Thursday, August 24, 2006


Man today was hectic - I came home so tired...but it was overall a good day. Isn't it funny how that sometimes days that are the busiest are sooooo much better than those days your hunting for something/anything to fill your time with. I hate days like that and there are too many of them at my current job ... ah well I'll stick it out till after I finish my MBA and then move onto bigger better things (or at least hopefully more money). I'm so tired of being on the salary I'm on. I should be grateful, we have a roof over our heads and I have no worries about my next meal, but it would be nice to go on a little splurge at JoAnn's and the knitting shops (like I did over this last pay period) and not be broke for the next month. Ah well, the splurge was worth it - I'm enjoying my goodies and I had fun splurging.

School is back in session. My second assignment is due tomorrow and I have one due Monday. I'm going to try and will hopefully succeed to have them all done by Saturday so that we can take Sunday and Monday off to celebrate 2 years of marriage. I read the chapter for tomorrows assignment tonight and I may sneak and work on it some during work tomorrow (shhhhh) :) I can't wait till the end of December - I will be DONE with school!!!!!

The baby shirt is coming around nicely.... or at least I think it is. Will post pictures later. Welp, it's bed time for me. I wish you all a peaceful night sleep with dreams of day lilies and clear blue skies.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Update Time

I know you've missed me - I just needed a break from blogging and the computer in general but I think I'm back for a bit :) I've missed you guys too much to stay away for long.

So I promised you an update in my last blog and an update you shall have. Lately my life has consisted of watching tv with my wonderful husband, shopping, knitting, taking naps, and doing a wee bit of sewing. I've loved it. I know you want some details...well lets see.

I went shopping at JoAnns the other day and came out $120 poorer, but oh I had fun. I got another basket for my yarn, as the stash continues to grow. I also bought some scrapbooking paper (Yes I'm going to start back), a mini scrapbook and this great easel kit to make a personalized photo artwork... I went to use my printer the other day to do the easel thing and I think I need some new ink (how sad).

Last Saturday I had a wonderful trip to the yarn store with Lotus Knits. We went to a new knitting store called Knitch and it is now my favorite knitting store. I normally don't like knitting stores, they make me uncomfortable but these ladies made me feel right at home. It was terrific. Here are some pics that Lotus Knits took for me (I left my camera at home - I know horrible of me)

I bought yarn for some Christmas presents and to make a baby shirt for a friend of mine. I've already started on first garment (I'll let you know how it goes). I must admit that I didn't buy all my yarn here, but this was my fav stop of the day so....

Also, I've completed my bag. I know it's huge, but hopefully it
will shrink once it's been washed.....

As I told you in my last blog I've set my sewing machine up and I love it. I made the purse organizer I spoke of weeks/months ago. It is ok, but my sewing skills need some work... hee

Other than that my life is pretty much as normal. School started back this week and I'm determined to stay current. I lost my 4.0 last semester...I made a B+ which puts my GPA at 3.96 which is good but still disappointing for me. I knew these last few classes were going to be tough, I'm learning just how tough...

Work is work....nothing much to add there. My wedding anniversary is next Monday - 2 years! I'm so excited. We're not doing anything really special, getting a new bedspread for the bed :) maybe going out to dinner. I'm just grateful to have my life - it has its ups and downs but overall I'm happy...who could ask for more.

Monday, August 14, 2006


I actually have a lot to share with you but I'll do it tomorrow or the next day. One thing I did want to make you aware of was the fact that I have way too many books. I went to Borders today and I was having trouble remembering what I have and don't have so I came home and created an Excel sheet to serve as inventory. I discovered that I have (not including ones in drawers downstairs and in boxes in basement) 210 books, 57 of which are Nora Roberts and 14 of which are J.D. Robb (alias of Nora Roberts). I should stop buying books or donate them to NAIW since they are having a book drive but I like to hold on to my books - call me selfish.

Well, more to be posted later about my comings and goings. Chat with you soon.

Monday, August 07, 2006


I know I've been a boring blogger lately, but since it's my blog I refuse to apologize. It's been another slow week. I finished my bag only to discover that "hey, yea increasing the width of the bottom required more yarn you dumb ass - so to finish the handles and be done you need to buy one more skein" BAH. I'm almost caught back up in school - got one assignment to do tomorrow then I'm done with this class and get a week break.

My Mama's B-day is on Saturday and my brother from FL is coming down for a surprise visit. Yep he's staying here which means my house has to get cleaned up! Yikes :)

My laptop that I used to use for Teamspeak when playing online games has been removed from my desk and I cancelled my EQII account. I never play and it was taking up valuable money and desk space. In it's place is my sewing machine. I have a couple of projects I may try... all inspired by:

Not sure what my next knitting project is. I really want to do my shawl, but can't seem to find the "right" pattern. I can never choose the right project for me but I'm starting something Wed :) not sure what but it will be cool.

Ok, enough of my ramblings that make no sense. Talk to you all later :)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Whole Week

Wow, It's been an entire week since my last post! Goodness. I really don't have a lot to even post today - I know your speechless that I'm speechless LOL. It's been a pretty quiet week - been knitting alot (almost finished the purse I mentioned last week), been watching alot of tv, visited with Lotus Knits and her hubby this weekend (Loads of fun) and have generally been ... well I've just been. Days have rolled by without any overwhelming excitement and the funny thing is that's ok. Life doesn't always have to be full of excitement.... TTYL blog land

Jamaica Day 2 and Part of 3

I'm relaxed - I mean really relaxed and it feels amazing.  Yesterday after the post they showed us a new room and I was really undecided...