Saturday, March 06, 2010

Howdy Folks

Well, It's been a while since my last post and alot has changes, while at the same time moving at a snails pace. God's timing is not always our timing - just have to trust that he has the best plan for us. However, I digress ... let me tell you what has been going on in La Casa Dale.

1) The Shortleaf property I spoke of in my last post fell through. There was a contingent contract already on it and they were able to remove the contingency.

2) We've exhausted all the houses in the area currently on the market with Mother-In-Law areas and have found nothing, so we are seriously considering building. Just running numbers at the moment to see if it is feasible and I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much.

3) Jack likes his job alot; though he won't admit it.

4) I have accepted a position with a local agency that appears to be a really good and positive opportunity. My current company offered me 100% telework from Augusta, but it was with the condition that if Telework went away (which is being discussed) I would be out of a job; and this agency is very comparable in pay so I think it's the right move to make. I start on the 22nd :) My last day with Wells is on the 12th and then I have a week off in between to make the transition.

5) Mama is staying in the Mableton house for now; we have a room here in the apartment but it will be a little cramped and this way that house isn't vacant. However, if it rents or sales we will cram in here until we find a space.

So alot has been going on; most of it good. I wish that things moved a little faster and that we had a house already, but my time line is God's and I trust he knows what he is doing.

On another note we tried a new restaurant this evening: Cheddars It was pretty good, but not good enough. The wait was an hour and the prices were very reasonable. However, in my mind it ranked right up there with Applebee's and if I'm going to wait an hour for something it better be Outback quality vs. Applebees... So I probably won't go back, but I am determined to try the different restaurants down here vs. slipping back into the comfyness of my old favorites - time to live a little.

Also, speaking of restaurants Augusta has Steakout every town should have one of these. It is a gift from God! I'm telling you - they deliver steak that is GOOD for the price of Outback and you don't have to leave the house! It's great; if you have one in your town order today, you will never go back !

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