Sunday, October 04, 2015

Boston Day 8


This post is a little overdue, but I wanted to be sure I captured our last day in Boston.

We got up and left the hotel around 9. We drove up toward and beyond Salem, staying on 1A and just enjoying the coast. It is such a gorgeous area. We didn't really stop anywhere, just drove a couple hours north and then back to the airport. The scenery was peaceful and we enjoyed the relaxing drive. We turned down unknown roads, some private, had residents get angry at us invading their "private road", but hey - we had fun and didn't hurt anything.

We then got to the airport early. I thought our flight left at 4, but it was 5 - so we were there really early. We ate lunch and chilled at the airport. We got home to Augusta around 11:30 PM and were flat exhausted. I don't think anyone moved on Sunday before noon :)

But the trip was worth it - we had fun, we relaxed and we weren't at work - which is really what it is all about, right?

Now we are back in the grind - looking forward to our next trip - Greece in June :)

Friday, September 25, 2015

Boston Day 7


I've officially killed them. Mama and Jack are both crying for mercy / down time. Mama especially, though Jack may have been more vocal. Its sad to see my Mama slow down...she was the one who always said on vacations, you can rest when you get home. Wanted to see and do... now it appears naps will be a vacation requirement. This is ok in itself, but what it symbolizes saddens me.

Anyway, we had a good day, but it was shortened.

We got up, ate, and left the hotel by 9:00. We went down to Copley Square and walked around. We had to sidetrack to hunt down a belt - Mama's pants were super loose on her. Vacationers hunting for a belt in one of the most expensive shopping districts - fun. We finally found one at H&M for $6.

The walk to look for said belt was nice, the shops are quaint and we walked down Commerce Avenue which is pretty. We also saw a couple of churches that are in the area:

1) Old South Church - GORGEOUS - You could go in this one and it really was a pretty site.
2) First Baptist Church - this one was really pretty as well, but closed for visitation.

After walking the Back Bay area a bit we went to join the 11AM tour of the Boston Library. It was pretty - we left the tour about 1/3 of the way through as that woman was just giving too many details about architectural history and honestly we didn't care. We finished touring on our own. The building is well done and pretty, but nothing like the Library of Congress in DC - now that is a gorgeous building.

After the library we walked over to Trinity Church, another gorgeous facility. We attended an organ concert there at 12. It was classical music, so not my thing, but to hear the Pipe Organ in it's full glory was something else and well worth the few minutes. Plus we were off of our feet.

We then went a BBQ Restaurant named Wiskeys and it was really good! I love their spinach/artichoke dip and they have what I consider real Baked Beans.

Then I gave the group a choice 1) Ducks / Swan Boats in the park, 2) Tea Party Site or 3) Hotel and a nap.

Can you guess the choice? We came back to the hotel and rested - I admit I took a 3 hour nap myself, though I would have preferred the boats :)

Jack and I then got up and went for dinner at a restaurant here in Revere, called the Wharf. Food was excellent - service sucked! We brought Mama back a hamburger and now I'm cozy in my bed typing to you all.

Tomorrow I've changed our plans to do a scenic drive up the coast vs. going back into Boston - it will be pretty and well, I think its what our group needs so ... we will change and adapt. Plane leaves at 4 PM tomorrow so this time tomorrow night I'll be traveling home. You all be safe and thanks for listening to my ramblings from Boston.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Boston Day 6


Today started out with some serious excitement. We all got up to make the 8:30 trolley, I wanted to eat breakfast out ... with waitresses and everything. I don't know I prefer breakfast out over any other meal.

Anyway we hop on the shuttle bus from the hotel, get in the backseat and head on our way. We go by A Concourse, drop off some flight crew and then we are train bound. I'm 1/2 asleep and Jack starts yelling at the driver "You are on the wrong side of the road". I instantly try to quiet Jack thinking we are on one of the roads up here that all go in one direction, but no Jack was right - here we are playing chicken with another car and the driver is busy talking on the radio. Jack is yelling, the driver isn't listening. Well the other car veers and cuts on his police lights - you heard right - our idiot driver was playing chicken with a COP. The bus stops, in the middle of the road, cop yells at him "WHAT IN GODS NAME ARE YOU DOING". Cop tells him to pull into the parking lot to our right and he just starts moving, without looking. At which time the cop goes -wait you have to look first. Well the driver doesn't pull into the parking lot, he just pulls over on the side of the road.

