Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye 2008 - Hello 2009

2009 is officially here! It is 2:32 am and I sit here looking at pictures and reflecting on past years. What we did, why and etc... So how did 08 go?

2008 – What can I say! It was a year challenge and a year of great change.

First of all we can’t ignore the fact that the country spiraled into a recession the likes of which I have never seen. A mortgage crisis has hit the nation like a tidal wave with hundreds of thousands losing their jobs and home. And gas prices soared to over $4 a gallon.

On a more personal level Jack and I had a good year in our marriage, but it was a challenging year. One where we fought and made up, where we compromised and learned, one where I believe ultimately we grew as a couple. It was also the year we bought a house with a basement apartment for my mother and moved to Mableton. Having her live with us is something I'm glad we did and I love it - however, it has been an adjustment. One we will continue to make in 2009 I'm sure.

Professional it has been tough. The company I work for was on the verge of bankruptcy and was eventually acquired by another larger company. Staffing has been difficult and management has been worse. It may be time for a change - only time can tell.

2008 - Overall a good year, but challenging to say the least. Here's hoping 2009 is better.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Its Christmas Eve 2008. Another year is almost over and its time to begin reflecting. Jack and I have family plans with his family tomorrow and my family and I are on ... well we still speaking to a degree. By family I do not include my mother who I have a great relationship with, but rather my brothers who are... my brothers.

What does that say? That on Christmas I can't set aside the anger and be with family? What does it say that Jack and I decided not to exchange gifts and on Christmas eve we sit here and mess around on computers while not acknowledging that it's a special night and we should be celebrating it.

I don't know what it says but I'm going to reflect and figure it out. In the meantime I wish you and yours a great holiday! Merry Christmas, may God bless you in the upcoming year.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Time Flies

Wow, time flies whether you want it to or not. Just yesterday I feel like I graduated High School and began this roll-a-coaster called 'adult life'. Now my 10 year reunion is coming up and I'm wondering where it all went.

I signed up for Facebook the other day. A cool site I recommend to anyone, but I digress... I signed up and was reminded that I haven't blogged in oh, forever! Do you miss me? Probably not, but that's ok. I miss you... I miss my random thoughts going out into the cyber void to be archived for the world to see. I miss the sharing of my life. So why not blog you ask??? Well, the truth is I have no life. I come home, I go to work, I eat with Mama/Jack, I go dancing, I come home, I have dinner with Hapaw, etc... Nothing exciting, no earth shattering discoveries, no moments of clarity - Just the mundane task that make up my life. Pleasant for me, yes - but entertaining for blogland - probably not.

Thus, I will write occasionally as thoughts pop into my head but for the most part I will exist and try to be happy that I do .

More Pictures to come to soon.

Love you - I'll be in touch - Eventually.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Where Have I Been

I changed my reading of blogs and now have "google reader" or my homepage. However, I realize now that by doing that I no longer go to my own blog to see my fav blogs and therefore haven't updated my own. I would think about it occasionally but never did it. Go figure - have you missed me?

Probably not... But that's ok. I still love you.

What is going on here??? Let me see

1. Work
2. Work
3. Work
4. Jack - Love of my Life
5. Ballroom Dancing
6. Still Boxes to be unpacked- they mock me daily... I just turn the other cheek
7. Tons of household projects.
8. Work

Yep that about sums it up. More to follow later... will try to post more and will log on soon to give a more in depth review of Mylerna's world.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Hickory, NC

We are on our way back from Hickory NC. We drove up there with Steve and Leo to purchase some furniture. The word on the street is that the furniture is extremely affordable.

Here is what my thoughts are on the subject:

- We got everything we wanted and just went a little over our budget. The prices were lower than some retailers, but not as low as I thought they would be given the reputation the place has.

- We bought all of our furniture at the Catawba Mall vs. the Furniture Mart. The Furniture Mart was very overpriced! I take that back, we did buy one piece in the clearance store of Boyles, but it has scratches which was the only reason it was affordable.

