Saturday, January 26, 2019

Southern Vibe Conference - Savannah - Day 2


One thing I can say for oil junkies - they start early!   They had yoga this am from 6 -7, needless to say I didn't make that.  I didn't even try!   We did make it over in time for breakfast from 7-7:45.   The breakfast was good, and it was super healthy.  I had a couple of mini egg quiches (crustless), plenty of fruit and coffee.  Jack tried the Acai... I'm not sure what that is or if it's good for you, but he liked it, so I guess I need to do some research.

After breakfast the conference really began.  Today's speakers that spoke were divided into two areas business/self-motivation and product education.   I found most of the speakers engaging and took copious notes.   Some I'll implement, some I’ll research further and some I'll file away for something to be reflected on at another time,maybe.     

The supplement class Lyndsey Elmore taught was amazing - I didn't really get a full grasp of which supplements I need, but I got a better idea of ones to research for several issues including Liver Health, Hormone Health and Sexual Health.  Plus she is just amazing to hear speak.    

I also really enjoyed hearing Lindsay Moreno speak.  She is a no-nonsense woman who is breaking ceilings and refusing norms.   I think she brings a lot to the table I can benefit from, some is a little too brazen for me, but that's ok - take what I can apply and leave the rest for someone else.   That's the beauty of learning and self-help, what works for me won't work for everyone and vice versa.  I found her talk motivational and hilarious, her husband also spoke, and they are a dynamite team.     He spoke really on finding your why and really digging deep as to what it is vs. just taking the surface answer.  I think I may need to do some work here.

Lunch was catered in and the conference was over around 2:30. They had a silent disco party at the end, but that was a little too far out of mine and Jack's wheelhouse, so we headed back to the hotel room.   At which point I had an emotional moment or two.  I think I expected too much of this conference and that is on me.  I expected to be able to develop connections and that it would be easier to meet people - to dive deeper.   

Looking back that expectation was unrealistic, and the disappointment is on me and no one else.   I tend to expect things to happen when in reality life doesn't work that way and relationship building doesn't work that way.  In fact, I'm not sure how it works - I've had so little experience with it.   But this year will be different.   I know that digging deeper is something I need to do, and I will.   Maybe we should have stayed for the disco - I just don't see us fitting in that scene so, it is what it is.   I had my moment and Jack really did try to help.   Emotional women, men don't understand them.  He did try to help though - he just isn't wired like me.  He wouldn't mind having deeper connections with a circle of people, but it isn't a deep desire for him like it is me.   I know that only God can really fill this desire, if I continue to focus on him, if I continue to ask him for it, if I continue to realize that even without it, I am enough.  I am loved - I am a child of God - I am likeable - I am enough! Then in time he will allow me to have a circle that is deep and strong.   He will meet my needs – I just can’t put the circle before him or even the desire to have one before him.   He has to be first… family has to be second and everything else will work itself out including my amazing circle.  The circle I’m praying for, the circle I’m building one moment at a time, the circle that is to be and is already forming!   I have the beginning of one… I have ladies I love and that love me back.  He has my circle in his hand and he will bless me with it when I’m ready for it.  I am enough and God gets me more than I even get myself!

So, I had my emotional moment, I wallowed for a minute, then I rolled some oils on me and decided to take a reset nap which Jack was totally ok with it.   After I woke up, I felt better, more analytical and less emotional.   I was able to rethink and know where my emotions came from.   That in itself is movement in the right direction.  It shows I still have healing to do, but it's a move in the right direction.  

So, I took a little nap and we went about enjoying the rest of our evening.  We walked back down to the river front to eat at Cotton Exchange Seafood and Tavern.     I got the crab legs and shrimp which was was amazing!  I love crab legs - I don't get them often due to the cost and the work involved in eating them, but they are one of my favorite meals.   We chatted while we ate, joked with the waitress over portions and enjoyed our time.   We talked about the conference, business things we want to do, things we want to research for our own use, we just talked.   We had moments of silence and moments of conversation - we just were, and you know what - sometimes that is the best!  Just being...

After dinner we walked back to the hotel - it’s good mile walk and in the crisp air it was so enjoyable.  Tonight, was a tiny bit chilly toward the end, but there is something about walking to and from restaurants and around town that just make it better.  It becomes an event vs. just dinner... It is more and I love it!  I wish we had the ability to do more commutes via walking where we live.   Maybe when they open the Wild Wings, we will walk to dinner... 

Well anyway that was my day. Lots of learning, emotional moments and an amazing husband that helps when he can and lets me be quiet and alone when I need that too.  Tomorrow we will pack up and head home, but not before I find an amazing breakfast restaurant.  It isn't compliant, but I love cinnamon rolls and I am determined to try them in every city so I may just have to cheat tomorrow... 

And you know what?  That's ok too!  

Love you blogland - sleep well!

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