By this time the policeman has gone from shocked at this guys idiot behaviour to aggravated and I am just wanting to get on about our day. I call the hotel and tell them the situation... I explained we needed alternate transportation, immediately! The hotel was flabbergasted at the situation I think. I get "please hold"..... music.... music...."we are on the way". LOL All the while we are watching the man with the police - he can't find or does not have a drivers license.

At this point I realize the train is just a ways away and I want of of this bus so we walk to the front and ask the policeman if we can leave. He says yes, and explains to me, that our driver was not driving on the right side of the road. I tell him we know and thank him for his time -- we proceed to walk away. I don't know what happened with the driver. I do know he should not be allowed to drive for a living. He talked on his cell while driving, then got distracted with hand radio and then failed to listen to his passenger who was yelling at him about being on the wrong side of the road. If any of you know my husband you know his military voice is not something easily ignored.... it goes right to your core. I pray he is fine and that he finds another profession. I can tell you I will never get on a shuttle he is driving again!

So by this point us getting up early and leaving has gotten us know where -- we are still behind our iteniary. Aah well, we get on the train and head to Harvard. The red line is delayed so from leaving the hotel at 8:30 to getting to Harvard yard area for breakfast takes 2 hours. None of us have had breakfast and we are tired and grumpy.

We get off the train and walk to Henrietta's, a breakfast place with great ratings. The food was good -- service was just ok, but the food was good. I had cranberry french toast =yummy :)

We then headed over to Harvard. The daily tour was starting soon so we got our tickets and figured out where we would meet. We then had a few minutes so we walked over to Christ Church. The outside is pretty but the inside is gorgeous. White pillars, beautiful chandeliers - well worth the short walk to see.

We then headed back and joined the Harvard Tour. Our guide was an Israeli Student, whose major is Social Studies. He was very interesting to listen to and gave us a fabulous tour. My favorite building by far was the Memorial Hall. It has no religious meaning - strictly academic stain glass etc... but it was so pretty. The other buildings were ok, old brick - nothing really "special" other than to know their history and the people who had passed through the doors. It really was great to see the campus and how alive it is. To hear it from a students perspective... it was nice.

After the tour we went to the Museaum of Natural History, but it was 12 per person and we only had 45 min to an hour - we or rather Mama decided it wasn't worth it. Her words "If you've seen the one in DC you've seen them all" and given we were mainly going for her we ditched that idea. We then walked around a bit, just meandering really, before heading to MIT.

After arriving at MIT we go to the main reason we are visiting MIT at all - the robotic exhibit. Before we got there though I saw a taco shop and grabbed a taco, my french toast was long gone. Mama and Jack were still full from breakfast, but I was starving - a downside of not being able to eat alot in one sitting.

Anyway the taco place was hot, but the taco was fabulous. I got it and ate right outside the MIT museum, lol. I felt ackward, but dang it I was hungry and the taco shop was the furnace from hell.

After eating my taco we went into the museum. The actually had 4 exhibits:

1) Robotics
2) Little Machines - Mama loved this one.
3) Holograms
4) Light and Flash Photography
5) Berlin Photography

They were all good in their own right. I'm not really a museum person, but Jack and Mama had fun.

By this time it was almost 5 so we decide to find a bite to eat and head home. And this next escapade is why I try to pick our restaurants at least the day before. We had no idea what we wanted or where we wanted to eat at. The little girl at MIT told us to walk Mass Ave and there would be lots of choices. Well there were, but who knew if they were any good. Ther was an Irish Pub we went into, but OMG it was loud and the hostess never showed up so we left.

By this time I'm frustrated and flustered from not having a plan so we just walk. While we are strolling along we spot a Goodwill. Mama has died and gone to heaven, a goodwill :) I sit on the bench and she goes shopping.

I needed the moment - I used it to find us a restaurant, one near a metro with good ratings. Regina's Pizzs.

Mama finishes her shopping and we head to Regina's a few metro stops away. It was loud and confusing to us Southerners, but the food was great! We had the mediterian Pizza and Mama had a Sausage and Onion. The waitress was brusque but when she realized we were a little uncomfy she warmed up and I really liked her. She brougth me a soda in a glass (they typically serve in paper cups) and was kind to Mama when she wanted a pizza with hamburger meet - they dont have on pizza at Regina's, lol.

The food was really good and I am so glad we went.

Now we are back home, safe in the hotel. It's a bit of an early night - only 9 PM, but we need the rest. Walked over 9 miles today alone!

Hope all is well in blogland.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Boston Day 5


Today was awesome. It was so relaxing and peaceful. I absolutely love the town of Salem, not for its history but for its laid back, relaxed vibe.

