Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Wellness - Where Are You

Wellness in my mind has 4 parts: Spiritual, Emotional, Dietary, Fitness.  This week my body told me I needed to pay closer attention to one or more of the parts.   That is the way it is – you can be really strong in one area, but if you aren’t watching all 4 you will have issues.  Wellness is a chair – all 4 legs need to be touching the ground or you will tip over and I tipped over.  The Dr’s really can’t put a diagnosis on it – which is frustrating – but my body is telling me it’s time to re-evaluate, that is for sure.  

But Lisa? You are always talking about removing chemicals and oils and etc… Why are you sick?  I am, and the oils did not fail me.  They have kept me as well as they could, they have kept me from being in –the bed for WEEKs like I would have been with a sickness a few years ago.  If I worked a typical job, I would have been out of 1 one day vs. 5.   They have been awesome, but I have let the fitness and the dietary legs slack a little and my body is telling me this.

I lost the weight I wanted to lose and after such I’ve kind of been slack on my eating.  We haven’t completely reverted, but with all the Christmas dinners and the like I have been eating more pre-processed carbs (bread, noodles, etc…) and have had more sugar than I normally take in.   I’ve also not been exercising at all. We stopped walking due to being busy and it being cold, I haven’t been doing my Beachbody videos – I just let it slip.

So, what is my plan? 
  1. Pray for healing
  2. Continue to study God’s word!   I’m starting a new Faith study with my aunt this week 😊
  3. Continue using my oils DAILY – allow them to help me replenish my immune system and help me to continue help with my emotional issues.  Plus, I like the smell 😊
  4. Take the medicines as prescribed - though I may not take all of these pain pills, they are highly addictive which I don't want and they make me feel weird :)   Ignore any random 3 AM post - it may not be my fault haha
  5. Get back to natural foods – Lower Carbs – really sticking to those that are not processed, Reduced Sugar, etc…
  6. Start working out again -this is the hardest for me because I simply don’t enjoy working out.  I don’t mind walking with Mama, but it’s cold so I know that won’t happen.  The Beachbody videos are good – it’s just never really been a joy for me…EVER.  I hated gym class.  But our bodies need to move so I’m going to start light this week with a yoga series and then ramp it up next week when my body has recovered some more.

That’s my plan – I pray God blesses it or if it’s not his will I pray he changes it for a better one.   What are you doing to help you get through this season of germs and stress?

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