Sunday, November 26, 2006


We got back from FL yesterday and I'm glad to be home. We had a good time, but I was ready to get home.

We went shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving; this is the first year I attempted to tackle the madness. We got up at 3:30 am to be at Circuit City by 5! Yep 5 In THE MORNING. Crazy I know... What's even crazier is that their was a line around the building to get in! However, we got the 50 inch Plasma television for a great deal and it is now hanging over my fireplace... A little higher than I wanted but the studs in the wall wouldn't let us do it differently - go figure. It's huge and Jack is currently trying to get the new speaker system to work properly - a stream of cuss words have been coming out of his mouth for 2 days now in trying to get this set up. I'm hoping he will get it how he wants it soon so he can enjoy it. We hadn't planned on the purchase but it was about $1,000 lower than any price we've seen sooo....

I also got some Christmas presents and some other goodies. It's funny - every year I try to find presents for everyone and struggle, but Melanie and I decide not to exchange gifts and everywhere I turn I see something she would love. Go figure. The other day there was a Hello Kitty Pez set... I had to struggle not to grab it for her; it was too cute.

On other note today I went to Hancock Fabrics and got some fabric to recover my Kitchen chairs... I'm excited.

School ... Well it's started back and I'm behind. I will get caught up tomorrow - today I'm going to be lazy.

One more week at my current office and then I have a week off before I start the new job! WOOT.

Later blogland!


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welcome back

African Kelli said...

It is so hard to get remotivated after Thanksgiving and before Christmas. Huh? I am in the same rut!

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