Friday, December 30, 2005

Two Rows

Well, I've done about two rows on my scarf. I'm beginning to think that the yarn I'm using is a bit too bulky. I'm going to knit a little more and see - I may end up ripping it out and putting it on some larger needles (currently using 10s). We shall see. However, I think I'm starting to get the hang of the perl stitch...I'm not natural with it yet, but at least it doesn't take me 5 minutes to do one stich :)

Our office closed early today and I'm off thru Monday in celebration of the New Year. I'm so happy to be off work. Not sure what I'm going to do with my time; probably be lazy like I have been this afternoon. I took a three hour nap - Man it felt Good!

Other than having some much wanted time off and knitting life has been quiet here. I'm still battling a cold or something, but I'm beating it down with vitamins. Take that You nasty cold - You can't win I won't let you! Ha Ha Ha Ha

School starts back next week. My teacher seems to be very strict and slightly annoying - we shall see. He may just be his writing style.

Well, there's what's going on in my world! I hope all is well in yours! Here's wishing you the best in 2006.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Fun Yarn

Ok, I finally made it to Michael's today and I picked up some fun yarn to begin the "ribbed for her pleasure" scarf. I can't wait. This is my first time really using the perl stitch so it should be challenging! I'm so excited.

It's 81% polyester and 19% acrylic but it feels like a cross between soft felt and velvet :)

As promised below are some pictures of my scaves being worn. Not a big deal I don't guess but I was so excited.

To the right is Jean, who is basically my 2nd mother. You can't see it but it has fringe :) I love the way that yarn worked into such a nice pattern of blues and purples. It was great.

<-- Jack's Mom and Hapaw. Two of my favorite people. You can't see it in the pics but the scarves do have tassle :)

Well, other than my new yarn not much has been going on. 15 more days (workin days) at my current position. I am looking so forward to that Friday :) Tee Hee.

I'll post the scarf as I work on it.

I wish you all dreams of snowmen, cocoa and a great book :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Addition to Blog - Glass 1/2 Empty or 1/2 Full

As I pressed publish on the "Blah" blog I had an epiphany - I'm a very pessimistic person. I'm just negative. I probably have known that before but reading over these post made me realize just how negative I had become. So what do I do - the classic maneuver - "Honey, am I negative?"
Jack's response was "Yes" So I continue and ask "Have I always been negative?" he says "No, when your busy and excited about a change your positive." Man, what does that say about me? That the only way I will be positive is if my life is in a constant state of upheaval and change? That can't be good! I think I'm positive at other times not just during a major flux - I just have to find what makes me happy. So far I like posting this blog every day and I love my knitting. I love to take pictures and I'm fairly good at that. I think this new job is a good fit and dang why do you women ask questions they don't really want the answer to? Jack should have said "no honey you are an optimist" LOL. No, I needed the real answer. I hate negative people; I don't like being around them so I sure as hell don't want to be one. So here goes:

My New Years resolution is to be more positive. I will find at least one positive thing a
day -> then expound upon it. I can and will become more positive.

Do thinking happy thoughts really make you happy? We shall see. We shall see.

Good night again sweet world!


One day my post is going to be of smiles and happy thoughts! Today however, I just don't feel giddy. I think my husband and are getting sick; we both just feel blah. Ick...I'm starting taking vitamins now - I hate being sick. One of Jack's nephews was sick over Christmas and we tried to stay clear; but I don't think we made it :(

I promise I'll post pics of the scarves tomorrow. I want to try the "Ribbed for pleasure" scarf in the Stich'n Bitch book (Yes I'm still on the basics, but I'm learning fast :) ), but I want a different yarn than what I have so I plan on going to Michaels tomorrow and picking some up. Not sure what I will get - I'll let it call to me :) Tee Hee. I can't wait. Once I finish the scarf I will move on to bigger things. Ummm a hat maybe or a pair of socks...or maybe a shirt. Oops, I may be getting ahead of myself there :)

I also want to work some on my scrapbooking; which has fallen way behind. I like doing it but it takes such a time commitment...You really just can't start and stop w/ a scrap book page like you can a scarf :)

However, school starts back next week so my time will be cut in 1/2 again...but when I get done I'll have an MBA. I think it will pay off in the end or at least I hope so. Jack is one class away from having his undergrad; unfortunately that class is Calc II and he is struggling. I feel so sorry for him because I know what it is like to not understand something that you have to understand, but he has hired a tutor so hopefully she can help him. Lord knows I can't; I had to go to the math lab everyday for an hour or two just to make a B and that was three or four years ago. I look at that stuff now and it just looks like Greek. He'll figure it out; he's good at figuring things out and when he makes a passing grade in this class he will be so relieved and proud. I am proud of him just for trying!