- The people in the stores appear to be paid an hourly salary vs. commission. Which is normally a good thing because you don't get high pressure salesmen. However, in this instance we found that we got mediocre service... There were some exceptions, and we bought our furniture from those exceptions, but I didn't get the feeling that the malls really wanted or needed our business. Let me give you some examples:

  • The Catawba Mall is owned all by one company, except for Ashley Furniture. Steve and Leo purchased a bedroom suite from one lady at Flexsteel, and she was very sweet. She told them that if they bought any other piece in the mall they could just add it to the account they had set up. The went to the Kathy Ireland Store, owned by the same company, and wanted a mirror. The store manager called the lady at Flexsteel (I was sitting at Flexsteel making a purchase) and had a fit because the mirror wasn't enough money and she was mad because she had to write up a ticket on it. The mirror cost over $250... I mean come on, it's 1/2 a sheet of paper.
  • I had a problem with the same lady at Kathy Ireland. Yesterday she was super sweet because I was looking at several pieces. However, I found some more I liked better. Thus, today when I went to make the purchase I only purchased the entertainment center and the dining room set. A purchase of over $2,000. The minute she found out I wasn't buying all the pieces she showed me, which only included 2 additional items, she got pissy. Then when I informed her we would let Ashley Furniture's 3rd party handle the shipping she really go bitchy. Keep in mind that this is a 3rd party shipper, they all use 3rd party shippers, and nothing off her bottom line. Instead of saying thank you for your business I was almost upset I gave her my money.
  • Yesterday we went to Ashley Furniture and Jack was taking a picture of a chair. We took pictures in all the stores because we were seeing so much that it is hard to remember from one to the next. Some little shitty salesman came over and got on to him and we left. We came very close to not coming back. The only reason we did is because they were open earlier than the other stores today and because we reasoned that it was just him. Granted today we got excellent service in that store... better than the other stores combined. I made sure to tell the manager about my service yesterday and to tell her what a good job the lady did today. But it's just one more issue that we had...
  • We went to the Furniture Mart yesterday and walked thru the entire thing. I went upstairs and was looking at a trundle bed and asked the price. At these malls you can haggle a bit and get the pricing down. I told her that JC Penny had a bed very similar that was less and asked her if she could meet the price. JC Penny did have a bed we really liked - she got bitchy with me for telling her that her pricing wasn't low enough. COME ON its your job. WTF!
Overall though we are very happy with our purchases and the cost. I got most of my stuff at the Ashley Store and I believe we are going to love it. Glad we went back in.

We stayed at The Jamison hotel and the price was reasonable and it was clean. However, we booked it thru Expedia. When we first got there the stupid woman, who was apparently the assistant manager, and she couldn't figure out why we only had two reservations vs. three. It was extremely annoying. Glad Leo handled it vs. me = Super Bitch would have emerged.

Then this morning, check out was at 11. We get a call at 10:15 wanting to know if we had checked out yet. It was almost like we wer getting chased out of the room... I felt it to be very rude and I won't go back. So if you go to Hickory don't go to the Jamison

Just wanted to give you guys a review in case you want to go get some furniture. Have a good night guy!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Boxes Boxes Everywhere

Well we are in and love the new house. The boxes are everywhere and moving around is difficult but we will get it done - little bit at a time.

Just wanted to give you an update when I have more time.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Home Owner

Closings complete - Moving Begins Woot!!!

**thanks to those who commented and continue to read. love you***

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Still Rolling

Well, I'm still rolling here. We had a couple minor glitches but everything is back on track. Mama is out of her house and living with us. I don't think I could even fit a piece of paper in the storage building holding her stuff.... Our house is set to close next Thursday and we will be moving into our new home. I can't wait.... I can't wait for the stress of real estate deals to be gone, I can't wait to wake up in my big new spacious house, I can't wait to only drive 10 miles to work, I can't wait to get to decorate a new house :) I just can't wait....

Other than that things around here are trucking along. Working, Working, and working...

Sorry I don't have more to share. Hope you are all doing well!.

