Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Another Day

I'm at work for another day and I have a lot to do... I have a dental appt this afternoon that I may cancel; I may need the time for a 2ND interview - who knows. I know you're supposed to walk out having a good sense of how it went; well I don't. Part of me thinks yea that went OK and another part of me thinks they won't ever call me again. One guy mentioned that the salary was not what I had been told by their HR department; I didn't discuss it with him. I can tell you that I will not leave here to go to another AM position for less than 15K; so if they want me the salary better be right. Otherwise I'll hang around and wait for one that is. I want my next move to be permanent or at least a 5 year move; I'm tired of moving from co to co and part of the moving is because of my age, school and me just trying to figure out what I'm looking for but I'm ready to settle.

In other news I got another SP gift last night! It was awesome and I will share details and pics tonight - thank you SP! You Rock!

Well, back to work for me! Have a good day everyone - I'll keep you posted on the job front as I learn.

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Nic said...

Did they say when they would let you know or what their time frame for filling the position was?

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