Friday, June 30, 2006

My Space

OMG I did it....I made a my space page. You can shoot me later, but for those of you interested here it is :)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Scotland Day 5

I know it's been a while but I really do want to share all of my Scotland trip with you. We had a great time.

Summary of Wednesday 5/17/06

We left the gorgeous hotel in Strathpeffer and headed toward Edinburgh with lots of stops in between. We heard about Bonnie Prince Charlie on our ride and then stopped by the Battlefield of Culloden Moor.

We then passed by the Queens summary castle and Royal Deeside where she shops. For lunch we stopped at Braemar; the site of the Royal Highland games. Here we ate lunch and did a bit of shopping after leaving Braemar we drove thru

some more beautiful landscape down to St. Andrews. It was just a golf town which was rather boring; however the sea shore was great. We climbed on the rocks and took lots of pics. We then went on the
hunt for a coke, where we paid 3.5 pounds ($6 US) for 2 tiny glass bottles.

After St. Andrews we headed to Edinburgh; the Scottish Capital. We had a good nap while riding and tat evening we did the Scottish night. There was bag pippers, fiddles, accordian player and lots of Scottish dancing and singing. We ate Haggis. It tasted like spicy corn beef hash.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

No Pics so Onto Other Topics

I was going to do a post of Scotland day 5 but blogger is not letting me upload pics at the moment. I've picked them out which is what takes so long so I'll try again later. Now that my original blogging plan is out I must now decide what to share with you...

Satisfaction. Have you ever noticed that we as a people are never satisfied? Or at least I'm not. I have a great life, food in my belly, a roof over my head, a husband that loves me and a paying job but it's not enough. Will anything ever be enough? I want a higher paying job where I answer to no one but myself (not going to happen by the way), I want a different house - not bigger but different, I want...I want...I want. This is not the way I should be. I should be happy that I am so blessed and be content to live out my life instead of trying to get to the grass on the other side which really probably isn't that much greener. I would say this is something else I need to work on but then a part of me rises up and says NO. It's ok to have dreams and to hope for more...which is right? My guess is that there is a fine line to walk and that we all step off one way or the other in error everynow and then. Some people are to complacent, never striving for more, while on the other hand you have those people who think everything they have is shit and that they are better than their current circumstances. Where to draw the line is a grey area...

Welp, more of Scotland as soon as blogger gets off it's ass. Chat with you later.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


All grading is done for my class and I pulled off an A! I was a little worried about losing my 4.0 because of this class. Woot!!!

Welp, just wanted to share. I'm off to bed now will write more tomorrow.

Night blogland.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Today's Ramblings

What shall I write about today? Well, if truth be known I shouldn't write at all. I have an assignment due at midnight and no I haven't started it yet! I finished one assignment last night and turned it in, then I played some EQ. Tonight I had an NAIW ( aka National Association of Insurance Women local meeting where I was inducted as a local officer. Which means basically I get to work for free - Woot! No, really it is a great association and I'm proud to be a member of it, but my schedule right now is hell and this is two nights a month that I now have "plans." Ah, well it will look good on my resume.

I've also been reading some blogs. If one is not careful you could get caught up reading blogs for hours and not even realize it. There are so many interesting people in the world. This person has caught my interest...I mean talk about crafty I want to be that crafty!

Blogging leads me to wonder why I have so many online friends and Jack and I have so few friends here in GA. Probably because we are always home playing on the computer... It would be nice to have a girlfriend or two to cut up with / vent too / and etc... but ah well. I'll just be abnormal and go shoot some people in Deathmatch to vent. Hmmm...whom should I aim at ??? Killah...nah, Ace...nah, Jack...maybe, Eerie yea Eerie that's who. I need to get some revenge on his butt anyway (tee hee).

Well, I guess I need to get started. Tomorrow is my last day in this class (yes I have another assignment due tomorrow) then I'm free for a week. I can't wait!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

VOV Blast

Well, the weekend is over and I can honestly say I'm sad to see it go. Normally when you have company down you are ready for them all to go home in three or four days, but this time I really wish they could have stayed a few more days. We had a terrific time, everyone was just as wonderful as I expected them to be! Here are some pics

This is Lobo. I know your begging to know what is up with the "country Bob sauce" well, it's a secret :) Tee Hee

This is Caliban to the right. He is so much fun to be around. A riot I tell a Riot.

Paintball was a blast! I shot someone - can you believe it? Of course I missed about 60 people, but hey I got at least one! I'm still paying physically for this outing (bruises, sore legs, etc...) but it was a blast.

United Nations! We don't need them. Our guild is multinational :)

We took the guys to Stone Mountain to see the Laser Show. We also played some Frisbee and Soccer while visiting. Yep, I'm still sore from that too.

