Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Life Continues

Things are trucking along down here in Augusta. Jack is enjoying his new position. I've also accepted a position down here and I like it so far - it's very different from my last employer, in some ways better in others ways worse. You know me I'm a change agent so people either love or hate me - hopefully they will learn to love me. I've met some terrific people, a couple I think I could have some in common with, even a friendship. But no permanent lunch buddy or friend to vent too yet ... I miss that. Not that I ever made friends easily to begin with, I wish I had the personality that draws people in, I don't - instead I'm a social butterfly with no flowers to play with - God will provide though. He knows I need friends down here, so I am trusting him for them.

We did finally find a house here in Augusta - You can see my Facebook page for pictures, or I'll have some up on Mylerna.com after we get settled some more. It's a great house on 5+ acres of land, but it is nothing like I thought we would get. It's like a mountain chalet... It will need some work to make it mine, unlike Mableton where it was instantly me, but its going to be terrific. It meets our needs and has tons of character, I really do love it. We close on Thursday and after a much needed interior paint job we will be moving in, probably two or three weeks.

The Mableton house needs to sale, we have seen some increased activity over the past few weeks which is good + I've turned it over to the Lord. He will bring the right buyer at the right time - I know it. Just praying his timeline is the same as mine :) A friend of ours has agreed to check in on it while we are down here, until it sales. Thank the Lord for Beth, she is a God send no doubt.

And not to jump topics completely, but what is a blog except a random mesh of thoughts ... Jack is in San Antonio until tomorrow at a conference. He seems to be enjoying himself and apparently the city is AWESOME. Maybe that can be a future vaca spot :) I'm looking forward to him being home, I've had trouble hearing him on the cell phone... so it's basically felt like 3 days w/ no contact at all... which just sucks.

Mama is down here with us now, since her cable is getting moved to the new house on Thursday. I'm glad she is here... she makes the fact Jack isn't a little less noticeable. She is my best friend and I wouldn't have it any other way - she puts up with me when I'm bitchy, whiny, plain irritable and distant. I need to do something great for her on Mother's Day... I'm getting her a gift, but I need something different, something terrific, something to really say thanks. Any ideas?

And with that I will bid you good night. I know it was a jumbled jumpy mess but hey that is where I am right now and the fact you are still reading shows you are ok with it, so thanks. Love you bunches - May God shine on your tommorrows, yours truly Mylerna

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