We enjoyed walking the quiet streets --- felt perfectly safe, unrushed, at peace. We meandered shops and bought useless trinkets, we looked at Halloween decor and laughed, and of course we took time to learn about the area and its history. Below is a recap of the day:

1) Breakfast at the hotel. Mama is wearing shorts and I warn her she is going to be cold... this comes into play later in the day so pay attention :)

2) We drive to Salem and find parking right across the street from the visitor center.

3) We go into the visitor center and find a very nice lady who gives us good direction of what to see and do.

4) Salem has a hop on / off trolley and we got tickets. Decided to hear the entire tour before hopping off. It was interesting though you could tell in some areas she was hunting something to talk about. Below is a high level recap of some of the sights.

- gorgeous water views of boats and light houses
- custom house 1 and 2
- narrative of how custom house 1 used to be on water but they filled in the land and now 2 sits near the water
- International Trade began in salem
- Salem Willows Park
- Winter Island
- Chestnut Street

5) There was more on the tour, but she was hard to hear. We went all the way round then hopped off and headed over to the Salem Witch Museum. It was a multi-media exhibit with story telling and was pretty well done. Most of it was history -- the end the museum seemed to try to sway you to be accepting of Wica; was very subtle. However, it was there so I have to say that point dissapointed me, but the history was good. I didnt know that in salem only 19 or so people died vs. thousands in Europe. We also never burned anyone at the stake here.

6) We then went down to restaurnat row as they call it and ate at a hippy type sandwich shoppe. It was interesting. I got artichoke/spinach dip for an appetizer -- interesting is all I'll say. The sandwich Jack and I shared was pretty good though.

7) We then meandered some shoppes and walked to The House of Seven Gables, but on our way we found some other cool stuff.

8) Friendship Ship - a reconstruction of a trade ship and part of the National Park Service.

9) 1st Custom House

10) Site of oldest operating candy store. I got candy :) My own box with my name on it!

11) We then went to the house of seven gables. I need to read the book, but the house was fantastic. The grounds gorgous, the house has real pieces in it - not reconstructions and because it was made into a museum early in the 1900s it has really stayed true to form. The history of it was interesting and you could see the different owners by the the styles of the various rooms.

Next to there is the birthplace of Hawthorne. He wasn't actually born here... they moved the house he was born in to the site to save it from being demolished. It was cool as it had pieces that actually belonged to him and his familiy in it.

Did I mention the grounds ? OMG so pretty and they come with two cats. We got to see one in person - he was super friendly. They sale a postcard of the cats :) is that not awesome!

12) We then walked back toward the car and stopped at the Salem Witch memorial and the Old Burial Point and explored a bit.

13) Then Jack was nice enough to climb the 3 flights of stairs and bring the car to us :) He is such a good man.

14) We then drove down to Pickering Wharf and got ready for our cruise. We meandered the shops a bit while we waited til time to board. When we did board we found it is only 7 total on the boat, so we hadd plenty of room to stretch out and relax. The sunset was gorgous and I know i saw at least 4 light houses. It was so much fun!

Do you remember Mama and the shorts? On this cruise I have my shirt, my zipper sweater and my jacket - Im still cold. Mama is in shorts and a t shirt. Jack gave her his sweater but I know she had to be freezing. It was COLD. Gorgous but cold.

15) After the cruise we had dinner at Sea Level Restaurant. The service lacked a bit but the food was really good. Mama even liked it! We even splurged on desert :)

Now we are tucked safe in our beds and about to rest up for tomorrow. Harvard and MIT :)

Sleep well !

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Boston Day 4


Today started out with a bit of disappointment. Mama was sick at her stomach last night and decided to stay at the hotel :(

Jack and I ate breakfast at the hotel and headed out to the JFK Presidential Library. Mama would have really enjoyed this so I tried to take extra pictures. I'm not really a JFK Buff and museums in general are things I speed through - I'm not one to read every fact or ooh and aah over a piece of old silverware. However, I was actively engaged in the JFK Museum and really enjoyed myself. I learned alot about the man and was impressed with his legacy. His inaugural speech -- a thing of beauty.

We spent roughly 2 hours maybe 2.5 going through it -- it could easily have been an all day event.

I then called Mama and determined she was feeling well enough to finish the day with us. I picked her up and we headed out to Lexington. There was a parking snafu and a marital spat and then we continued on our day... Marriage - if you aren't having a spat every now and then, you aren't married.