Back Row: Eerie Toaster, Dark Mage, Killah, Lobo Front Row: Mylerna, Zanic, Ace, Cloudy, Blackeye and Caliban

Here we are in our VOV Shirts! Bowling here we come (NOT) but hey the shirts look really good. Again, this was a blast. Also, I thought having that many guys in my house at once would be weird and that I would have a huge mess to clean up. I was just treated like one of the guys, which is exactly what I wanted, and my house is almost as clean as it was before they got here. They were really good about helping! Thanks!!! I can't wait till next time! Maybe we can go to Canada and invade :) Tee Hee

Onto other topics....I have three assignments to do this week (last one due Friday) and then this class is over! Thank God. Then I have a week break before the next round of torture begins. Scotland pictures are still begging to be combed thru. Day 5 and more coming soon...maybe next year. LOL, no I'll get them put up soon because I want to look at them. Gaming is a must, being around the guys this week has made me itch for some gaming action weather it be EQ or FPS.

Thats about all that is going on with me. I'm tired from the weekend and could sleep a week but hey I could sleep a week most of the time :) Sleep well blogland.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Wow, I think I've done more work in the past two weeks (physically and mentally) than I have in six months. You know what - it feels good. It feels good to know I've finished things I've set out to do. Let's recap for ya:

Last Weekend -> Cleaned Basement
Helped sister-in-law move

This Weekend -> Pressure Washed Porch
Jack cleaned gutters and did yard work.

Monday -> Did statistics assignment...It was kicking my ass for a bit but I got er done. Also major part of my group assignment done.

Tuesday -> Cleaned house from top to bottom (it still needs work, but it's presentable for this weekend) and worked more on group project.

Today -> Worked my ass off at work trying to get caught up since I'm off Thursday and Friday, found out I have a job interview in the morning at 9:30 (not really looking, but this pays about 10K more a year so....I'll certaintly listen), came home and did assignment that is due Friday, worked on group project some more (waiting on stuff from group members before I can finish), cleaned car, straightened office and said WOOT

I still have to grocery shop for this weekend and our bedroom is a disaster (hopefully no one will see it). I guess I will drag Killah and them shopping with me because I see no way to go before I pick them up at the airport tomorrow...we shall see we shall see...

I'm looking so forward to this weekend. I want to relax and have a good if a certain someone who will go unnamed (ahum Lotusknits) would come play paintball with us it would be all the better (without her I'm the only girl!) But no pressure :)

**I'm just kiddin girl...I know your stressed movin in but hey I couldn't resist. **

Welp, I'm off to bed - I've got a big day tomorrow. See ya blogland, If I don't get a chance to blog this weekend I'll let you know what a blast it was on Monday!

Monday, June 12, 2006


Statistics is rotting my brain!!!! Shoot me!!!! Assignment must be turned into tonight and I'm only 1/3 of the way thru it - > aah.

Ok, more blogging to follow. Moody Mylerna has been in existence since Saturday..OMG you have no idea and I have no time to share right now so I'll be back later tonight or tomorrow to tell ya all about it. But for now I'm going to finish this assignment.

I am I am I am I am I am I am I am I am!

Just needed a dose of will power. Here goes nothing!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It's Ok! I tell ya, it's Ok!

Yep, today was a day, imagine that. The normal things happened today such as the sun rising the aggravating work hours, the long drive home, the constant random thoughts rooming thru my head and the sun setting while I'm thinking of all the things I need to do. But you know what? That's ok, it's ok that today was just a day. It's ok that I'm happy and sad at the same time, its ok that my work load has ups and downs, its ok that I love my job while hating it, it's ok that I'm tired and not sleepy, it's ok! That's my new philosophy - it's ok!

Tee Hee, Ok, now that that conflicted mess and mumbo jumbo of thoughts is out how is everyone? I hope you are doing fine. I'm sorry for the lack of post lately and for leaving you hanging on day 4 of the vacation...I promise more is to come soon. Some of you are happy about this fact, others wish the vacation post would go away. But you know what ??? That's ok :)

So, what have I been doing since my last post? Hmmm...well, we actually have gotten some good stuff done. We got a good amount of work done on the basement, I've kept the kitchen really clean and I've been cooking some (I know SHOCK). I need to finish going thru pics, do a really good cleaning on the house before the 16th when the VOV gets here, need to get some homework done and get ahead so I don't have to work on any during the get together (that would suck), I need to do alot of things. But you know what??? That's ok :)

It's ok that I came home last night at 5:15 pm slept until 9:30 pm got up ate dinner and went back to bed at 11pm and slept thru the night. It's ok that I've layed on the couch all afternoon watching tv, it's ok that... well it's just ok.

I hope everyone has a better than ok night. See you later in the week :) May you dream of happy moments, fluffy clouds and tantalizing events :)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Vacation Day 4

Here is vacation day 4 - my absolutely favorite day. We drove thru the lake district into the highlands and the scenery was magnifco. Warning this post is extremely pic heavy - I had to pic my favorite pics and I took over 800 that day alone so it wasn't easy. Also, another disclaimer on all pics posted regarding the vacation - alot of them were taken out of a bus at 60 or sometime I think 90 miles an hour not to mention that the lighting sucked most of the time so please don't use their quality to judge my artistic ability :) Hope you enjoy.

