Sunday, September 09, 2007

Down Time

I'm taking some much needed down time this weekend. Lord knows I really need it, but my goals for the weekend are 1) don't think about work, 2) don't work 3) veg... that being said it's not exactly working out as planned. But I'm still refusing to do anything work related. Jack has gotten it into his mind we are going to stain the deck my brother came and helped us build last weekend. It looks really good! But I'm not sure I'm up for manual labor lol.

Here is a pic before the deck, paint, roof, and gutters. You can't really see how bad the porch was, but trust me it was horrible!

And now:

I'm not really sure where all the grass went... but we are going to put big gigantic rocks on that hill side and fill them in with river rock... We are staining the wood a tile red that will come close to matching the trim work around the house. It looks so much different.

Well, I'm off to read. Barnes & Nobles loves me as I went and purchased like 5 books yesterday. I was determined to not buy an author I have read previously so I only go one Nora Roberts book - tee hee.

Have a good weekend blogland.

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