Friday, January 25, 2019

Southern Vibe Conference - Savannah Visit - Day 1


So, I like to keep a travel journal, it helps me remember things because my memory sucks and I enjoy sharing with you all.   So even though this isn't a typical "trip" and instead it's a conference to learn all about oils, I figured I'd still keep a journal.  That ok with you guys?   It is!  Awesome, I'm so glad you agree.

With that let’s get started!  Jack took the day off and came to the conference with me.  He did this A) because it was in Savannah and we could make a nice get away out of it and B) he's into oils as much (sometimes more) as I am.  So, we got up this morning, bright and early to begin our adventure.

First things first we had to do our workout - we have started a new 6 day a week plan and I didn't want to lose momentum.  Can I just say working out before coffee or well before noon in general is just wrong!  I don't know how people do it - I used to walk with Mama in the mornings before the heat of the day (and I will again once it gets warm).  I thought that was hard to do – this was a whole new level!  I am so not a morning person!  BUT We pushed through and got it done so yay!

After the workout, Jack drove down the street and secured us some chicken mini's from Chick Fil A.   This is the one thing I really craved during our detox and while I won't eat them every day or even every week due to the bread and processed carbs, I was so glad for them today and yes, they tasted AMAZING!  I mean like sing hallelujah jump up and down good!

After eating we packed up, including all of our oils (because I can never decide what to leave) and headed down to Savannah.   The purpose of this trip is different.   I want to learn more about the oils that have made such a huge impact on my life.  I want to empower myself to use them more effectively.  I want to empower myself to share them with others.  I want to help see lives changed and chains broken.  I want to launch the business side of things in a successful manner.   I believe on so many levels that the oils came into my life at this time because God ordained it.  I believe they have a huge part in my future story and I'm stepping out on the ledge in faith that God will not let me fall.   I may falter and stumble as I walk this path that is unfamiliar and scary, but God has me and he is leading me, he will not let me fall.   

That being said I also believe that God, when he sets us on a path expects us to learn and to take concrete steps to be successful.  He doesn’t promise our path will be easy – he doesn’t say it won’t be work!  In fact, I believe sometimes the path God has for us is scarier, harder and requires more work than the one we may choose for ourselves.   He loves us too much to leave us where we are – he wants us to grow, to live and to flourish!   He also wants us to realize we can’t do it without him!  He is our provider, he is our reason and only with him surrounding us will we ever truly succeed.  He expects us to put in the work – take the harder path – take the scary path, relying on him to guide and protect you.  

So, part of this weekend is me taking steps to learn as much as I can about the oils so I can effectively share them with others.   To get better resources in my hands to share with.  I'm also here to network with people who have been using oils longer than me, who have been doing the business longer than me and who are just amazing people that I can learn from.  Maybe I can offer them a fresh perspective and help them as well - who knows.  I'm certainly willing to try.   

There is another piece as well - community.   I've mentioned before that this year is all about doing life with intention.  That includes relationships.   When I signed up for Young Living, little did I know the community of people I was getting to go with it.  I've learned through social media that I am now part of a group that is diverse, loving and well just plain awesome and I want to really engage with them.  I want to get to know them off the screen - I want to dig a bit deeper.  Maybe friendships will be made, maybe not, but I admire many of the people I've met in the social media groups for different reasons and I'd love to broaden my personal circle to include them.   

So, with that explained a big part of this weekend is me stepping out of where I'm comfortable and meeting new people.  Typically, in conferences or large gatherings of people you find me on the peripheral.   I don't engage in the chit chat ... I stand next to the wall and watch.  I've actually been on teams that facilitated this type of gathering before – my year as President of our local NAIW chapter happened to fall during the same year we were responsible for the state convention.   I was involved in so much of that conference, but even then - being as integral to it as I was - I was often on the sides looking in.  I did the work but didn't engage – only talking with the few people I knew.   I can stand in front of 100 people and teach, heck I've even spoke in front of 300 - no sweat but introducing myself to a handful of people and chit chatting.   That's seriously SCARY yall!   I mean like DEEP SCARY.  I don't know how to chit chat not really.  My family complains about it often... BUT this time I'm determined it will be different and I'm trying.   

So now that I've taken you down this emotional history lesson of who I am what is actually happening on the trip?     Well, first of all we drove down.  It was a pretty uneventful drive though we did end up driving 30 minutes out of the way in Statesboro hunting for me an unsweetened tea.  We told the GPS to take us to the nearest Chick Fil A - what we didn't realize was that it was inside the college and therefore not one we could access ... that was a bit annoying.  We then went to McDonalds for said tea and got behind the slowest person ordering in history... By this time emotions were bubbling a little bit - you know it goes.  Especially when you are under a self-imposed timeline, that really you should let go of and just relax.   So, we said a prayer, rolled on some Release and Just Chill to help us with the emotions that were bubbling and continued on our way.  

Once in Savannah we checked into our hotel and then walked to the Crystal Beer Parlor for lunch.   This place had really good Yelp reviews and they were well earned.   I had a burger (no bun) with homemade chips and both were really good.  We brought our own ketchup, so I really ate a completely sugar free compliant meal on the road, which was awesome.   Love the fact with just a little prep you can eat out healthy!   Plus, the restaurant gave us a Veterans discount which was appreciated.

