Saturday, January 30, 2010

Further Development

Well, today was long and productive. We looked at houses from 9:50 this morning until 5:30 this evening, but we found it:

Shortleaf Court, N. Augusta SC

The house is a perfect fit with 3 acreas and Mama's area being better than what she has now + Jack has a shop and we have tons of storage. It is a great fit and we are negotiating the price now, but I'm 99.9% sure we've got it. There is one hang up with the fact the house already has a contract on it, hoewever it's got a big contingency that their house has to sale. They have 48 hours to get rid of that contingency or it's ours :) So I'm pretty sure it's ours... It really is the perfect fit and we are getting it for $257,000! I'm so excited.

No we just have to sale or lease Madison Green. Given the price we are getting we can afford to take a little less for this house (sale wise), don't want to but it at least gives us some negotiating room.

Woot - Going to bed now, it's been a long day. Pray this goes through for us please :)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Changes

Life is always changing, sometimes it is a pond that looks calm on the surface, sometime it's a creek that slowly meanders down hill and sometimes it's a river rushing so fast you can't begin to think you are in control. Right now our life is a river...

How fast and why you may ask?

STEP 1: I've been with my current company for three years and while it has been a tremendous learning opportunity with me being able to work on some accounts I could never have hoped to work on in a smaller agency. However, in the past year and 1/2I've been stagnet without challenge or change.. it's time to move forward; to make a change.

STEP 2: Sept 09 Jack's former company shutdown and we started TDG Solutions, Inc. with Jack doing subcontract work for various companies. His current contract is not the right fit for him... pays well but not the right fit. In the future contracts could come (lots of conversations), but nothing is guaranteed. One of the companies Jack did work for and called asking if he wanted to come work for them... the position is in Augusta and my first response was 'hell no' as was his. However, upon further discussion the position was not an IT Tech position, but rather a management position that was very appealing. It is a great opportunity for him to grow professional, it's challenging, it's for a good company and it pays well.

Combine those two items and you come to a river that we are tumbling down trying to get our footing. You know me, I like things organized and plans to be made. Yet, there is only so much I can do - > a good portion of this is a leap of faith and trusting God to guide the winds so we land where we are meant to be. So what has happened so far?

1) Jack accepted the position
2) I informed my current company of the development and hope they find me something in another division.
3) I have an interview with one company today and cold call a bunch of others just in case they don't.
4) Interview today goes really well, but I realize that I was accurate in my assumption that salaries in Augusta are NOT what they are in the ATL, but the trade off is probably worth it.
5) We found an apartment and placed a 3 mo. lease -> We move in on the 14th of Feb...
6) Tomorrow we hunt for a house in the area (I feel sorry for the real estate lady)
7) Monday we place our home on the market officially for rent / sale. If anyone knows of someone wanting to buy / rent a house let me know :) Specifications below !

There are a lot of balls in the air and I can't begin to catch them all. Life is full of choices / roads. I pray that this is correct road we are taking and that the Lord walk with us as we go and that he carry us when we need it.

We will miss our friends, but know we can stay close electronically in today's digital age. I look forward to meeting new people and exploring new roads here in Augusta - God willing we will be peaceful and happy in this little sleepy town :)

House Details:
4 Possibly 5 Bedrooms / 3.5 Bath / Formal Dining / Eat-In Kitchen / Corine Counter tops / Garbage Disposal / Dishwasher / Stainless Steal Appliances / 2 Full Kitchens / Finished Daylight basement with outside entrance - Used Currently as a Mother-In-Law Suite / Quiet Neighborhood with Sidewalks/Lights / Master Bath with Garden Tub/Free Standing Shower / Fireplace / Cable Ready / Network Cables Ran Trough Majority of House / Walk in Master Closet / Formal Living Room / Duel HVAC with seaparate controls for basement and both stories / Family Room / Study / Large Laundry Room / 2 car garage / Back Deck / Nice Landscaped Yard - Grass Cutting included in rent.

$1995 A Month = Rent
$310,000 Sale Price

Jamaica Day 2 and Part of 3

I'm relaxed - I mean really relaxed and it feels amazing.  Yesterday after the post they showed us a new room and I was really undecided...