Monday, July 31, 2017

Day 4

While editing pictures I realized I did not do a travel journal for the remainder of the trip we took back in April and that just won't do.  So here are a few comments about what I remember from Day 4. Really mad at myself for failing to document day 3 and 4.

April 6, 2017

This was the last day of our adventure.   We got our stuff together and checked out of the BNB, Grabbed a bite to eat and then headed over to the Atlanta History Center.

Jean and Amanda met us there and it was to see and visit with them.   To kick off our visit we did the inside museums of which there are several.   By museum exhibit # 3 I just sat down in a video room and let them go.   I was museum-ed out.

We then walked down to the Swan House, which is part of the History Center.   The house is very realistic with pretend maids, butlers, etc...   It was neat and you get to see most of the rooms which is rare for homes open like this.    They also have a pioneer village set up with staff members pretending they live there.   Mama had a good time with them asking questions and talking about how she was raised, many of the things they have she used.    It's amazing to think what she has lived through.

After we explored the area we ate at a soup shop inside the history center.  I do not recommend doing this to anyone visiting - it was not really good at all.

And that was our adventure... we hugged Amanda and Jean goodbye and headed home out of Atlanta. It's about a 2.5 hour drive and I think I remember getting home around 6.   Overall it was a good Mother - Daughter adventure.  I"m looking forward to the next one.

Atlanta Day 3

While editing pictures I realized I did not do a travel journal for the remainder of the trip we took back in April and that just won't do.  So here are a few comments about what I remember from Day 3. Really mad at myself for failing to document day 3 and 4.

April 5th 2017

Day 3 we woke up to rain, rain and more rain, but we didn't let that stop us.

We started the day with a fabulous breakfast at Another Broken Egg.   We drove out of the way to get to this place and ended up driving right under where I85 had been destroyed via fire a few weeks earlier, which was eerily neat to see.   I got my Cinnamon Roll French Toast fix, some coffee and we were on our way to tackle the day.

After breakfast we drove over to see Hapaw who lives about an hour from Atlanta - so driving in a lot of rain.   Seeing her was worth it though.   We had a nice visit with her before heading over to see the CNN Center.  

The CNN Center was a disappointment.  The ticket was expensive, you really didn't get to see all that much and pictures were limited.   I don't know I just expected more.  After eating some Chick Fil'a after the tour we decided to head back to the BNB.   We were both wet and tired ... naps were calling our name.

We spent the remainder of the day resting and staying dry.  

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Texas Adventure Day 18


Happy 4th everyone!   We've had a good one  here in New Orleans.   This will be the last travel journal of our TX adventure unless something unexpected happens tomorrow as tomorrow will only be a travel day.  This trip overall has been wonderful.

I've learned alot about my nieces.  I've learned that I'm capable of more than I thought I was when it comes to planning, leading and being in close quarters with others for an extended period of time.     I've learned a lot and am grateful for the opportunity my husband and God gave me to do this.  

So what did we do today?  Mama got up at the butt crack of dawn and went gambling while we slept.  I ended up sleeping in the living room last night because I could sleep with out my ear plugs for the first time since our trip began and it was amazing.    I got the best night sleep in 17 days!  But I woke up and moved into the bedroom when Mama got up so I could keep on sleeping.

We then got up and went to get some breakfast at a place called the Ruby Slipper.  Mama stayed behind to take a nap (LOL).   The breakfast was good and even better is we could walk there so win!  I didn't drive all day :)

We then came back and got Mama before heading over to get a Jazzy pass.  A jazzy pass is an all day ticket for the street car transportation here which was nice.    We then rode it down to the Old US Mint, but unfortunately it was closed.   We meandered in the market for a bit and then wondered around for a bit.  It was extremely hot and we were pouring sweat ... I asked everyone what they wanted to do and got silence so I made a decision and we booked the day boat tour.    It was a good hour and half before the boat ride so Mama and I came back to the hotel to rest and the girls went walking around.

We then made our way to the boat and hopped on.  It was nice, but it was also hot.  I don't know the heat is just overlaying everything with miserable hotness!

We then came back to the hotel and got changed and ready for dinner.  We also took a little bit of down time.

We then headed back down for dinner at BB King Restaurant again.    I had reservations given it is the 4th, but we didn't need them - which surprised me.     The service this time was much better and the music was good.   The singer got off the stage and walked around sitting at peoples tables while playing the base.  It was fun.

We then paid and headed out to catch the fire works.  I expected to not get a good spot, but I was able to put Kaylee and Amanda right up front next to the river.  The fireworks were nice and it was a great end to our trip.

We then walked back to the hotel and are getting ready to leave tomorrow.   It's been a fabulous journey and I'm glad we came.  I'm also glad to be going home tomorrow.  I'm ready to sleep hug the hubby, pet the cat and sleep for a week.

Till the next adventure blogland!  Love you all.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Texas Adventure Day 17


It's been a long day and I'm tempted to go to sleep vs. typing this, but I know I'll regret it if I do.... so here go.

We got up a little later than intended this morning.  Everyone was sleeping so good I decided to let them sleep so we didn't check out until about 10.   I then found a close breakfast place and we headed out.   The breakfast was ok - I've certainly had better and they didn't have table service, but it filled up my belly and it didn't break the bank so win.

We then headed into Galveston TX where we saw three mansions:

1) The Bishop Palace  - this was my favorite of the 3.  It was really pretty inside and out and I didn't feel "watched" by the museum operators.  The guy you check in with was really slow though and they take your license as a guarantee you will bring back the audio devices.   It was a little humorous to watch him.

2) Moody Mansion - this place was also pretty.  The daughter of the family lived it in the longest and she was pretty interesting to learn about.  She sat on the board of some 50 something companies, which at the time, being a woman, was quite a feat.  She also met President Carter and President Reagan's wives...   The curators were a little off putting though, especially on the 2nd floor and well -while it was pretty it didn't speak to me as you will.  Or maybe I was just tired.