And then we headed to the conference.   So, if you know me very well at all you know that crowds FREAK me out - I mean like - freeze - can’t move - panic attack - freak out levels.     So, I'm already coming to this conference with the mentality that I'm going to step out of my zone and meet new people.  I'm going to engage!   So, I walk in and the room where the vendors are and it is so tight - you could not move for bumping into people.  You could not see the tables without waiting in line, you could not breathe.     But you know what?  You know what was amazing?   I was ok!  Jack was with me so - I had him.   God was with me always!  And I was ok.  I had some apprehension and was a little uncomfortable, but no panic attack. No uncontrollable desire to just get out!   God is using this to grow me, he's using the oils to heal me and my emotional stuff, he's showing up and showing out guys and it's amazing!     Does this mean I'll never have a panic attack again - no - it just means God is working in me and I'm grateful for it!  

So, we made our way around the room.  I bought several brochures that I want to read and see what is going to be best for my team and my oily family as they join.   I bought some reference materials so I could help answer questions in a more educated manner and I dealt!  I sat there and compared prices on my phone with people buzzing around me.  I dealt!   I picked out an oily T Shirt and was nice to the person who sold it to me despite my anxiety level being a little spiked.  I smiled at the vendor who sold me books and made it a point to say thank you.   You are thinking, so what, those are normal.  And yes, they are normal.  They are normal for me on a regular day, but me in a crowd - I get anxious and my inner demon comes out or I freeze and can't function.  So, this is huge guys!  I mean huge.

You know what else I did?  I walked to the back and introduced myself to one of our team leads.  I didn't chat with her long and I won't say a meaningful connection was made, but I said hi.  I pushed beyond my normal and introduced myself.

After all this emotional stuff... Jack and I walked back to our hotel. We are staying about a 10-minute walk down the street (free with points - bonus) and dropped off all the stuff I bought, which was a lot.   We freshened up - rearranged our bags and headed back for the conference to begin.   When we got back Bill had saved our seats (thank goodness) and we settled in with some nice ladies from Atlanta.   I introduced myself to them but didn't engage too much as it was a little hard to hear and my inner walls were up a little bit.

We then listened to the speakers which were engaging.  Tonight, was about emotions and learning different ways to use the oils for emotional healing and mental clarity.   So, it was not necessarily "education" where you take notes, but more of an experience where you learned how to use oils in your daily life to help you with emotional barriers and to meditate.   I won't say I got the most of the experience this evening, but I did learn the principals of how to do it and will work on it in my home, in the solitude, during my quiet time.   So, it was beneficial. 

The conference let out a bit early for which I was grateful, but before we left, I did another big thing for me.   I marched right up to the front, through the crowd, against the flow of traffic.  I marched right up to a where a few of the ladies in our tribe were seated and said hi.  I introduced myself to one of them and made sure the others saw and recognized me.   We couldn't really talk as it was crowded and they were engaged with others, but I pushed beyond my own comfort area and said hi.  I'll try tomorrow to connect more, but it was a start and I'm grateful God gave me the power to do it!  I'm grateful for the growth and I'm honored he loves me enough to not leave me where I was or even where I am.

Jack and I then left and decided to walk down to the river walk to eat at Hueys on the River.  Our hotel is only 20-minute walk from the river walk and the weather is nice.  It has a nip to the air, but it's not super cold so the stroll was enjoyable.  We talked all the way down about our dream house, our dream location, the fact we loved being able to walk in town... we just talked.   Jack and I communicate, and I love him with everything I have.   However, times where we just "talk" are not frequent.   It's ok with both of us - it's how we roll - but tonight was nice.  It was ... it was needed.

We get to the restaurant and upon entering there is a sign that ask you to wait to be seated... I didn't see a hostess and then this lady sitting down said hi to us.   She didn't feel well, it was obvious, and I immediately offered her one of my roller bottles.  Guys can I tell you how out of the box that is for me?  To talk to a complete stranger and say here I have something that will help you?   It’s just not me!  So anyway, she rolls the sinus roller on and then I realize she is the hostess, so we chat for a minute or two and she seats us.  

We have an exceptional waiter who made us feel welcome and not rushed.   It was amazing.   The food was also great.  I could only eat 1/2 my food, but aah so good!  I had a salad (with my homemade dressing), crab cakes, a cup of jumbo and some green beans.   A lot of food - but I only ate until I was satisfied which unfortunately did waste a bit, but better than making myself sick by overeating.   The point was the experience and it was awesome!  I love seafood and save it for special nights out - this did not disappoint.

After dinner we headed out of the restaurant and I checked on our hostess friend.  She was feeling a bit better but had a headache.   So, I let her use my headache roller and we exchanged information so I could send her some information about Young Living.   As we were chatting some other customers came in and I discovered they use another brand of oils and are not seeing results, so I talk to them as well - and gave them a card!   At this point I'm shocked at my behavior, but hey, when things happen you just roll with it...

We then left the restaurant and walked the mile back to our hotel, chatting and stopping at a souvenir shop along the way.   Today has been hard, it's been uncomfortable, and it's been amazing!  

Here is to a better tomorrow!  May God continue to grow and stretch me.   May he use me as he sees fit and may I before ever malleable to his will.   

And with that emotional dump combo travel log I'll let you go for the evening.  Sleep well blogland, may God's blessings be upon you.

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Anita Macias said...

So very proud of you! Getting out of one's comfort zone is extremely hard but worth it. I never before would have built up friendships such as yours, Jacks, 2 couples from Greece trip (from New Zealand) or a nice couple from Michigan (met in Kuaui). But sure glad I did!

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