Friday, February 29, 2008


Today is a day like any other day, its not great but its not bad. However, I find my self sitting her needing to lash out, to scream for no reason other than to scream. Why you ask? Answer: I have no friggin clue!

My life is good at the moment. Here's some of what is going on:

1) House is on the market and we have had it show several times, which is impressive in this market! I'm anxious for an offer, but I know it will be a while in today's real estate realm. If you know anyone interested in the Stone Mountain, GA area send them my way. Pics of house are here: Amy Orr With Re/Max

Its the one with the red porch and stucco walls.

2) Mama's house is also for sale and its shown several times! I'm praying something comes thru soon. Again if you know of anyone wanting roughly 4.5 acres in North GA (Dahlonega) send them my way. Details can be found here: Joy Walker With Re/Max

3) Work is good. Having trouble being focused lately - Gotta get my head back in the game. Just got a pretty good bonus though; especially given our office didn't meet our numbers. Will know more about raises next month - keep your fingers crossed.

4) For those of you who don't know I was in a car accident in 2002. Allegedly I ran a red light - honestly I don't know if I did or not. I went out into lala land. Anyway, the lady that I hit had a passenger who was injured. Part of her injuries may stem from the accident, but many of them were pre-existing conditions. The lawsuit is set to be heard in June and expected award is somewhere between $250K and $500K - Yea SCARY! Insurance company will be on hook for it according to my attorney due to a bad faith situation but still SCARY! The case went to mediation yesterday and they are so close to settling and I'd be free and clear. One item holding it up and I should know something soon. Pray, Cross your fingers, toes, legs, cross whatever you have that this settles and goes away! I need this to go away!

5) Jack and I are good. He's conservative, I'm not. He's a saver, I'm a semi-saver. He wants this, I want that. We are opposites and always have been. Its a good thing cause we can normally compromise on the big stuff. I love him with everything I have. Have to be careful though - his will can run over me sometimes, must stand up for somethings, which is hard when he refuses to argue or "discuss". He just stops talking or makes finate 'this is what we are doing statements'. Well, he is not God Almighty and his word is Not always Law. Sometimes you need a good argument to clear the air - then you can "make up"...... I'm not backing down on this issue though; he's just going to have to deal. Not going into details and it's not important other than to know I love him, will always love him and stand by him but I'm not giving in on this.

6) My kitties are cute and cuddly. Sox has taken to laying w/ me on the couch while I watch tv. He gets in crook of my arm, turns upside down and meows for me to rub his belly. Patches on the other hand gets between Jack and I when we go to bed and sleeps there all night. Sometimes he's on my chest, other times on my pillow. Too cute. I have to move him in the mornings to make bed, if it was up to him I'd make it up w/ him in it. (Yep making bed everyday now that house is showing. I could get used to it, kinda nice to get in a made up bed and it doesn't take too much time in the mornings).

7) I started playing EQII again for a few weeks but then I stopped. Guess I should 're cancel' my subscription. I may login in here in a few and see if it's fun; no sense keeping it if I don't have a good time playing.

8) I want a WII! I want a WII now :) but no one has them. If you know me personally and see one pick it up and I'll pay you for it (no more than $300). If you don't know me personally... i.e you don't have my cell number then ignore said request.

9) Finally was given a few of my own accounts at work. I had to fight for them but I got them by golly. Never going to get a promotion without them!

Well, I guess that about does it. Not exciting but I needed to release, to vent, to spew or whatever this is. Tomorrow is a new day and I'm going to go in it with gusto. I'm going to enjoy it, I'm going to be happy, because I have no reason not to be!

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