Sunday, September 27, 2009

Here We Are

Life... God... Faith... Love ... Marriage....Business... All are intertwined and connected.

I came home from an outside wedding last night; those of you in GA will know it poured down. After the floods occurring this past week all we needed was more rain. However, despite the rain the wedding was gorgeous. It was under a tent with mud all round. It was a cowboy wedding and they do what they do; threw some hay down, put on boots and kept on trucking. Man this says something in itself doesn't it? (That's a blog for another day)

But anyway I digress... we came home and I wanted to dance; we didn't really dance at the wedding (read mud above), but I wanted to. So my husband being the man that he is danced with me. We danced and as we were doing a funky version of the Waltz (you do what you can in the space you are given) I thought about life. I thought back on our wedding day and the promise we made to go forth as one person. I thought to myself yep, its him and me against the world.

But, I was wrong and was quickly reminded spiritually of how wrong I was. Its not me and Jack against anything... Its God, Jack and Myself enjoying life together; learning together; growing together. Will there come tough times? Will there be moments where we feel like we are beating our head against a wall? Will we do better at the "learning" some days than others?

Sure - that's life and human nature. Heck we've already learned some valuable lessons in starting this company. There is a learning curve with any new venture. But at the end of the day we are here, we are strong and God is with us. Nothing else matters.

On another similar but separate topic: I've been trying over the past few weeks to make a life style change. I've been trying to approach life from the standpoint of looking at our blessings vs. the negative around us. To thank God for what we have. You know what I've found???? You ready... It's an earth shattering discovery!!! I'm serious hang on to your hats people....

Happy, Grateful Thoughts and Outlook = Better, More Joyful days = Makes it easier to be happy and grateful. It's a circular logic that works!

God's blessings are many, but by only focusing on the negative I am forgetting him and his gifts. How am I going to get closer to God if I can't appreciate what he has given me?

Now do I succeed every day? No! Do I try everyday? Yes. (Sometimes its a Fake it till I make it day). I'm not perfect and life style changes are hard. If they weren't everyone would do it. But I'm trying to be more positive, to not complain as much, but instead find the good in the things around me!

Anyone want to try it with me? Trust me when I say, when you take time to Thank God for the blessings and to try to walk with a mindset of "I'm grateful for this day" everything else just doesn't seem that bad. Your day will be better....

Sleep well Blogland. May your tomorrow be bright with the many blessings God has for you.

Life Is Love and Love is Life

Loving our many blessings this day and trusting God with our tomorrows.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Today - A Flurry of Activity

I'm sitting here, breathing! Just breathing - Taking a much needed minute to decompress. What better way than to chat with my online world ?

I've been home from work for a while, but the evening has flown by. Jack's job of 8 years ends tomorrow. We've known it's been coming for a while and have been trying to prepare, but honestly how does one prepare ? In this economy being out of a job is a scary thought. However, we are blessed and God has us in his hands.

Jack has accepted a short term contract which begins Wednesday morning. It requires him to be out of town for the next 2 weeks (home on weekends) and then he will work from home for the remainder of it. Afterwards he has a long term deal that he is discussing... It will be consulting with 75% travel. I don't want him to travel, but honestly it is a good opportunity so please pray that if it is in God's will it will come to fruition. The money is good and the opportunity sounds even better...

In the meantime we are hastily trying to get things ready here. Cloths for an extended trip, setting up a corporation, insurance, accounting, etc... None of it is a big deal, but you add it all up and it's a lot. Plus we still don't have a company name - A LITTLE HELP WITH THIS IS APPRECIATED.

Speaking of which I still have a ton to do so I guess I'll get off and go do them. Keep us in your prayers. Good Night Blogland!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Needless Worry

Did you know that worry in itself is pointless? Worrying won't change anything! All it will do will add unhealthy stress and fatigue into your life. Why won't it change anything, because worrying isn't an action... it is a state of mind.

You know what else? God the Father knows our needs... He knows my needs... He knows the needs of the man down the street, and the little girl next door. And guess what - God will supply. He may not supply in the way you thought he should, but he will supply in the way that is best for you according to his will.

Matthew 6:32-34 says "and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

Thus, today in our time of worry and stress. Let's lay it at his alter and seek him earnestly instead for He is worthy.