Hey, btw does anyone ever read this thing anymore? If so give me a shout out so I know I'm not talking into the void.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Well, my life has turned into a whirlwind. A tornado of excitement and blessings.

  • Mama's house is closing on Monday and at this point only a stick of dynamite could stop it. The people purchasing her house are extremely excited about it... We are truly blessed.
  • My house is set to close 4/9. There have been some glitches along the way - Appraisal, Her Loan, My sanity, but its all coming together. We dropped the price slightly and I'm keeping my appliances. Everyone is happy... Next hurdle is the inspection, pray its not too bad. I don't think it could be given our home, but I've heard nightmare stories.
  • We have found the PERFECT house. I would link it but since it's under contract they have taken the pictures off the web. It is absolutely perfect - I can't think of one thing we are compromising on it. The basement is finished, with the perfect spot for a kitchen. So that will be easy to add, the upstairs is spacious and beautiful. Rooms galore and the Master is well - to die for. My closet is big enough for a small bedroom. I LOVE IT! It is also set to close on 4/9.
    • We have a great set of friends - Steve and Leo. Leo used to design kitchens and has agreed to design Mama's! WOOT! Jack and I would have spent a great amount of time, figuring it out. To have someone volunteer their expertise is just amazing - Hopefully we can repay him someday.
    • Mark, a friend of Jacks, knows how to lay flooring. Thus, replacing the basement carpet with something mopable - per my mother's request, will be easy! Just one more blessing! If you are wondering why we are doing that - she has a small dog that well gets excited and oops bladder... He's cute though!
    • Rusty, Jack's uncle, is a plumber and has agreed to run the plumbing for us to the new Kitchen. Between him and Leo we have all the expertise we need - Jack and I just get to play manual laborers. Hey I can do grunt work when I need to!
    • And Steve said he would help Jack run the network cable thru the house!
Moving is going to be fun. Rolls Eyes. We are moving Mama next weekend. All of her stuff will go into storage and she will stay with us. I am out of town attending a conference so I will get out of most the heavy lifting. I feel bad about that, but this thing has been on my calender and paid for since late January. Steve, Leo, my nephew Aaron and Jack will be handling that move. There will be others there helping, but those 4 are the big strong men there to do the heavy lifting!

We are moving the following weekend. If everything goes as planned we will be moving directly into the new house. WOOT. Nate, Melanie, Jack, Billy and hopefully Brian and Tripp will be here for that day. We are trying to move boxes out and into the storage building as we go to hopefully minimize the move. We have a lot more furniture than Mama who has been purging like there is no tomorrow.

All I can say is that we are super super blessed to be haven given such great friends and family! Without them this process would be much more expensive and therefore much more daunting!

Given the fact that all these deals have flowed together so flawlessly all I can say is that God had it in his master plan. Thus, I have faith they are going to work out. Faith is the only thing keeping my sanity otherwise I would be even more worried than I am and you all would be calling the men in white coats to come pick me up.

Welp, I'm off to home depot to get minor house repair items. Trying to fix anything the inspector may think of finding before he gets here. Hey, its a game - anyone want to play? Yea, me neither but hey we do what we have to.

Have a great Saturday!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Looking At Houses

We shopped for houses from 1 pm today to 8 pm! Let me just say I'm exhausted, but we saw alot. Only problem is most of them have the basements unfinished; which means we can add $50K to the price of the house because we are going to have to finish it...

Here are the top 4 so far - please share your thoughts:

Vinings Lake
Wandering Lane

Off to bed now. Will go see more Saturday


Saturday, March 15, 2008


God is good! We got an offer on both properties. I've accepted the one on the Dahlonega property and am still bargaining on this one. Both should be under contract by tomorrow! Can you believe it? Pray these go thru!

OMG I'm so excited. Also stressed - closings are on very short notice.

Welp, wish us luck.

Friday, February 29, 2008


Today is a day like any other day, its not great but its not bad. However, I find my self sitting her needing to lash out, to scream for no reason other than to scream. Why you ask? Answer: I have no friggin clue!

