Saturday, August 25, 2018

8/25/18 – Yellowstone Trip Day 1

Today has been LONG and filled with travel, but overall it was pleasant.   We left the house at 5:30 – I had planned to go by Dunkin given they claim on their app to be open at 5 AM, they aren’t – they are open at 6.  I had already ordered via the mobile application, so I’ll have to contact them to get a refund, but that will be a battle for another day.   We headed to the airport to board our flight to Atlanta.     As always Augusta airport was a breeze and we got to do TSA Precheck due to Jack’s status, so it was even easier – WIN.

We grabbed a coffee/breakfast snack at the airport and chilled.   Once in Atlanta we headed to our gate to chill some more.  Jack went and got me DD coffee (bless him) and Mama and I grabbed us all some Chic-fil-A.   We had a quick breakfast there knowing our flight would take us through lunch and I hate to pay for plane food…   I had to go have my coffee remade by DD, but they did it without a hassle.   Apparently after the sugar detox a regular coffee with cream/sugar taste like syrup, I downgraded it to 2 sugars just to cut the bitterness given it’s hard to fly with heavy cream.   It was yummy.

We then hopped on our flight to Salt Lake – the planes keep getting more uncomfortable, but the flight was uneventful and the staff friendly.   Once in Salt Lake we grabbed our SUV rental car and headed to the most important place – WALMART.   LOL, I know you are thinking, what?  That’s your first stop?  But alas I’m being a bit frugal and wanted to get us some fruit and drinks there before going into the tourist areas… I bought a $5 cooler that goes in my luggage and some ice packs, so we will have cool drinks during the day without paying tourist prices for them – WIN 😊

Once the practical stuff was done we were on our way – 4 more hours to arrive at our destination.   That being said, the 4-hour drive was peaceful and so scenic.  The scenery here is just amazing, it’s so different than what we are used to and seeing the river meandering through the mountains is amazing.   The cattle and horses are everywhere, the scrub brush plentiful and the air crisp.   It was a little hazy today, but with my sunglasses it was pretty clear – I bet when it isn’t hazy the colors are extraordinary though.

We stopped about an hour out of Jackson to grab some food, because I couldn’t wait any more.  We at this Mexican place – we wanted it to be quick.  It was called La Cabana Del Tequila. We had planned to eat out of a restaurant that is in a refurbished school bus, but it was closed due to owner health issues I pray he is ok.   The restaurant we ended up eating at had fantastic food, but the service as really, really slow.  The people were kind, but it was SLOOW to get drinks, take orders, even be acknowledged really.     They also have a “seat yourself policy” which is great, but the restaurant and finding a table is a bit confusing and after we were seated it was amusing watching other people meander into the 2 or 3 rooms tables were set up in to find a spot.  They need a hostess and they need more servers, but the food was really good!   They didn’t have cheese dip though, which was odd…

Now we are here, in the condo we’ve rented for a few days and I’m about to crash.  I only got 2 hours of sleep last night, no rest on the trip over and it’s now 10PM here – 12 AM in GA.   So, I’m out.   I’ll update you on our adventure tomorrow.  In the meantime, I pray you are having a blessed day!  Remember, when God is for you – who can be against you?

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