Friday, February 13, 2009

Pensacola - Continued 2-13-09

Ok, so now to finish giving a summary of our Vacation day in Pensacola - 2/13/09

We woke up in our cheap, Ramada, hotel room and were happy. I slept like a brick... we then ate the free breakfast which was nothing to write home about, but hey it was free! Then we set off to explore more of Pensacola.

First we went onto the Navy Base and set about to explore the several tourist items available. First was the Aviation Museum. Planes, planes and more planes. We took a trolley ride back behind the building and saw all the large planes and several retired blue angel planes. There were planes taking off and boy were they loud! It was quite fun; our tour guide was an overly opinionated retired man who used to drive the Goodyear blimp. After our trolley ride we began to walk thru the museum; it was pretty interesting. I watched a Bob Hope USO video which was funny and Jack took a ride in a flight simulator. He seemed to really enjoy it.

We then ate a cheap lunch at the museum and left to see the light house. It is an active light house that was neat to look at; I of course took lots of pictures. We then proceeded to Fort Barrancas, which is also on the base. It was neat to explore; of course when you've seen one fort you've seen them all but it was a fun outing. One thing I noticed that was pretty neat were the arches in the fort along the wall. It was pretty cool. The fort also had a fairly interesting history with several flags flying over it through the course of history. I made a crappy joke about wondering if the fort had figured out it's nationality yet... The guy at the gift shop of the fort was really nice and we talked about photography and the sunlight on the base.

Once we left the fort we went to the Historic Pensacola Village which was ok. It was neat to see the old buildings and the church was beautiful! We only went into a few of the buildings; the commerce museum was the coolest. The inside of the commerce museum was an old street scene with stores set up like they would be in the late 1800's thru the 1920's. It was pretty cool. We then went to the Museum of Industry which archived the history of Pensacola's industry with brick making, lumber yards and fishing. It was pretty cool what they have done and the houses in the area were beautiful.

We then headed back to the hotel. We stopped at Krispy Cream for a relaxing desert and coffee. The doughnuts were good; the coffee not so great, but I'm fairly picky about my coffee. After we ate are doughnuts we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the evening. We chilled for a bit and then got dressed. We went to eat at Skopelos it was really really good! The food was delicious, the atmosphere relaxing while still being romantic. I had the crab cake and lobster tail. The crab cake was great though I have had better and the lobster was good. It was my first time having lobster so I have nothing to compare it to but it was good. The steak Jack had was OMG good! I can't even begin to describe it to you; lets just say that I wish I would have gone for the beef. We then had fudge brownie pie and ice cream; which was great.

After eating dinner we headed back to the hotel for a romantic evening. Tomorrow we head home.

Pensacola - Our Journey 2-11-09 Thru 2-13-09

Attendees: Jack & Lisa


We took this trip to get away; to escape our everyday life if only for a few days. It was as much an escape as it was a celebration of Valentine's Day and our Anniversary (4 Years Aug 2009).

We left home and traveled down. It was an uneventful trip with only a few spurts of conversation here and their. We arrived at the Crown Plaza around 1 am. The hotel was exceptionally nice, but expensive $145 a night. When booking it I expected a view; we found it to be between 2 interstates w/ a brief glimpse of the bay. The bed however was heaven; like laying in a cloud... OMG it felt so good after the long drive. We slept like a dream; well except for the trains that came thru on multiple occasions. Apparently part of the hotel used to be an old train depot and trains still run. A tidbit I did not notice when booking the room.

We woke up after a fairly decent night sleep and laid around a bit. I got a nice hot bath while Jack surfed the net and generally relaxed. We looked at other hotels in the area and decided to move to the Ramada which was only $70 a night and also did not have a view. So we packed up and check out. Good bye luxury. We ate breakfast at the Waffle House where everyone was really nice and seemed to know each other. Then we headed out to explore.

We drove a bit and got a sense of the place and then we stopped at the Visitors Center. It was right on the water with a trail for bird watching. Several pelicans were hanging out and we enjoyed watching them dive bomb for food. The day could not have been prettier with it's blue skies! We then drove down to the Pensacola beach and the National Seashore. The sand was so white it looked like snow. We saw crabs of various sizes in the wild, fishes jumping out of the water to grab the insects on tip and of course birds. There was one stork in particular that was enjoying standing and looking out over the water. We laid on the sand beach on the bay side (the ocean side was within walking distance and we did walk it a bit as well) and enjoyed the sun on our face and the quietly lapping water hitting the shore. I almost fell asleep it was so peaceful. We then ate lunch at Hemingway's. A very nice restaurant with a great view. It was expensive but luckily they had a lunch menu; Jack had ribs which were apparently good and and I had shrimp Alfredo dish that was great! We then shared a key lime pie; me not a big fan of key lime pie but Jack seemed to think it was heavenly.

