Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Hi blogland! How are you this evening?

Why, I'm fine - thank you for asking :)

Seriously, sorry I've been so distant from my blog. Unfortunately until 2/9; I will probably be a scarce blogger. I have 10 assignments to complete between now and then! Yep you heard me 10. Who's fault is that you ask? Why you are sweet- you pretended to forget the fact that I'm a lazy bummm. How sweet!

Will I get all 10 done? Probably not; I'm going to pick and choose and complete enough to make a B. Sad I know, but frankly Scarlet I don't give a damn.

Maybe when this MBA is done I can get back to enjoying the pleasures in life. I haven't messed with my pictures in months; haven't knitted since the beginning of December and haven't really done anything. I have watched TV, but I should have been working on homework. I don't know I find it difficult to do anything other than watch TV when I have a ton of homework hanging over my head; everything else seems like work too... Stupid I know.

Well, I have to finish this paper.... Pray I pull this off! I'll try to post again soon.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Your Comment - Janine

Janine - thank you so much for the comment! I can not tell you what your words meant to me... my faith over the past few years has become less noticeable and sometimes I'm so sorry for that and at other times I worry that I was too over the top way back then. I can find the words to go into where I stand in my faith right now because I'm not sure I know - however your words meant so much to me! May God Bless you in your endeavors and I hope to hear from you soon.

For those of you in blog land wondering what in the heck we are talking about - I was a very religious person in high school. I was an officer in our high school Christan clubs, I was at church every times the doors were open and I was exceptionally vocal about my beliefs. Now, I've taken a few steps back. I still believe with all of my heart and soul that Jesus Christ came to this earth for to suffer and die so that we may live in heaven with him. I believe that there is a heaven and a hell and I believe that you only have to believe in his grace and trust in his love to enter that domain.

With that grace and trust comes a lifestyle that if you truly love and walk with Jesus you will want to live; because my walk has become quite Rocky in the past few years I'm afraid my lifestyle does not reflect my religious beliefs. The distance I have put between myself and the cross has given me room for unhealthy questions and and a rather foul mouth that many of you have witnessed here.

Janine, thank you for bringing this back fresh to my memory. My husband and I have been discussing religion off and on for the past few weeks; maybe your prayers and thoughts of me were because the Lord knew that I was struggling with questions.

Such a large part of me wants to find a church and get back to walking in his presence daily; but another part of me is scared - of what I'm not sure. Maybe it isn't fear as much as it is not wanting to go back to being "the Christan girl" but what's wrong with that? Just because I'm Christan doesn't mean I cant' go dancing with my husband or have a good time with my friends; heck I don't even drink except for once or twice a year (hardly the excess it speaks of in the Bible). So why am I dragging my feet... Maybe it's time I spent more time talking to the good Lord and less time reading my romance novels.

Sorry for the religions rant/self analysis/questions, but it feels good to write this down! To put my thoughts into coherent sentences helps me to see where I want to go. May the Lord bless you with each with a restful sleep and a wonderful Wednesday!

P.S. I did email Josh my contact information - I can't wait to hear more about what your up to.. What do you teach? :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm Still Here

Wow! It's been a long time since I've blogged; I've even been slacking on the reading of blogs. I know horror!

For the few who have emailed - I appreciate your concern. I'm doing fine... just trucking along. I'm behind in my class already, but hey what else is new? Good news though - if I can make it thru 2/14 and pass then I'm done!!! yep you heard me done as in MBA GRADUATE!

I owe my sp a big apology. She sent me this gorgeous pink yarn and strawberry candy straws and I haven't been able to log in to say thank you. The straws were gone in a night; I love those things and the yarn is waiting on my next brainstorm :) I do really appreciate the gift; I just haven't blogged. I used to catch you all up during lunch, but my new employer has blogger blocked; as well as gmail so there is no email or blogging for me unless I'm at home. And well... my computer means school/finances/work and I've been avoiding it and watching the tv instead :) lol

BTW my hair is REALLY short now; I'll have to post pictures soon.

Well, my life is pretty boring right now so I'll chat with you all later. Here's hoping your new years are continuing with blessings a many.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Hello 2007! To be honest I wasn't prepared for your visit; I mean just last week it was June of 06 and I was enjoying the warm weather. But here you are, 2007! Wow! What will you hold for me I wonder? What will I accomplish in you? The answer is yet to be told, but I know what I would like to do (or some of it)... Shall we discuss?

1) Exercise more - I know I said I was going to do this during 2006's visit but now I shall try again
2) GRADUATE with my MBA
3) Grow in my relationship with my husband
4) Become more social - Make new friends - Nurture and grow my relationships with old ones
5) Become more self sufficient - Learn More - Enjoy learning for the sake of learning
6) Complain Less - Appreciate More

Well, 2007 we shall see what you hold for me and my family. Here's hoping / praying it's a pleasant ride.

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