Summary of Tuesday 5/16/06

We left the heartless town of Glasgow and headed toward the Isle of Skye. However we did stop a bit on the way. The drive up that way was beautiful.

(Yes those are clouds - pretty eh :) )

We stopped by Fort William after driving thru Glencoe where the Campbells massacred the MacDonald Clan. We also drove thru Ben Nevis before getting on the road to the Isles road. The road was one lane and the bus was close to the cars and trees. That road had some great scenery.

We then, at the end of the road got on a ferry that led us to the Isle of Skye. The longest island off of Scotland. It was very pretty. The shoreline which meats the Atlantic Ocean had a lot of rock.

(Pic of a bird on Ferry Docs. One of my favs. The other was of a sheep in the road on our way from the ferry to the end of the island. I'm telling you sheep are everywhere, unfortunately hard to get pic of them going 80 miles an hour in a bus.)

We stopped at the end of the island before taking the bridge back to the mainland. There was a lighthouse and an old tower that was very cool.

(friendly kitty at the end of the island - we got to pet him - it helped our kitty withdrawals - tee hee)

We then headed toward Strathpeffer and stayed at the Ben Wyvis Hotel. However, on our way we did stop and take pics of a couple different castles. Very cool. ((journal note, we also passed Loch Ness which I neglected to mention in my journal))

(Eileen Dolan Castle)

(Urquhart Castle)

The hotel is gorgeous Victorian style and there was a great band playing music (50s & 60s) after dinner. Overall it was a wonderful day.

(Yep that was our hotel!! - it rocked!)

On another note I'm not as frustrated as earlier. I spoke with my academic advisor and believe he is going to help me...we shall see. I also got to come home and play some HL2 Deathmatch - I died alot but I had SOOOOOOOOOO much fun. Now, I'm off to help Jack finish up a quest in EQII. Have a good night blogland.


I love it when professors change due dates without informing you! I tell you what my school is about to get an earful when I talk to them! GRRRRRR I may postpone this class and thus my graduation for a month, but I don't wan tot do that. I also don't want to mess w/ my 4.0 but this class is pissing me off and this professor is ... well ... if you can't say anything nice.

I'm going back to work now - just had to vent! Talk to you later :)

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Blah, Vacation and other Tidbits

I know your wondering where your vacation tidbits are and where I've been. Your all on the edge of your seat (Sarcasm at Work here - just in case you were taking me seriously :) ) Well, I wish I had a good excuse but to be honest I don't. I've just been blah. It hit me Monday like a ton of bricks, this overwhelming sense of blah. I didn't want to get off the couch to surf the net, play eq or even read. I just sat and channel surfed - sad I know. I even went for 3 days without really reading my favorite blogs or checking my email. But I'm back for however long it last and it feels good.

The bag I was working on in Scotland is virtually done; just have to do the I-cord, felt it and a bag exist. I think I may try this one next... Musique & Iceland Felted Bag Or maybe start a blanket for my Mama's Christmas present. Or.... well heck I don't know what I'm going to do, but you can bet it will be cool :) LOL

School is progressing. I still have one overdue assignment and I have one due tonight but it's progressing. Must get Motivated! The bills are paid, but spending money is short, No vacation pay for Scotland because I have not been their 6 months so I'll be hurting for a month or so, but I budgeted bills accordingly. The trip was worth it!. Life is good and the blahs are passing :)

In a couple of weeks the VOV guild will be here. My house still needs alot of work, but I can't wait for them to come and to meet everyone.

So that's all my boring tidbits for now - More of Scotland below :)

Journal Written Tuesday 5/15/06

Well, I forgot to write about yesterday so we will discuss it first.

Summary of Monday 5/15/06

We began the day in Bolton where we headed into the lake district of Scotland; or actually I believe it was still England. We saw Lake Windermere and saw a small piece of Hadrians Wall. There area had a tremendous view and this great old oak tree.

Then we reboarded the bus and headed fro Greta Green; the first town across the Scottish border. It was where the English ran to elope because the laws were less. It was a quaint little town.

Oh, but I forgot we went to Grasmere before Greta Green. Grasmere was pretty. It is where WilliamWadsworthh is buried. The tombstones in the grave yard were almost 6 ft. It was cool.

So I digress after Greta Green we drove into what is called the Lowland Hill area. It is just that filled with small hills and sheep are everywhere. ItÂ’s great. We then arrived in Glasgow, after sitting in some bad traffic. Glasgow is just another city to me. It did not grab my interest so we relaxed a good part of the afternoon.

((Journal sidenote- this is a pic of me getting a pic from the hotel window in Glasgow...I'm a good 4 feet off the ground standing in the window seal :) tee hee ))

Tuesday's Summary ... rest of this journal to follow tomorrow. Have a good night blogland.

Jamaica Day 2 and Part of 3

I'm relaxed - I mean really relaxed and it feels amazing.  Yesterday after the post they showed us a new room and I was really undecided...