We took a tour of Lexington and Concord and the narrator was really good. He told us the history and pointed out historical buildings / locations. Everything up here closes at 4:30 it seems, but we saw the highlights.

Highlights included:

1) Slight drive into Minute Man National Park
2) Lexington Battle Green (first casualties of the revolution were here)
3) Outside of Hancock Clark House, Buckman Tavern, Manse House
4) North Bridge
5) Area Shot was heard started around the world -- first time Minutemen were ordered and fired based on orders against the British Crown
6) Minute Men Statue

We also walked the quaint streets of Lexington and enjoyed the crisp fall day before heading back to Boston. I must say I thought the leaves would be turning by now, but everything is still very green.

We then headed back to the hotel. Our day was wrapping up early and Mama was set to go back to Dr tomorrow -- a jamp packed day so we went ahead and stopped in today. They saw her and now she has a clean bill of health - we can change her bandage, no need to go back. YAY

We then took the hotel shuttle to the metro; replaced Mama's lost metro pass (Im keeping the new one) and headed into Boston. We ate at a Irish Pub called Emmetts Irish Pub. It came with a real Irishman :) The food was good, the atmosphere lively and it wasn't a chain we could get at home so WIN :) Mama got a hamburger, Jack a Sheppard Pie and I got a chicken dish. All were really good though I have to admit that I wasn't overly hungry.

We are now tucked safe back in our beds and tomorrow the adventure continues in Salem. Witches - oh my!

Hope all is well with you.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Boston Day 3


Today was another jammed packed day.   We walked a total step count of 21,000 and change - Jack's fitbit says that is 9.08 miles - my feet claim it is more.  Keep in mind my 70 year old mother made every step we did - I want to be that active at 70.  I will say she is starting to loose a bit of her vibrance - hope it is just this thing on her back bothering her, I would hate to see her love of travel dwindle.

We planned to leave the hotel at 9 but Jack and I were moving a little slow so we left closer to 9:30. This caused us to move forward a bit on our itinerary... below is what we saw / explored today.

1) Omni  Parker House - active hotel that is gorgeous on  the inside.   Wood polished and gleaming - one of the old round elevator monitors that tells you the floor it is on.  It's just fabulous.

2)Kings Chapel.  We took a private tour of the bell tower and the crypts.  It was a gorgeous church - stone outside and wood inside.  It is not the oldest church building, but it is the oldest church congregation in Boston.   Not sure of the religion though - Utilitarian but on the biblical side of the doctrine?  I'd have to study up.  The church itself though started in 1686 but in 1749 they built the new stone church around the wood one.  Then they took the wood one down and passed its pieces through the windows... the wood church is now in Nova Scotia - where the shipped it after disassembling it.

There a number of tombs under the church and in fact the church's burial ground was or is part of a much older burial ground that dates back to the beginning of Boston -- the British King that demanded the church be started claimed part of the burial grounds as "emmenient domain" and required the city relocate several of the dead.

Our tour guide was very informed and obviously loved the history.  She is also in charge of ringing the 2000 pound bell and said she has to get a jump to weigh it down enough to ring it, hee.

There was a ladie practicing the pipe organ... it was fabulous!  Plus she had her hair in a bun and was wearing a high collar black shirt - she looked like  a puritan lol :)

The church itself was pretty - not the grandous cathedrials in Europe by any means, but pretty.   The fact the pews have doors is pretty neat to me.

3)  We then visited the Kings Burial site which is right next door.    There is a round thing that looks like a crypt -- when you get close you find it is actually the vent shaft of the subway.   The tombstones are similiar to those we saw yesterday and are in disrepair - guess I would be too if I was hundreds of years old and kept getting moved.

4) We then grabbed lunch... this was an expierence.  Quincy market seemed uncrowded so we figured we would try it.  SOOOO many food choices. I walked down and decided I wanted to go back for Pizza, tried calling Jack to let him know but his phone was off so... I walked back down to inform him - in an irritated fashion.  Well by then Quincy market had exploded with people and everyone wanted what interested me.  I seaprated from the family and ended up ordering a ham / cheese sandwhich...   Sometimes having a problem with crowds really sucks... most of the time it doesn't impact my life, but things like Quincy market or busy subways really suck for me.

Anyway we all got our food, met up outside and ate.  Jack was nice enough despite me  being grumpy to go get me a fresh squeezed lemonade and we just sat and ate and people watched - it was nice.

They have and area where you just borrow a game an play it - give it back when done  There were people playing pool, board games, chess, table tennis - mostly young folks.  It was really cool; a way to connect with others outside of a cell phone / facebook page.