Now you may ask - Why is Mylerna sharing this today? Well, honestly I don't know. I felt I should. The past few days I've been in a "funk".. A personal oasis of depression and self loathing. Why??? Because I was - no other reason, no trigger... Just the way it was. You know what though - I have God who knows my needs. I have a God that gave me friends and relationships... people that reached out and said hey, its ok... You are loved. God knows your needs - he knows my needs and I thank him for it.

May God Bless You in the days to come. Lay your worries down at his alter; he has you in his hand, he knows you and he loves you.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Time for Random

I feel very random today- various things going on in my mind, it's hard to pin it down to just one item... so I'm going to just let it flow out, you ok with that? I hope so... cause here goes:

1) Homecoming at Mableton Assembly of God is this Sunday beginning at 11 am. Everyone is invited so if you are within driving distance please check it out. Should be fun...

2) We decorated the church tonight for homecoming - well really they decorated - I followed instructions and took pictures, hee. Gina and Beth are a hoot :) I learned a few things from tonight:
  • Beth & Gina are fun gals
  • I like green butterflies
  • 116 pictures of decorating a fellowship hall is a little insane
  • Me and this camera have to have a conversation...
    • I need to get used to all the new settings/features
    • I need to learn how to shoot manual more
    • I need to realize I'm not miss artsy and just take the picture
    • I need to figure out how to tell it where to focus while in CA mode - I like CA mode
    • I want another lens that allows me to blur the background more (wide angel)
    • But you know what? I'm had a good time shooting 116 bad pictures :)
3) I got the afternoon off - and wasted it taking a nap. It was a nice nap.
4) I'm cheating tomorrow at the grill out - Jim'N Nicks is cooking :) weeee Yea I know I'm totally lazy
5) Must clean ...
6) I have really no good feel for how many people will be here tomorrow - talk about a first. Me flying by the seat of my pants on an event at my house? I know you are all shocked - I am

On a more serious note... that deserves more than a bullet point Jack and I have started a study of God's word - together. I can't tell you how much the aspect of studying God's word with my hubby elates me :) But anyway... We are starting with Genesis and reading the old testament first. I ordered "The Wycliffe Bible Commentary" to help us with our study. I'm loving it... it really helps... I'm enjoying digging in and really learning God's word vs. just reading it... I've read a good portion in the past (pieces here and there) but to dig in... Yea I'm looking forward to this journey :) If you ever decide to do a study yourself I highly recommend he Wycliffe Bible Commentary to help you in your study - Granted I'm only in Genesis with the commentary but I love it...

Quote of the day: "The word of God is full of living power. It is sharper than the sharpest knife" Hebrews 4:12

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

People Read this Thing?

As many of you know I've started attending a new church and I took some pictures of the Sunday night fellowship. I wanted to share them, so I threw the link out on facebook as I normally do. What I realized later is that gave the people at the church my website address (which not only houses the pictures I wanted to share but this blog), heck I think even gave it out a couple times Sunday night when talking about photography. I love photography, have I mentioned that?

Anyway, this blog is an opening - its my way of sharing my life, my thoughts, my dreams, my daily life with the world... interested or not. I've never really had people in my day to day life read it though. I had several people come up to me today at church and make comments about the blog and my photography. It was .. humbling and scary. Made me think - what did I say again? Oh goodness... But you know what? I'm glad someone in my life is reading ... I'm glad someone is taking a look at the pictures. Maybe, hopefully something I say or do will help them learn from my mistakes, will help them in their daily walk. Maybe my photography will bring them a moment of joy... maybe.

So keep reading folks and I'll keep sharing :)

One other note: the minister tonight mentioned a church needing to meet the needs of it's people. He stated that in today's time people are looking for friendships. He's right - we are so busy with work and life that not many people have true friends anymore. We have people we know and people we talk to, but not many true friends. I know personally Jack and I have very few, we count ourselves lucky to have them, but one of the things I was looking for when finding a church, whether I knew it or not, was a church family. A network of friendships; some connection that went beyond Sunday... Amazing how God knows what we need before we do :)

Here is to nurturing old friendships and making new ones. May God bless each of you in your relationships, whether new or old...

So with that I'll call it a night. May God bless you in the days to come.

Quote of the Day: Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart, and the pleasantness of one’s friend springs from his earnest counsel. (Proverbs 27.9, NIV)

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