3) Ashton Villa - this place we didn't get to go inside as it is no longer open to the public, but I took a few pictures from the outside.

We then left Galveston and headed over to Lafayette - stopping along the way to make sandwiches at a TX rest stop.  In Lafayette we stopped to see the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist.   I didn't go inside as they were having mass, but the outside was so pretty and the cemetery that was attached to it was gorgeous with a lot of above ground plots.   One thing I found odd was this one grave which had 17 babies.. all in 2012. I'm not sure what that was about, but it was there.

We then drove to Baton Rouge.   In Baton Rouge our first stop was the old Capitol.   I felt bad, but I kinda chased an old lady out of her parking space.  They were loading up when I pulled up the first time so I dropped Mama off at the top of the mountain with Kaylee and then made the loop to grab her spot.  Well, she was still there... so I pulled up next to her to see if she was leaving. She was on the phone and shot me a dirty look... so I just backed up and sat behind her until she left.  I'm sure I irked her, but I can't parallel park this truck and she was in the only parking spot I found any where close.

We then walked up and took a few pictures of the outside.   It reminded me of an old castle.   I noticed as we were walking back one of the restaurants I had researched was right there so we stopped and ate.   Kaylee and I got a pasta dish, I loved it but she wasn't a fan of the sauce so I asked for a plain bowl of pasta for her - she seemed happy after that.  

We then headed over to the new Capital.   It is a sky scraper of a building that doesn't look like a capital at all.  We spent a few minutes walking the ground taking pictures and then headed to New Orleans.  

The drive to New Orleans was uneventful, but at this point it was late and I was getting tired.  We pulled in here around 10:15 and we are now safely tucked in.   We are staying in down town and it's the 4th of July holiday so things are a little rowdy.   The parking is across the street and several hotel guest were having a party at the front so getting our truck load of luggage in was an adventure, but after all of us took at least 2 trips, we got it all up here.  

We are on the 11th floor of a Staybridge hotel.  I love this hotel as it has a bedroom and then a living room type deal with a kitchen.  So Kaylee and Mama can go to sleep early and Amanda and I can sit in the living room and do our nightly stuff.  Though that isn't working out as planned because Amanda needs to her hair and the only mirror is in the bedroom so Kaylee isn't getting her blackness that she likes.   I on the other hand am being stingy and enjoying my living room with the lights on and being able to stay up a little late without using a flash light on my camera.

Also, the neighbors here are a little rowdy -- ok a lot rowdy.   I called hotel security on them.  I hate doing that but it's after midnight and they can take their drunk selves into their rooms and be quiet at this point.  

And now I'm going to figure out the plan for tomorrow and call it a night myself.  Sleep well dear friends.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Texas Adventure Day 16


Today had some interesting parts and some boring driving parts... overall it was a great day!

First we got up, loaded up and headed to the National Seashore.   We spent about 45 minutes walking on the pristine beach.  It's amazing to see the ocean not surrounded by buildings, etc...  I loved it and wish it would have not been so hot - I would have loved to walk the nature walk, but it was just too hot.

Then we went to breakfast at Frankies.   We got there around 11 o'clock and were finally seated around 12:30... yep hour and 1/2 wait in the heat.  Mama and the girls waited in the A/C of the truck, but it was hot.  I had some good time to bond with the other people suffering in the heat.     We then sat and waited about 45 minutes for the food...  You would think this would annoy me, but in all honesty it was ok.     The restaurant only has 6 tables and the owner spent some time chatting with us. The owner's wife is the cook and while she doesn't rush, the food was amazing.  I absolutely loved the bacon and the home fries.  It was amazing...   If I had to do it over I wouldn't wait that long again, but it was amazing.

We then started driving toward League City where we are camping out at tonight.   What I didn't realize is that by choosing the scenic route I was going over a ferry.  I had never driven onto a ferry so it was pretty cool.  The ferry  ride was only a few minutes but it was cool.

We then drove... and drove... and drove.  It was about 5 hours in the car and by the time we got here I was so sleepy.   We unloaded the car and then I ran to have it washed as the salt from the beach had completely covered it and I didn't want the paint damaged.

Now we are back and all settled in.  This is a Candlewood Suites hotel - I've never stayed at one before and it is amazing!!!!   It is huge with a full kitchenette, I love it.  Looking forward to an early night and some good sleep.    Sleep well blogland.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Texas Adventure Day 15


Today was a day of rest.  We are at the beach and Mama and I spent much of the day in the room enjoying the A/C and quiet.  I read a book and Mama took naps.. the girls spent time at the pool and the beach.

This beach is different than others I've been too.  Trucks and cars pull on to the beach and instead of  umbrellas they set up big tents like you see at fairs.   The sand has no sea shells and the place is super busy.  It's much more of a party beach than what I'm used to and the hotel pool is not made for relaxing, but rather for partying... not my style.

Mama and I did leave the hotel a few times.  Once for breakfast, once this afternoon to walk the beach, once for dinner at a local seafood place (I was disappointed that they didn't have waitresses, but it was ok) and then to walk the beach again.  

The girls have stayed out most of the day at the beach or in the pool.  They got a little sunburned... their own fault as I have at least 4 things of sun screen that they refused to use so... I feel no sympathy.  I hope they don't let it mess with the rest of their trip.

I can tell we've been together for 15 days... with no real time to ourselves, the little things are starting to grate on one another, but overall we are still having a good time.      I am not a "people person" so 15 days of sharing small hotel room with 3 other people is a lot, but we have had so much fun and I'm determined to finish that way.

Jamaica Day 2 and Part of 3

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