We then took the scenic drive up to the Ramada Hotel and checked in. It certainly isn't the luxury of the Crown, but the room seemed clean and he staff were only semi incompetent. We checked in and I took a much needed nap. Well 1/2 of a nap - couldn't really get to sleep. Jack watched tv and surfed the net. We then decided to go grab some dinner to end our day. We decided to go to Flounders, but on our way out the door Jack checked and email from work that caused a little bit of stress; well alot. So the real world invaded our cocoon and the evening seemed to have a shadow on it for the rest of it....

On the way out to dinner we stopped at a park that has a board walk down to the beach. It was dusky and generally a relaxing walk... or would have been otherwise. We then drove to Flounders for dinner... The food was ok, the service ok - the food expensive. We spent roughly $50 and I didn't eat 2/3 of my plate; it just wasn't that great... Live and learn. We then came back to the hotel and called it a good day!

2/13/09 - Will update this later as I've got to get ready for my V-Day Dinner; Here comes Sexy Lisa :) HEE

Monday, February 02, 2009

25 Random Things

From Facebook - 25 Random Facts about me.

1) I love tv/movies /etc... any good story and I can escape my life for a short period of time. Love IT

2) I get easily addicted to games like EQII - I'm playing again now, but I'm guarding my life from EQ II addiction though by limiting our playing time.

3) I'm not a primpy person...I hate spending time on my apperance, but love looking good -Go figure

4) I'm not dedicated to any hobby. Several things I enjoy but there is no passion to learn/expand/etc..

5) Photography is one of my biggest hobbies. I don't research how do to it better and have no desire to learn how to do the light tricks etc... but enjoy finding the perfect shot and taking it. I take tons of pictures,800 in one day while I was in Scotland. Over 80 GB of pictures on my hard drive.

6) I love to travel, but hate to read about where I'm going,etc... I just want to go see and explore.

7) I can't multi task very well...

8) I have an MBA and am generally a smart person, but I don't care to learn... I am thinking about going back for my law degree, but I'm not sure I have the dedication for 3 more years. I'd be going for the degree / money it would bring only, not the knowledge - is that the right reason to go?

9) I plan everything - My vacations are generally mapped out 2 years in advance. May is Alaska, Grand Canyon is October, Washington DC and maybe Niagara Falls are 2010, Europe in 2011.

10) My husband is 100 times smarter than me - I do my best to keep up and seem intelligent but... most the time I fail and he has to teach me and/or do it for me. It frustrates him I don't get it as quickly, though he won't admit it.

11) If I had to do over again I would have explored my career options more.

12) I have no real favorite food - I like strawberry shortcake (especially from Maggianos), I like cabbage (cooked), fried okra and Olive Garden's shrimp dish, but I have no OMG that's just my favorite.

13) I generally am not passionate about everything but put off the illusion of being passionate about lots of things, how I don't know... I guess my opinions come out in a passionate nature.

14) I love my kittes and wouldn't trade them for anything.

15) I'm very silly when it's just Jack and Me. I'm really 3 people: Lisa at work, Lisa around friends/family and Lisa at home with Jack. I don't know why but they are distinctly different - just ask Jack.

16) My husband and my Ex husband were once friends.

17) I want to have a child and home school my children - I don't want to work for a living, but I'm not sure we will ever be financially stable enough for me to do that.

18) I'm generally lonely - I wish I was one of those people surrounded by friends, but well I'm not. I can't generate the BS conversation required to get to know people so developing friendships is hard. Plus I'm not one of those people that draw people to me... Neither is my hubby. We have a few good solid friends and are appreciative of them...

19) I am generally pessimistic...

20) Save the Last Dance is my favorite Move

21) Nora Roberts is my favorite author.

22) My mother is my best friend.

23) I like to play board/card games.. wish I had some more people to play with

24) I take alot of things personally I shouldn't. I get defensive quick.... I hate that about myself.

25) I am competitive in nature.

Jamaica Day 2 and Part of 3

I'm relaxed - I mean really relaxed and it feels amazing.  Yesterday after the post they showed us a new room and I was really undecided...