Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dreams, Tiredness, Stubborness, Me

Tonight I sit here - my eyes drooping, knowing I need to be in bed, but instead I sit here. Posting things, surfing the net and reflecting. Reflecting on what it is to be me.

I do this ever so often, quite often actually:

I reflect, reflct on what I want, where I am and why I am. I never come up with any answers, but I reflect.

I worry, worry we made the wrong decision to move here, worry I'm not being supportive enough, worry that I am not being optomistic enough, worry that we made the right decision to move here and I'm just not letting go to my old life.

I want, want the house to be something I'm proud of, want a job I enjoy, want friends to go and do with, want to not have to work at all, want a child.

I slack, slack on doing the projects in the house, slack on my prayer life, slack on doing anything fitness related, I slack.

I appreciate, appreciate a husband that loves me, I appreciate a husband that puts up with me even if he doesn't necessarily get me, I appreciate a mother that supports me, I appreciate the roof over my head, I appreciate the food in my belly, I appreciate the right I have to sit here in my pjs thanks to those who have gone before, I appreciate.

I wish, wish I was more of a doer, wish I had more drive than I had dreams, wish I didn't want so much, wish I had it all, I wish I was anyone but me.

And with that I'll go to bed - my reflections are getting deep, which means I'm more tired than I originally believed. So good night dear void - til next time.

Day 6 Wilmington

We got up around 10 and went out for breakfast – Waffle House, my home away from home. We then wandered down to the historic district and took the trolley tour. Wilmington has one of the largest historic districts I think I’ve seen. The homes are gorgeous as is the feel of the town. While on the tour we also learned that One Tree Hill, one of my shows, is filmed in the town and was actually filming that day –How Cool Was That! You know I had to check it out. So after the trolley ride we walked up to the Cloths Over Bros store, not really a store, just a front covered with plastic and lots of movie people outside.

We got a drink at the cafĂ© across the street and watched for a bit. I didn’t get to see any of the actors, but it was still cool.

We then headed back to the hotel to rest a bit before dinner.

For dinner we met some longtime friends, Mark & Robyn who moved up here about 10 years ago… And it’s been that long since we had seen them. Their daughter is almost 18, she has grown so much – I was amazed. It was really nice to see them! I hope it’s not another 10 years before we see them again.

After dinner we headed home, back to Grovetown. The trip was a great success, can’t wait till our next journey

Day 5 – Wright Brothers / Roanoke / Rest

We got up this morning and ate the continental breakfast – this hotel has an awesome breakfast, especially given it’s free. We then went to the Wright Museum and saw where the first motorized flight took place. It’ awesome to think how far we have come, in such a short time from that short flight. Jack seemed to enjoy the museum; it’s nice to see him interested in something. Nice to see him really enjoying an event, he normally just tags along. I think he has fun, but it’s hard to tell sometimes.
We then went to lunch at the Full Moon in Montea, per the dolphin driver’s suggestion. I wish I could have my money and my hour back.... that’s all I’ll say about that.

We then walked around Montea for a bit and then escaped back to the hotel for a nap – it’ s a good day for a lazy afternoon. Jack and I walked down to the beach for a few minutes before resting – the waves are huge as Hurricane Earl plays havoc in the sea – the sun brutal and the day perfect.

The nap afterwards was also great, followed by dinner at the “Kill Devil Hill Diner”, good stuff. Now we are back in our hotel enjoying a night of relaxation. Tomorrow we leave for Wilmington, doubt we can drive down the coast like I wanted to, thanks Earl – but at least we got to see the islands. So far it’s been a nice relaxing trip.

Day 4 – Cape Hatteras / Dolphin Watch

We woke up and went down to breakfast around 9 AM. We were all tired, not sure why, but we all got started a bit slow. Since the hurricane is threatening to arrive and mess with our schedule we decided to drive on down and see Cape Hatteras. The drive was about an hour and it was a peaceful drive, but honestly I could have slept. We got to the Cape Hatteras and I enjoyed taking pictures of it... we decided not to walk up it. 12 flights of stairs and the heat not a great combo, but it was nice to look at.

We then stopped at a local diner for some lunch and headed back to Kitty Hawk. We elected to call it an early afternoon and get some rest – I walked in the hotel, laid down and went to sleep, guess I needed it. We got up and went to the dolphin watch tour at 4:30.

We got to see lots of dolphins; they were a full school of them around the boat. It was terrific. We were out for 2 hours and I’d say at least 1 ½ of that was with Dolphins; we also got to see the sun set which was terrific. We ate dinner at 5 Guys and got a great hamburger; no matter the state they always make the best burgers.

We then went to the beach and watched the waves for a few – they are getting higher and higher as the storm approaches. I love to watch them; it’s super relaxing.

Day 3 - Currick / Corral / Horses

We got up this morning and went to breakfast around 9. We then left the hotel and headed up to Currick Lighthouse. The heat was intense and the lighthouse was interesting. It was too hot to go up in it, but I enjoyed taking pictures from the ground and the area was quaint. We also walked down the boardwalk and took pictures of a blue heron bird that was hanging out, he was very pretty.

We were scheduled to go on a wild horse tour at 3:30, but we were done early.... so we called them and moved our trip up to 1, which required us to find some food quick. We ended up a BBQ restaurant called Smokeys at 12:30 ... there was no one in it except the waitress. She was older and super nice, but the BBQ sandwich we all agreed on due to time left something to be desired.

