I find? I found a man who I largely agreed with, one who honestly tries to help the American people, not just the rich. I found someone who at least on some level "gets it" and so I will vote - I will vote for my President, Mr. Obama because he cares.

- I got my birthcontrol for free this month - Obamacare :) so rightfully named because he does care.

And with those random thoughts with some political tyraid I bid you a good night. Til next time, whether that be next week or next year. Though I have a feeling it will be in sooner as we are going to Italy in 3 weeks and I have to share my travels :)

Love you blogland.

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