Sunday, December 30, 2007


2008 is approaching fast. I'm not sure I'm happy with the speed time seems to be taking. I mean just last week it was July and now it's almost New Years. In 2008 I'll be out of High School 9 years. In 2008 my nephew will be 16. It just seems to early for me to feel this old... This week I've been in a very reflective mood; almost a self destructive one. I've been seeing all the things wrong with me and my life. Not a great attitude to have, so as 2008 rolls around its time look at what I want to change, but before I do lets look at the goals for 2007 and see how I did.

2007 Goals

1) Exercise more - I know I said I was going to do this during 2006's visit but now I shall try again. I was doing ok with this; we bought an exercise bike and I was using it till the holidays came around and it had to go in the garage to make room for the tree. But I made progress w/ this goal and have every intention of getting back on the bike soon.
2) GRADUATE with my MBA Done
3) Grow in my relationship with my husband There is always room to grow so this goal will never be truly accomplished but I feel we've become closer this year. We've talked more, shared more, laughed more and if possible loved more.
4) Become more social - Make new friends - Nurture and grow my relationships with old ones. I don't have too many 'old friends' but the couple I can name haven't really been active in my life in 2007. I wish Amanda and I were closer but I know she is there if I need her and I hope she knows that about me. The other friend I have in mind... well some things are better left to fade into sweet memories before the become bitter ones. As far as making new friends I think we have; actually we've made a nice set of couple friends. Nate and Melanie are kin but I consider them dear friends and Steve and Leo are new to our lives but a blessed addition. I could have done better with the 'social' part of this goal, but progress was made.
5) Become more self sufficient - Learn More - Enjoy learning for the sake of learning. Welp, I failed miserably at this one. I've learned some and took a photography class to learn more but I still would prefer someone tell me how it's done rather than figure it out on my own. I'm just lazy like that. This is something I will continue to work on at my husbands behest but well lets just say I'm not optimistic.
6) Complain Less - Appreciate More I love to complain and I hate myself for it. I think I've done a little bit better job with appreciating my life but I'm still a queen complainer. I love to bitch... I wish I wasn't like that. This will be a goal for 08!

Overall I think I did ok with my goals for 2007. Now for 2008 - what shall I do? Whom shall I become? What is important to me right now?

1) Complain Less - Appreciate More
2) Stop Worrying what Others think or What they are saying about me? Learn that people don't talk about you every time your back is turned and if they do don't worry about it. This is going to be a tough one.
3) Femininity
4) Control My Moods better.
5) Stop Nagging or at least slow down
6) Compliment More

Well, hopefully 2008 will be full of love, hope and success. Hopefully it will bring with it a sense of newness and awe. Hopefully, it will help me get out of this emotional turmoil I seem to be in. Hopefully, it will be glorious for both my family and yours.

Good night to all and sweet dreams.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Big Decisions & New Friends

I don't blog much any more but I enjoy having this release for my soul. I enjoy coming to share my ideas, thoughts and fears on the world wide web to be read or ignored by the masses. Odd maybe, but well then so am I.

That being said we've made some new friends; Steve and Leo. Its nice to have some friends close by to go hang out with and it's really funny because we have so much in common. Jack and Steve are both homebodies who would be just as happy at home on the couch watching tv where as Leo and I are the social butterflies. I love it - we met up last night to go to dinner and a movie, but got to talking so much that we ended up skipping the movie and going to dinner and then coffee. We talked from 7 to 9:30 - who knew people could talk that long. It was alot of fun - only downside is we went to Starbucks...Must train them that Waffle House and Dunkin Doughnuts have the best coffee. Yes, Melanie they do :) !!

I'm excited to have friends that are close enough to hang out with. Melanie and Nate are really the only couple friends we've had and well they are over an hour away. We still see them ALOT more than we used to but... it's still quite a ways. Better than 5 hours though!

On another topic Jack and I are faced with some rather large decisions in the near future. Mama has fallen twice and the house she lives in is 125 years old. Pictures are below and yes it looks great, but it has no central heat/air, it has very steep steps to go upstairs and well it's a lot of maintenance.

So we are talking about selling this house, selling the house and property in Dahlonega (4 3/4 acres) and buying a house w/ a basement apartment or cottage house that we can all live in but still have the privacy we all need. In today's market I think we could buy a lot more house for less, but on the other hand we have two properties to sale, which is not favorable in today's market. I don't know - big choices to be made. Anyone had an experience selling/buying - I'm open for any and all advice.

Welp, we're off to buy Christmas presents... fun fun. Hope you all have a good weekend.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007 Up and Running is up and running with Pictures! Moere are added daily; check it out and give me your thoughts :)

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