Well, I'm going to take some medicine and pass out for the night. I may read a couple chapters in my book before I crash. I wish you all dreams of fluffy clouds, sweet kitties and sunny skies :)

Monday, December 26, 2005

Would You Like Some Whine with that Cheese

Whinny children are one thing, but when you hit adulthood all whinness should be kept to a minimum - That's my Stance! Granted we may all have our days where being whinny feels good and you need to be pampered but when being whinny is your daily pastime it's time for a change. For example to follow are some reasons when you shouldn't whine; for when you do it merely shows what an immature ass you are:

1) Your EQII guild members form a group and go do something; that group has 6 members (which is a full group) and you are not one of them...Don't whine just go do something else. Good grief they will group with you another day or better yet see if the remaining guild members who are not grouped want to do something w/ you! Whining just makes us want to kill your stupid immature ass! Oh, and don't think that just cause you are sending tells that the rest of us don't know your whinnying - we hear about it and then it just pisses us off cause you didn't have the balls to whine in guild chat!

2) If you need help with a quest or killing a mob in EQ II don't whine cause someone killed it when you were not logged in! Just ask for help next time everyone is on and they are not in the middle of something major. 9 times out of 10 they will figure out a way to come help you.

3) Don't whine cause your husband is studying and doesn't have time to spend time with you at the moment....Oops I do that....Must be more careful of my whinny self in the future :) LOL

4) Don't whine cause peps are playing their low level characters and you don't have a group....if you want to group w/ them just mentor down...they would love the help I'm sure... or you could start an alt to get caught up with them.

5) Don't whine when you join a group that is already existing and it's not giving you enough xp, especially if they are working on quest. Help them with the quest - > don't whine about it just do it. You will get your damn xp later...good grief you joined their group not the other way round.

6) Don't whine cause things are going quick enough for you. For example if you are trying to do a raid with levels ranging from 30 to 55 and we are still trying to figure out how to go about it. Some of the peps may be new to raiding and starting with a low level raid is the way to teach shut up and fight. If you want to whine go elsewhere you immature asshole!

7) Don't whine cause you gotta go to work - everyone else does too it doesn't make you special! Oops I do that to - much be more careful. Maybe getting the new job will help; I want hate going to it as much.

8) And countless other times you shouldn't whine that I can't think of. If anyone has examples they want to rant off please feel free to add a comment (doesn't have to be game related)..

Well, as you can tell I got a little aggravated in EQII today! That and I'm just in a bitchy mood....not that time of the month yet, but dang the way my mood feels it should be! I'm going to talk my hubby into some cuddling; I need it. Sleep well dear world - I wish you dreams of happiness and a world without whinnying.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Bah Hum Bug

Christmas is over. The presents have been given, the stockings emptied, the food put away and the holiday excitement is quickly dissipating. The question is are we better or worse for the holiday coming along. I love the meaning of Christmas, or shall I say, the true meaning. The fact that God so loved the world that he sent his only son to live and be sacrificed here on earth for us. However, that meaning the true meaning, is no longer really celebrated instead you have a commercialised holiday that does not give anyone any enjoyment any rest or relaxation. Instead it has entire societies racing around to get someone a present that more than likely that person will open, say "gee thanks" and hide in a draw until the giver comes to visit. Why? For the almighty dollar? For the joy of giving?

I can honestly say that I gave many people a gift this year and while I enjoyed it to a degree the only gifts I really enjoyed giving were the ones I made. Not only did I enjoy making them and the learning process behind it but I felt I was giving them something special - a piece of me. It wasn't something that I picked up because it was on sell and it kinda, maybe in some far off way that no one really understands reminded me of them. Granted they may think "gee thanks" and hide it in a drawer until the see me next, but I hope not. I hope that it will truly be something they cherish...

I know I'm ranting - sorry! It just seems like holidays today are more hassle than enjoyment and that makes me sad. It's not about spending time with family or any of the other "cliche" definition of holidays...Hell, we can't spend time with our family instead we have to spend time getting to know them again cause our society demands we run so ragged that you only see them once a year to start with. So the time you are spending with them isn't quality - it's a stressful 4 hours where you are trying to figure out what to say to the stranger sitting next to you that happens to share the same blood line.

Now that my rant is over I will say that we had a nice Christmas. I did get some gifts that I really wanted and some I hope I can exchange (LOL) and got to spend some great time with my hubbies family. I especially love visiting with his Hapaw and that side of the family. Nothing against the other side, I just have gotten to know Hapaw's side more and they are so friendly. Plus, there is not as many of them and since I hate crowds and tend to have panic attacks it is much more my cup of tea :) Jack (my hubby) seemed to have fun and the children were in good spirits (not that I want any of my own - EVER).

