Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 4, Italy

Italy Journal
Day 4, 9/5/12

This morning we got a late start; it was 7:50 before the bus left.   The breakfast was terrible; Italians can’t cook breakfast, but it was on a rooftop dining room so the view made up for the food.
We then made our way to downtown Florence were we 1st went to the Academia Museum & saw the statue of David.  Our guide obviously loved art and made Michelangelo come to life.   There were 4 unfinished works that were awesome to see.  You cold kinda see the process he went through, which was just awesome.   David itself is Massive, 20 ft high.
We left there and walked to the city center of Florence – this town has a lot of walking.  We saw the Church of Croce which is gorgeous and very unique.     We saw Duomo & Babtistry Buildings – one has Gold doors and we saw the Piazzo Del Signoria which is an open space sculpture muse am.  The guide went at a good pace which allowed me to wonder and take pics which I enjoyed.  Overall I like Rome more, but Florence has its charms.  It is a lot more crowded though…
Once the guide was finished we were given free time to eat lunch and wonder.  They are is known for  leather and gold, but the $$$ were steep.   We got a few gifts and I got some glove, Jack a belt and that was it.  I just didn’t want to spend the $, this trip is already costing a pretty penny.
We also wondered up to the Ponte Vechhi Bridge, which has buildings on it & is the oldest of its kind left.  It was neat to see, but very crowded so we headed back to wait for the group at the square.
We then left Florence and went to San Gimiignano which is a medieval town with walls and towers.   The view off of the top was Tuscany countryside and it was great.   The buildings were awesome.  It was quaint with shops and ice-cream parlors; a little touristy, but I liked it.
We then headed back to Florence & had dinner.  Overall it was nice day, but very tiring.   I’m glad we get to spend time on the bus tomorrow.

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