Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Strike Against Stess

Yes you read correctly - I am striking against stress! When ever anything pushes my stress button (which has been pushed often lately) I am striking against it. What does this mean exactly... let me give you an example:

A) You have 4 temporary workers @ your office @ 8:30 am to help with a project that is due on 9/1 and that with even 4 people working 8 hours a day will more than likely not be complete.

B) Those for workers do not have computers at 8:30 am and the project requires a computer so you must find something for them to do. HIT THE STRESS BUTTON. Stress button gets pushed and Mylerna's strikes against it. Instead she gives them some paperwork that needs holes punched in at and puts them to work; follows up on their computers and commands herself to smile.

C) 11:30: they have punched a whole in every sheet of paper available, the computers are being installed and Mylerna takes them out for a 'welcome to the company, however temporarily you are here lunch'.

D) 12:30 Get back from lunch to find that they have computers but no login and password to get into the system. HIT THE STRESS BUTTON. Determined to strike against stress, Mylerna smiles and forces herself to breathe in and out several times. She then follows up with several people for the logins, ask if anyone has any ideas what she can do with these ladies and waits...

E) 2:00 Mylerna follows up on the login's again to find out that "no they are not ready and we have no ETA" HIT STRESS BUTTON. Again determined not to stress Mylerna kindly explains the situation to the temporary workers, sends them home and ask them to report back at 8:30 the next morning.

F) 3:00 Mylerna informs administrative assistant that she sent workers home and that they would be back tomorrow. Administrative assistant gets upset and states she had items they needed to do. HIT STRESS BUTTON. Mylerna still determined to strike against stress smiles, kindly explains that when she asked earlier if there was anything for them to do she was told no and that she did not feel it in the companies best interest to pay the workers to sit and be pretty. Stress is beginning to seep thru the picket line and all sugar coating of the situation is slowly deteriorating.

G) 4:15 Mylerna gets email from Bosses' Boss asking why he had his assistant go thru the trouble of hiring temps if they have nothing to do. HIT STRESS BUTTON THREE TIMES. Mylerna breathes in and out, says a few curse words and remembers her dedication to the strike against stress. She emails her bosses boss explaining that while we have work for them to do it does require them to be able to login to the computer and setting up of employees in the computer department has absolutely nothing to do w/ her job.

H) 4:30 Email system on Mylerna's computer crashes. STRESS BUTTON IS PUSHED AND HELD DOWN. Mylerna forgets about her strike against stress, picks up her stuff and decides to finish the day from home.

I) Next Day: The strike against stress is reaffirmed and we go thru another day!

Join with me in the strike against stress in your life.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Two Post

Two post in one week... yep Jack's gone and I'm bored :) tee hee.

Guess what ???? I got an outstanding achievement award at work today along w/ $100 that I can spend on various gift cards. I was pretty excited!

Well, off to bed - sleep well dear friends.

Jamaica Day 2 and Part of 3

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