Thursday, September 08, 2011


Bed time -- Day at work was... hopping/rough/stressful/humbling - I said things I regret and regret to admit I still feel them. Day at home was - Great - Hubby that works beside me, that is my partner in all things - A mother that is at all times my truest friend - A house that frustrates and challenges me depending on the day. Obama's Speach - Classic / Congress Faces Unforgettable - Here is praying out congressmen/women get over themselves enough to do what is right and get America headed back to where it needs to be, the land of opportunity... So with that I go to bed - Maybe tomorrow will be great on both fronts and Congress w/ decide to look out for the people vs. themselves.

Monday, September 05, 2011

NY Trip

We have been back a few days, but as always I wantd to put my log up here for those that are interested and so that I can look back later on.

Thursday - 08/25

We got up early and went about our daily routine. For me it was a crazy busy day at work - I was trying to get ready for the few days out of the office and my desk exploded. Howerever, I was able to leave on time and picked Jack up to begin our weekend adventure.

We went to the Augusta airport & went to check in for our flight. We few US Airways for the first time and their first impression was not a good one. We waited for over thirty miintues for a clerk to show up and when they did th efirst guy was rude and lecutruing. One lady had two children an ddidn't have seat assignments - his answer was to leacture her & say good luck. Well, with an attitude like that I really wonder how he has a job.

We went to the 2nd clerk and he mumbled. We found out our bag was overweight so, instead of costing us $25 it cost us $115 - lesson learned. Afterwards the service at the airport improved, but it wasn't a great impression.

Then we took off and landed in Charlotte and later connected to NY. Our taxi ride from th e airport to th ehotel was chepaer than expected and the city was still alive despite ti being 12:30 on a Thursday night. We then arrived at the hotel. It is very nice, the staff friendly and the hotel spacious and comfortable. I slept like a baby.

Friday - 8/26
Today we got up around 9, go dressed and headed out. We ate at a diner near the hotel for breakfastand it was fairly good. The coffee was strong, but the french toast was good.

We then headed down to see lady Liberty & Ellis Island. Everyone says New Yorkers are rude, but we had a very niceg guy help us find our way. He is probably still laughing about us asking where the subway was given we were standing right next to it.

We took the subway down an dheaded over to the Castle to bouy our tickets. We later learned that there would be two lines - one for our tickets and one for the boat. Overall the lines took about two hour, but it wasn't that bad. The ride out was nice and the view great. Lady Liberty is huge and great to see. Ellis Islan was also neat, but I was ready to go.

We left there and headed to City Hall. The building was hgute and neat to see. There was a street vendor there and we got some chicken/rice dish and ate in the aprk. It was nice, even if I was worried about birds shitting on me. We then headed down to 911 -> very sobering, but not much to see. A whole lot of construction.

We then headed down to the Flat Iron district - the Flat Iron building is super neat and the area around it was relaxing. There is still a ton to see, but after the dissappointment that our Broadway show was cancelled (a hurricane is chasing us) & the fact my legs are killing me it was time to come back to the hotel for some down time... So here we are.

More to come later ;) Have a great day blogland.

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