Thursday, December 22, 2005


My sister-in-law bookmarked her blog on my computer and I inturn read it. I found it interesting and thought - hey that looks like fun. She always has the fun ideas - knitting, blogging, etc... She also introduced me to quilting as well but that lasted about 2 seconds for me -required me to sit way too long!

Blogging - the placing of ideas/thoughts/complaints or really anything on the internet for any and all to view. Now granted I may be the only one who ever finds his/her way to this particular blog, because of it's boring nature, but it's out there for all to see - which in my book is cool. So the question is what should I write about and share...My idea is any and everything.

Like I got a new job today that pays less is further away, but I think I'll be happier - go figure! I love to knit, take photographs, scrapbook (sometimes - it gets old quick though), and playing Evercrack II. I'm also working on my MBA. But other than that, which really is less than it seems, I'm lazy. I like to lay around the house and watch countless hours of television or curl up with a good novel that really teaches me nothing other than the fact that fictional characters have really good sex. I mean come-on no one really lives the romantic sex lives written about in romance novels, but its nice to read and fantasize.

Well, I'm headed off to bed to dream about romance, blogging, knitting and any thing else that roams thru my mind. I'll have to think of what I want to tell everyone and start posting.

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