Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008 - Hello 2009

2009 is officially here! It is 2:32 am and I sit here looking at pictures and reflecting on past years. What we did, why and etc... So how did 08 go?

2008 – What can I say! It was a year challenge and a year of great change.

First of all we can’t ignore the fact that the country spiraled into a recession the likes of which I have never seen. A mortgage crisis has hit the nation like a tidal wave with hundreds of thousands losing their jobs and home. And gas prices soared to over $4 a gallon.

On a more personal level Jack and I had a good year in our marriage, but it was a challenging year. One where we fought and made up, where we compromised and learned, one where I believe ultimately we grew as a couple. It was also the year we bought a house with a basement apartment for my mother and moved to Mableton. Having her live with us is something I'm glad we did and I love it - however, it has been an adjustment. One we will continue to make in 2009 I'm sure.

Professional it has been tough. The company I work for was on the verge of bankruptcy and was eventually acquired by another larger company. Staffing has been difficult and management has been worse. It may be time for a change - only time can tell.

2008 - Overall a good year, but challenging to say the least. Here's hoping 2009 is better.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Its Christmas Eve 2008. Another year is almost over and its time to begin reflecting. Jack and I have family plans with his family tomorrow and my family and I are on ... well we still speaking to a degree. By family I do not include my mother who I have a great relationship with, but rather my brothers who are... my brothers.

What does that say? That on Christmas I can't set aside the anger and be with family? What does it say that Jack and I decided not to exchange gifts and on Christmas eve we sit here and mess around on computers while not acknowledging that it's a special night and we should be celebrating it.

I don't know what it says but I'm going to reflect and figure it out. In the meantime I wish you and yours a great holiday! Merry Christmas, may God bless you in the upcoming year.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Time Flies

Wow, time flies whether you want it to or not. Just yesterday I feel like I graduated High School and began this roll-a-coaster called 'adult life'. Now my 10 year reunion is coming up and I'm wondering where it all went.

I signed up for Facebook the other day. A cool site I recommend to anyone, but I digress... I signed up and was reminded that I haven't blogged in oh, forever! Do you miss me? Probably not, but that's ok. I miss you... I miss my random thoughts going out into the cyber void to be archived for the world to see. I miss the sharing of my life. So why not blog you ask??? Well, the truth is I have no life. I come home, I go to work, I eat with Mama/Jack, I go dancing, I come home, I have dinner with Hapaw, etc... Nothing exciting, no earth shattering discoveries, no moments of clarity - Just the mundane task that make up my life. Pleasant for me, yes - but entertaining for blogland - probably not.

Thus, I will write occasionally as thoughts pop into my head but for the most part I will exist and try to be happy that I do .

More Pictures to come to soon.

Love you - I'll be in touch - Eventually.

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