I got some pics of my scarves being worn today - I'll post them and the pic of my coat and earrings later in the week. I promise.

Well, I'm off to bed to dream of commercialised holidays, the meaning of family, the reason I'm so damn cynical sometimes and of course romance which I really need some of. No, I don't mean sex, but real romance. Does it exist? The sweep a woman off her feet make her glad she is still a woman kind? Well - I'm going to dream it does. I wish you all dreams of happiness and romance!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

Christmas or holidays in general should be a time of tradition. Thus, is there something wrong with me and my hubby? We could have had a romantic Christmas Eve - opened presents, talked into the twilight and etc, but do we? Of Course Not. We opened our presents as we do every year and then we came up stairs to play Evercrack and thoroughly enjoyed it; probably more than we would have the candle light dinner. I want to be all Christmassy and honor tradition, but dang I had fun playing EQII. Something is seriously wrong with me.

Well, on another Christmas note my husband did a great job in the gift arena this year -> I got the coat I've been wanting since I saw it in August and some beautiful emerald earrings. I'll post pics later in the week! Overall it was very nice -> I think he liked his Ipod.

Tomorrow we are going to his families and I get to give away 3 more of my scarves - I can't wait. I never knew how much fun giving could be till I started knitting. Giving someone something you made is so rewarding - granted they may hate it but they never let me know that :)

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! I wish you dreams of candy canes and dancing under the stars!

Friday, December 23, 2005


Ok, so I've had my birth control for the year!!! No, I don't mean the little pink pill (which I take everyday) instead I'm speaking of the mental kind. Sometimes it gets in my mind, like most women I suspect, "awe look at the baby - I want one". Then I get around a bunch of children who have learned to talk, walk and generally annoy everyone around them and I remember why I'm still taking the pink pills. Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against children as long as I can send them back to Mama. We just got back from celebrating Christmas with my side of the family and three of my nieces and nephews were present. Now please don't misunderstand; these are very well behaved children and my brother and his wife are wonderful parents, but even the most well behaved child annoys me. Add children, Christmas excitement and my brother yelling "Ho Ho Ho" in a voice loud enough to be heard on Mars and you have one thing -> Mylerna's Mental Birth control for the Decade! Ok, so enough about my rant on kids. If you have children and you think I'm a heartless bitch for not adoring the little darlings just remember that we're not all meant to be parents. Some of the people with 6 kids and no job using our tax money to pay for their "little darlings" would do well to remember this!

Rant Over - Next Topic

Christmas is two days away - normally an exciting time of year - but this year I find myself just happy to have a few days off. I'm not giddy for Christmas, which disturbs me. Hopefully when I'm wrapping presents tomorrow the giddiness will come.

However speaking of giddy - I learned to do the purl stitch in knitting today! I'm not a natural with it yet; let me knit a couple more scarves and I'll be doing it blindfolded - but thanks to my sister-in-law I'm well on my way! It also felt good tonight to see my brother and a friend of mine open their gifts and receive my knitted scarves; granted they may think "oh great something to hide in my closet till next time I see her", but I hope they liked them. I enjoyed giving them :) See I'm in the Christmas spirit already.

Well, I'm off to bed to dream of romance, a permanent form of birth control and St. Nick knocking on my door. Dream Well Sweet World!

Thursday, December 22, 2005


My sister-in-law bookmarked her blog on my computer and I inturn read it. I found it interesting and thought - hey that looks like fun. She always has the fun ideas - knitting, blogging, etc... She also introduced me to quilting as well but that lasted about 2 seconds for me -required me to sit way too long!

Blogging - the placing of ideas/thoughts/complaints or really anything on the internet for any and all to view. Now granted I may be the only one who ever finds his/her way to this particular blog, because of it's boring nature, but it's out there for all to see - which in my book is cool. So the question is what should I write about and share...My idea is any and everything.

Like I got a new job today that pays less is further away, but I think I'll be happier - go figure! I love to knit, take photographs, scrapbook (sometimes - it gets old quick though), and playing Evercrack II. I'm also working on my MBA. But other than that, which really is less than it seems, I'm lazy. I like to lay around the house and watch countless hours of television or curl up with a good novel that really teaches me nothing other than the fact that fictional characters have really good sex. I mean come-on no one really lives the romantic sex lives written about in romance novels, but its nice to read and fantasize.

Well, I'm headed off to bed to dream about romance, blogging, knitting and any thing else that roams thru my mind. I'll have to think of what I want to tell everyone and start posting.

Jamaica Day 2 and Part of 3

I'm relaxed - I mean really relaxed and it feels amazing.  Yesterday after the post they showed us a new room and I was really undecided...