My life is good at the moment. Here's some of what is going on:

1) House is on the market and we have had it show several times, which is impressive in this market! I'm anxious for an offer, but I know it will be a while in today's real estate realm. If you know anyone interested in the Stone Mountain, GA area send them my way. Pics of house are here: Amy Orr With Re/Max

Its the one with the red porch and stucco walls.

2) Mama's house is also for sale and its shown several times! I'm praying something comes thru soon. Again if you know of anyone wanting roughly 4.5 acres in North GA (Dahlonega) send them my way. Details can be found here: Joy Walker With Re/Max

3) Work is good. Having trouble being focused lately - Gotta get my head back in the game. Just got a pretty good bonus though; especially given our office didn't meet our numbers. Will know more about raises next month - keep your fingers crossed.

4) For those of you who don't know I was in a car accident in 2002. Allegedly I ran a red light - honestly I don't know if I did or not. I went out into lala land. Anyway, the lady that I hit had a passenger who was injured. Part of her injuries may stem from the accident, but many of them were pre-existing conditions. The lawsuit is set to be heard in June and expected award is somewhere between $250K and $500K - Yea SCARY! Insurance company will be on hook for it according to my attorney due to a bad faith situation but still SCARY! The case went to mediation yesterday and they are so close to settling and I'd be free and clear. One item holding it up and I should know something soon. Pray, Cross your fingers, toes, legs, cross whatever you have that this settles and goes away! I need this to go away!

5) Jack and I are good. He's conservative, I'm not. He's a saver, I'm a semi-saver. He wants this, I want that. We are opposites and always have been. Its a good thing cause we can normally compromise on the big stuff. I love him with everything I have. Have to be careful though - his will can run over me sometimes, must stand up for somethings, which is hard when he refuses to argue or "discuss". He just stops talking or makes finate 'this is what we are doing statements'. Well, he is not God Almighty and his word is Not always Law. Sometimes you need a good argument to clear the air - then you can "make up"...... I'm not backing down on this issue though; he's just going to have to deal. Not going into details and it's not important other than to know I love him, will always love him and stand by him but I'm not giving in on this.

6) My kitties are cute and cuddly. Sox has taken to laying w/ me on the couch while I watch tv. He gets in crook of my arm, turns upside down and meows for me to rub his belly. Patches on the other hand gets between Jack and I when we go to bed and sleeps there all night. Sometimes he's on my chest, other times on my pillow. Too cute. I have to move him in the mornings to make bed, if it was up to him I'd make it up w/ him in it. (Yep making bed everyday now that house is showing. I could get used to it, kinda nice to get in a made up bed and it doesn't take too much time in the mornings).

7) I started playing EQII again for a few weeks but then I stopped. Guess I should 're cancel' my subscription. I may login in here in a few and see if it's fun; no sense keeping it if I don't have a good time playing.

8) I want a WII! I want a WII now :) but no one has them. If you know me personally and see one pick it up and I'll pay you for it (no more than $300). If you don't know me personally... i.e you don't have my cell number then ignore said request.

9) Finally was given a few of my own accounts at work. I had to fight for them but I got them by golly. Never going to get a promotion without them!

Well, I guess that about does it. Not exciting but I needed to release, to vent, to spew or whatever this is. Tomorrow is a new day and I'm going to go in it with gusto. I'm going to enjoy it, I'm going to be happy, because I have no reason not to be!

G'Night Blogland

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Protect Women's Rights

Lotusknits pointed out the following article to me regarding Women's Rights to Abortion & Use of Contraception.

If you live in GA please email/call your representatives today and protect women's rights. The government should not tell us what to do with our bodies. I don't want children and I take EVERY precaution not to have them.

Now, if I got pregnant tomorrow I'm not sure that I'd go get an abortion but I want the right to:

a) protect myself against getting pregnant
b) get an abortion if pregnancy occurs and we decide to go that route.

Government needs to stay OUT OF MY BODY! Contact your representative today

Jamaica Day 2 and Part of 3

I'm relaxed - I mean really relaxed and it feels amazing.  Yesterday after the post they showed us a new room and I was really undecided...