5) Then we walked to Old North Church. We relaxed and waited for the tour. This one was not as good as King's - the guy was interesting, but it just didn't have the same pazaz. The crypt in this church is actually active and they have a new section for cremated remains... the other sections are cleaner than Kings church, but well just not the same pazaz. Old North Church is actually the oldest church building in Boston.

There was a guy on our tour that lived here, just wanted to take the tour - he added some interesting flavor to the tour. The guide couldn't stop pulling his pants up, lol... he was very ... round :)

One interesting thing about the church is that the bells are rung by the MIT bell ringing club, whe knew that existed?

Old North church is where Paul Revere signaled and the lamps were hung to indicate the British were coming. It is a simple church with out a lot of flair - but pretty in it's on right.

6) We were then heading to Paul Revere's house when we saw a walk in clinic. Mama's bandage was due to be checked and this would save us from rushing back to the one near the hotel. So we went in - we were on the North End and you can tell the income difference. This clinic was much cleaner/nicer... Mama had seen Paul Revere's house before so we left her in their capable hands and walked on down.

7) Paul Reveres house is a wood structure and it looks like they either tore part of it down or something because it joins a newer brick building. It was built in 1860 and was neat. They have some actual items in the house that was not a reproduction so that was nice. Some reproductions, but 3 or 4 real pieces...

8) We then meandered back to the clinic to wait on Mama. One thing I noticed is that they didn't need to call people's names - it seemed they knew all of there patients by sight - it was neat. Mama came out not long after and we were on our way.

9) Copp's burying ground - Yes another cemetary. The graves are much the same as the other 2 except these seemed to have 2 or 3 right on top of each other - I'm assuming families buried in the same section of land. We didn't linger long here.

10) Bunker Hill - We walked over a bridge and to Bunker Hill from here. Went through some quiet neighborhoods and other than getting tired we enjoyed the stroll. The monument itself is neat - very very tall and reminded me of Washington Monument due to it's shape. The view is nice and the green space around it is used by locals ... many were walking their dogs after work and enjoying the nice afternoon.

11) We then walked back to Boston and ate at the Union Oyster House. The oldest restaurant in the US. It was neat... relaxing, food was good -- I got clam chowder as an appetizer, yum! Then a seafood plate and some Boston Baked beans. The seafood was good - the baked beans tasted like pork'n'beans, yuk! The ambiance was nice though and I can now say I've eaten at the oldest restaruant in the US.

12) Now we are back tucked safely in our hotel room with our feet up and resting. Tomorrow will be a bit less walking but still a busy day.

Hope everyone is well in blogland - here in Boston we are fabulous and making the most out of our time.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Boston Day 2


Today was jammed packed - we left the hotel at 9 AM and didn't get back till 9 PM :)

We started out with breakfast here at the hotel - it was actually a hot breakfast, nothing to write home about but for free it was pretty good.  After breakfast we took the hotel bus to the Metro and started our 1st real day of exploration.

We began at the beginning of the Freedom trail and saw the following:

1) Boston Commons - this is a 44 acre park - America's oldest public park.  There was a religious group doing a festival in the park (not Christian) so we didn't explore it too much.  

2) We then walked up hill to the State house.  We didn't go inside but he building is pretty from the outside and the have a monument outside depicting the 44th Regiment.  It was one of the carvings that comes out of a wall and I thought it was impressive.   Their was a black man there dressed in costume for you to take pictures with.

3) We then walked down and saw the outside of Park Street Church

4) Right beside Park Street church is the Granary burying grounds.  The tombstones are so old you can't read most of them.  They are kind of interesting though - all of them or a those we could make out have skulls engraved on them.. guess it wasn't a bad symbol in those days.     There are several famous people buried here; Paul Revere, John Hancock, Robert Treat Paine, Benjamin Franklin's parents and Samuel Adams family tomb is here - the Boston Massacre victims are in it.   The breeze was blowing, the sun was shining and it was a great day to be outside.   The little finches were all in the graveyard - enjoying the grass and munchies from the shade trees.

5) We then went to the Benjamin Franklin Statue that sits out side of a pretty building - old City Hall or something like that.   It was also the former home to the first public school in America.  The school is no longer there, but there is an awesome mosaic in the ground that is dedicated too it.

