Monday, July 03, 2017

Texas Adventure Day 17


It's been a long day and I'm tempted to go to sleep vs. typing this, but I know I'll regret it if I do.... so here go.

We got up a little later than intended this morning.  Everyone was sleeping so good I decided to let them sleep so we didn't check out until about 10.   I then found a close breakfast place and we headed out.   The breakfast was ok - I've certainly had better and they didn't have table service, but it filled up my belly and it didn't break the bank so win.

We then headed into Galveston TX where we saw three mansions:

1) The Bishop Palace  - this was my favorite of the 3.  It was really pretty inside and out and I didn't feel "watched" by the museum operators.  The guy you check in with was really slow though and they take your license as a guarantee you will bring back the audio devices.   It was a little humorous to watch him.

2) Moody Mansion - this place was also pretty.  The daughter of the family lived it in the longest and she was pretty interesting to learn about.  She sat on the board of some 50 something companies, which at the time, being a woman, was quite a feat.  She also met President Carter and President Reagan's wives...   The curators were a little off putting though, especially on the 2nd floor and well -while it was pretty it didn't speak to me as you will.  Or maybe I was just tired.

3) Ashton Villa - this place we didn't get to go inside as it is no longer open to the public, but I took a few pictures from the outside.

We then left Galveston and headed over to Lafayette - stopping along the way to make sandwiches at a TX rest stop.  In Lafayette we stopped to see the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist.   I didn't go inside as they were having mass, but the outside was so pretty and the cemetery that was attached to it was gorgeous with a lot of above ground plots.   One thing I found odd was this one grave which had 17 babies.. all in 2012. I'm not sure what that was about, but it was there.

We then drove to Baton Rouge.   In Baton Rouge our first stop was the old Capitol.   I felt bad, but I kinda chased an old lady out of her parking space.  They were loading up when I pulled up the first time so I dropped Mama off at the top of the mountain with Kaylee and then made the loop to grab her spot.  Well, she was still there... so I pulled up next to her to see if she was leaving. She was on the phone and shot me a dirty look... so I just backed up and sat behind her until she left.  I'm sure I irked her, but I can't parallel park this truck and she was in the only parking spot I found any where close.

We then walked up and took a few pictures of the outside.   It reminded me of an old castle.   I noticed as we were walking back one of the restaurants I had researched was right there so we stopped and ate.   Kaylee and I got a pasta dish, I loved it but she wasn't a fan of the sauce so I asked for a plain bowl of pasta for her - she seemed happy after that.  

We then headed over to the new Capital.   It is a sky scraper of a building that doesn't look like a capital at all.  We spent a few minutes walking the ground taking pictures and then headed to New Orleans.  

The drive to New Orleans was uneventful, but at this point it was late and I was getting tired.  We pulled in here around 10:15 and we are now safely tucked in.   We are staying in down town and it's the 4th of July holiday so things are a little rowdy.   The parking is across the street and several hotel guest were having a party at the front so getting our truck load of luggage in was an adventure, but after all of us took at least 2 trips, we got it all up here.  

We are on the 11th floor of a Staybridge hotel.  I love this hotel as it has a bedroom and then a living room type deal with a kitchen.  So Kaylee and Mama can go to sleep early and Amanda and I can sit in the living room and do our nightly stuff.  Though that isn't working out as planned because Amanda needs to her hair and the only mirror is in the bedroom so Kaylee isn't getting her blackness that she likes.   I on the other hand am being stingy and enjoying my living room with the lights on and being able to stay up a little late without using a flash light on my camera.

Also, the neighbors here are a little rowdy -- ok a lot rowdy.   I called hotel security on them.  I hate doing that but it's after midnight and they can take their drunk selves into their rooms and be quiet at this point.  

And now I'm going to figure out the plan for tomorrow and call it a night myself.  Sleep well dear friends.

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