Tuesday, August 28, 2018

8/28/18 Yellowstone Trip – Day 4

First of all – today is our 14-year wedding anniversary, 17 years as a couple.  It seems like yesterday…  We enjoyed the day, but it wasn’t very “anniversary” related, just had a good time.  We may do a nice dinner or something when we get home.

Today has been enjoyable.   We started the morning by packing up the car as last night was our last night in Jackson WY.   We got packed up and were at the breakfast place by 8 😊 I am not a morning person, but I knew that in order to see everything we wanted to do we need to have some long days so a morning person I have forced myself to be.     Coffee was required though, so we headed back over to The Virginian restaurant, got some coffee and ate breakfast.  Our service was just as good (if not better) today and the food was yummy.

We then headed into The Grand Teton National park.  The skyline this morning was dramatic with blue skies and clouds almost touching the ground.  It was ethereal.     Our first stop was the Chapel of the Transfiguration.   This church is a log building that is still used for Episcopalian services in the summers.  The bell was hung in the 1800’s and the window inside the church looks over the Tetons.   I doubt I could pay attention to a sermon given that…

We then headed down for a brief walk to Menor Ferry and his outbuildings.   We meandered around, looked at the river, the ferry and how it worked and his store house.   It is such a nice morning to be out and about – a briskness in the air that is just yummy.  I got some pictures of some of the local plant life with my macro lens, I have had it for a while, but never remember it on trips so I can play with it.  Well this trip I’ve gotten to play, and it’s been fun.

After this we headed up to Jenny Lake.  We had to use the porta-potties given the buildings are under construction and I was dreading it, but it wasn’t too bad.  Thank goodness.   After taking care of necessities we hopped on the ferry to go across Jenny Lake.   The air was plum cold when hitting you at 25 MPH…. But the ride wasn’t long, only about 10 minutes, and the mountains are breath taking.   It snowed last night up in the mountains so they all now have a layer of snow dust that just … there are no words, it is magical.  I’d love to see it during a winter with all the snow, everywhere, but I’m not sure I could deal with the temperatures.   I’m cold at 60 F.

Once on the other side of the lake we begin the hike up to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point.    It’s about 3 miles round trip, but most of it is up hills.   Mama was an absolute trouper and came right on up with us.   We stopped several times on the way to take pictures of the mountains, fauna and just to rest, but the climb was worth it.   About ½ way up there is a cascade waterfall that was fun to crawl around on the rocks to photograph.  We then went a little bit further up and got to see a bear.   It was so exciting… he was off in the distance so no real danger.  I tried to get some pictures, but he kept hiding behind the trees… I hope I maybe got at least one to prove we saw him or her.  

After the excitement we headed on up.  Mama decided to stop part way up and we didn’t know how much further, so she got comfy and we went on… 200 yds later was Hidden Falls.  So, we went back and collected her, so she could see it.  They are quite impressive, and they are hidden back in this alcove so its like sitting in a secret garden.   After we took a few pictures Mama told us to go on up to Inspiration Point while she sat and watched the waterfall, so we did that.   I’m glad she didn’t try to attempt it as it was pretty steep and not even.  The view through – the view was amazing.  You could see one of the mountains so clear and it was covered in snow.   The view of the valley was also … just ah.   I loved it.   

After we took a few more pictures we went down, collected Mama, and headed back to the Ferry.  Overall the Jenny lake hike took about 3 hours and I would gladly have spent 5 taking pictures, but I know there is a lot for us to see.

Once across the fairy we did the Scenic Drive around Jenny lake, which again is just awe inspiring.  After which we headed up to Jackson Lodge for a bite to eat at the Pioneer Grill.   The food was good, and the atmosphere of the grill is neat.  It’s all counter service and it still has a 50’s feel to it – it was opened in the 50s.   There was a manager dude who kept talking to his employees in an annoying way, but other than that we really enjoyed it… Oh wait!  I forgot, the cookie… We had a cookie/ice-cream desert and I think I could have thrown the cookie and knocked someone out with it.   They ended up comping us the cookie… I should have kept it for a weapon, I think it would have worked.  Security at the airport may have confiscated it though – too dangerous.

After lunch we started meandering our way up to West Yellowstone.  We stopped all along the way and got to witness some pretty impressive wildlife.  At one of our stops along the Snake River we saw a Bald Eagle in flight… I got a picture, not good as I had the wrong lens on, but I can at least say “hey look what we saw” 😊 We also saw several Pronghorn.  I was able to get my 400MM lens out, so I hope I got some good ones… We actually saw 2 of them mating, it was an unexpected moment.   It was funny – the guy kept chasing the female and she kept walking off.   Jack got video that I think will be fun to watch.

We also saw 2 waterfalls inside Yellowstone that were not on my agenda, so they were a nice surprise.  One was just me and Jack as Mama wanted to stay in the car.  Jack and I hiked back and climbed all over the rocks near it – I think it is the closest I’ve ever been to the base of a water fall, it was neat and there was only one other family there, so it felt private.   I enjoyed it.

We are now in West Yellowstone in an apartment rented by VRBO.  I really like this town, and everything seems to be in walking distance which is nice.  We walked down this evening for dinner at Bullwinkle’s – I stuck with a chicken finger appetizer as I was not really hungry, but we did enjoy it.     Now everyone is crashing as we need to get up early in the AM – I’m pushing to be leaving apt by 7:30 on our way to breakfast – lots to see 😊
I hope you all are well.   Till tomorrow may God watch over and keep you!  

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