6) By this time we were getting hungry so we passed by the Old South Meeting house in search of food.  Melinda had told us Quincy  market was nearby, so we sat at the Irish Memorial and proceeded to look it up.  Google said 2.5 miles -so we kept looking should have trusted Melinda.  We kept hunting finally asking for help - only to find ourselves at Quincy Market where Melinda told us to go... it was like a block away.   The market inside is PACKED full of people.  You order your food from one of the 20 or so food vendors and then go outside and eat it.  However, it was just too busy for me - about to have a panic attack from the crowd I escaped outside.  There is a Cheers (not the original) restaurant there so we got some  ordered our food and proceeded to rest.   Right outside the restaurant there was a vendor selling a dress that you could wear 100 different ways - While we waited on the food I went to check it out.  I really thought about buying one, but they wanted $130 for the ones I liked and even if they were willing to haggle I didn't think I would wear it that much - I probably wouldn't be able to figure out how to put the thing on.

So I went back to the table and our food arrived.  I ate a hamburger and while I've had better it was just nice to not be on my feet.

7) After lunch we back to the Old State House and the Boston Massacre Site.  The state house is where they decided many things, including to have the Boston Tea Party.   The did a reenactment where a lady pretending to be the daughter of the Governor told us what her thoughts on the current time was.   It was during the Stamp act period - I found her telling of it interesting and getting to sit was nice as well.

The building was simple itself, but the staircase was amazing.  They also have a handmaid wedding dress from the 1700 sitting in a case which I thought was awesome.  It was beautiful!

8) We then hopped on the Old Town Trolley and just rode - listened to his narrative, enjoyed seeing the city and relaxed.

9) Then we got off at the harbor and rode the 45 harbor tour that was included in our Trolley ticket.   The view of Boston from the Harbor is nice and the guy narrating was entertaining and informed.

10) After the cruise we walked over to get Italian Food on Hanover Street in the North end.  We were going to do Daily Catch, but realized it is a order and sit place - we really wanted table service.  So we wound up a a nice restaurant named Trattoria II Panino.   The staff were excellent and the food good!

11) We then walked over to Mike's Pastry and got Kanolis.   Not really my thing ... Jack got a cookie and it was good.  I was shocked at how crowded the place was though - It was a big open room with counters on 2 sides... no real tables to speak of other than 3 or 4 in a corner and it was standing room only!  

12) By this time it's getting dark and we are heading back.   We missed Paul  Revere's house today so I thought we would walk by it - on our way we found 2 great souvenir shops though and just HAD to stop :)  I got some t-shirts, a frame, a Christmas ornament, some postcards.  I love cheap souvenirs - LOL

Paul Revere's house was impossible to see at night so we headed back to the train.  On the way walking by the harbor at night (which is pretty) and the 4 faced lying clock, which is gorgeous at night.  

We took the train back to the hotel shuttle (had to wait a bit for it) back to the hotel.  Sat our stuff down and then proceeded to head out via car for drinks - $2.5 per coke is outrageous!  Got Mama a 12 pack for $3 - got me a Dunkin and am now sitting on my bed, letting my feet rest and talking to you guys :)

All in all it was a nice day.  The ambiance of Boston is energetic and relaxed all at the same time (Unless you are on a roadway in which case it's a mad house).   I asked the bus driver how he drove in Boston.  He said if you can mash the gas, shoot a bird and blow your horn - you can drive in Boston, lol!

And just one more thing and I'll call a close to tonight's journal - but Boston has Dunkin Doughnuts EVERYWHERE - I'm in DD heaven!

Well with that I'll close :)  Good night blogland - see you tomorrow for Day 3 of Boston.

Boston Day 1


Today was a bit of a bust.  Got up at 4:30 AM - flew to Boston.  Got rental car  & hen had to take Mama to a walk in clinic for a spot on her back.  She had had it treated earlier in the week and was told to have it re-examined by a walk in clinic while in Boston.

The clinic was... well it reminded me a bit of a low income clinic, but Mama said they treated her nice.   It is part of Mass General...   The one thing I thought was neat is that when you visit first time you get a card - you don't have to fill out any paperwork after the first time, just show them the card and confirm some key details.

Anyway... after we got done with the clinic it was 4 PM.  We ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant in th hotel, took a mini nap and then went exploring.   We took the subway down to the Gardens, saw where the Swan boats were, walked the area, got Cupcakes on Bolston Street and headed back.  

The walk was nice; the city is alive in th evenings, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was glad to get back to the hotel and lie down.   Tomorrow we will be rested and it will be better.

Jamaica Day 2 and Part of 3

I'm relaxed - I mean really relaxed and it feels amazing.  Yesterday after the post they showed us a new room and I was really undecided...