We then went to meet with the tour and it was worth it. We were in a suburban with an open back – the best of convertible and AC :) We drove on the beach and though two beach towns. Towns with no paved roads and that require a 4 wheel drive... The horses are wild and you aren’t allowed within 50 feet, that is unless they are standing in your garage enjoying the shade, which they do. We saw lots of horses in various herds and it was terrific. They were gorgeous and unthreatened by us. Out here they are the top of the food chain and know it.

Our tour guide was interesting. He was around 30 and has lived in multiple states...he loves the theater and him and his wife are planning a movie this winter about how someone 20/30 deals with having cancer. I wish them the best; it’s nice to see free spirits doing what they love.

After the tour we headed back to the hotel and took a nap. I can’t tell you how much I needed it – the sun can take it out of you. We got up around 6 and went to a Southwestern Restaurant called “Chili Peppers”. The chips/dip were ok, but my steak salad was excellent. The steak was moist and flavorful.

After dinner we passed dunkin doughnuts, which of course meant I got coffee – finally! We then went to play putt putt – it was fun, but at times it felt rushed due to the crowds. We had a good time overall though... despite my multiple 5 putts :)

We then came back and went and sat on the beach for a good hour or so. It was very relaxing and the crabs were still numerous. It was great...

Day 2 - Raleigh to the Outer Banks

Yesterday I didn’t log it as i should, but it was a good day. We got up a little late and left our hotel in Raleigh around 10:30. We then went to the JC Ralston Gardens at the University in town. It was nice, though it didn’t grab my interest as I thought it was. I blame it on lack of coffee.... We spent an hour at the Gardens and then left to find the1911 Carousel – this required a stop at the Waffle House for cold drinks for them or coffee for me...

We then left Raleigh for the Outer Banks. It was about a 4 hour drive and Jack was nice to all of it so i could read my book. We made it to the hotel around 4 and decided to rest for an hour or so before heading to grab some dinner. I finished my book during the down time and we later went to the Black Pelican at the recommendation of the hotel clerk. It was one of the most interesting restaurants... The lights were Tiffany, the chairs plastic and the decor lifesavers.... Upon looking at the menu I liked to have choked with $15 to $30 plates, but after eating the crab legs I can say it was well worth it. OMG that was good - Jack had to get it where I could eat it, but it was delicious.

We then came back to the hotel and took a walk on the beach. It was dark and the waves were crashing loudly. Very relaxing...... There were washed up Jelly Fish and little crabs were everywhere, both babies and large crabs. It was great and seeing them scurry made the trip worth it.

Day 1 - Raleigh

Yesterday was the first day of our vacation and it was very enjoyable. We woke up and were at the Farmers Market Restaurant by 9 am. The food was great, the company better and the outdoor bistro that welcomed puppies make it perfect. After asking to sit outside I almost wish I hadn’t because the interior was decorated so fun with bright colors, but the sun was a welcome change from our normal day.

We then walked through the Farmers Market. Lots of people, fresh food and hustle/bustle. It was great. It got a lemonade drink that was awesome:

1 Squeezed Orange, ½ Lemon, ½ Lime, Tablespoon Cherry, Water, Ice, Shaken

After the market we went and visited the capital building. The outside of it wasn’t that impressive, but the inside had some great architecture. The downtown area of Raleigh was also great. You could tell that during the work week the hustle and bustle would be interesting to watch. After the capital we stopped for a drink at the local coffee shop and rested while we decided our next move. We ended up walking on down to the City Market to eat at a restaurant, but it ended up being closed. So we ate at a local Italian restaurant that was open instead, a great find. The food was good, the atmosphere homey and the murals on the wall gorgeous. I loved watching the families with their children and the staff who were obviously a family, even if it wasn’t by blood. There office was a table in the corner and the scattered paperwork just added to the charm.

After eating we drove to the executive mansion and the historic Oakwood district. The buildings were great though many could use some good old fashioned TLC. We then headed back to the hotel for some rest before the concert.

Jack and I left the hotel after some good napping on my part and went to get some food before going to the concert. We were going to do something quick like Subway, but ended up at a surprise, lucky find -> The Lotus Leaf. A great Thai restaurant that I loved. I got a dish with noodles, beef and a brown sauce that was ok – Jack got a sweet & sour veggie dish that was awesome.

We then went to the Adam Lambert concert at the Progress Energy Center. The venue was nice and the concert was incredible. His voice was so clean despite the loudness and the show was extremely entertaining. He will be an icon of our times. One thing that happened before he came out that was one of the most magical times I can ever remember. It was during the intermission and the lights had been up for a good 10 minutes. I guess people got tired of waiting -> so they decided to party. Collectively, magically hundreds of people started singing with the intermission music, dancing and generally partying. It was an awesome moment.

Overall the day was really fun and relaxing. A terrific anniversary – 6 years and counting. I couldn’t be more lucky.

Day 0 - Outer Banks

I'm a little late in posting these, but I like to have them out here as I enjoy looking back on them later and the net is a safe place to have them so here is our trip to the outer banks:

Day 0 – 8/27/2010

We left work, gave Iggy to Cheryl for safe keeping, packed the car and hit the road.

We stopped at South of the Border and messed around for a bit. Jack had never seen it and I don’t think he was impressed. However, it was fun to peruse the crazy shops, take pictures with the cheesy statues and get out of the car of a bit.

We then finished the trip to Raleigh and went to bed, sleep was a must.

Jamaica Day 2 and Part of 3

I'm relaxed - I mean really relaxed and it feels amazing.  Yesterday after the post they showed us a new room and I was really undecided...