Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Young Living Essential Oils

So, we got our essential oil starter kit from Young Living about a week and ½ ago and I’m in love.   Jack and I discussed it and given the cost we decided to just try it – if it worked, we would invest more, if not it was a trial run.   We also said if we are going to try it – then we are going to really try it, learn how and really use them.  So I jumped in with both feet - learning, trying, bugging Lauren with questions, researching some more and of course using them!

It’s only been a week and ½ and I’m already sold and have been getting my next order ready.  I absolutely love them and the impact they are having on my life.   Below are some ways we’ve used them:
  1. Diffuse in the house.  We have diffused numerous combos of the oils since getting them.  I want more diffusers in the house, right now I’m moving mine from room to room.   We tried to get cheaper diffusers from Amazon but sent them back given how noticeable the quality difference was between them and Young Living’s Desert Mist.   I’ve already ordered a 2nd starter kit so we can get a replenishment of our oils and another diffuser.  Plus, I’m hoping they go on sale Black Friday.   I want one in every room and Mama’s!     We’ve diffused combos to help us wake up, to improve our mood, to improve our immune systems and to help us sleep … right now I’ve got Christmas Spirit diffusing which brings joy, helps protect from airborne viruses and bacteria and is healing to the respiratory system.
  2. Roller Balls to apply topically.  I’ve made several that we can apply to our skin – The rollers consist of oils and a carrier oils, which helps the essential oil interact with us better + it makes it go further, so win!   We’ve made:
    1. Be Well Roller – Using it 2 a day for immunity support.
    2. 2 Different Sinus Rollers – I’ve made 2 different ones to see which combo of oils works best for me and my sinuses.  I used to take a Claritin every day – I’ve only taken 1 since starting the oils and that was before I had the roller set up, so I was making do with drops.  This alone is worth it!  Jack is still using a nasal spray, but I’m doing some more research to see if there is a stronger combo of oils that will help him more.
    3. Headache Roller – OMG!  I normally take Advil at least 3 times a week for headaches, I haven’t had an Advil for a headache since Lauren gave me the sample roller 3 weeks ago!  I did take Tylenol the other day when my whole body hurt after being sick, but that was before I knew about essential oil capsules, next time I’ll do that instead.
    4. Tummy Roller – I was sick as a dog last week with what I believe was food poisoning.  I used this and never touched the pink stuff!  In Love I tell ya– Healthy healing vs. Chemicals.
    5. Rest Leg Roller for Jack and Mama – we are trying this combo, it helps but not a substitute for their meds.  There are some other recipes I don’t have the oils for yet that I want to try.
    6. Pain Relief Roller for Mama – this has helped her.  Its not complete and doesn’t last but a few hours, but it’s better than popping a pill.  There is a stronger pain combo that requires oils I don’t yet have that I want to try for her.   If this helps take away her arthritis pain… OH MY! 
  3. I’ve taken an Epson Salt and Essential Oil bath for muscle aches today after working on the Christmas Village all day.  I’m not in pain and the smell was so relaxing – awesome sauce.
  4. Drinking – I’ve made Citrus Water, Peppermint Tea with Oil to Supplement – both are good.  I’m still trying to find the perfect drink combo for Jack, but he likes the hot Peppermint Tea so at least I have one win.  The Citrus water was ok, but I didn’t love it – just being real.  I’ll keep trying though.
  5. Spray for Pillow – we have a spray for our pillows that helps us to relax as we start to sleep.
  6. Kitty Repellent - We made a spray for the tree to keep the kitties away; so far so good!  I'm yelling at them alot less.   We shall see if it holds true - I'm spraying it once a day ATM
  7. Cleaners –
    1. I’ve replaced my Windex with the Thieves Cleaner and I’ll never go back!  Streak Free Shine and it’s healthy!
    2. I’ve replaced the 409 with Thieves cleaner and am loving it in my kitchen so far.  I need to make the stronger degreaser recipe to have on hand, but so far so good.
    3. I’ve made a spray to wash the shower after we shower/bath – healthy way to keep it clean.  Hoping to replace Scrubbing Bubbles with this – too soon to tell though.

And that is what I’ve used in only a week and ½!  I have spent a good bit of time looking at ways to use them and ways we can get healthier in general.  Not to mention bugging Lauren, my friend and oil guru with questions.  I’m looking forward to trying to slowly rid our home of unhealthy, unnatural chemicals and instead surrounding ourselves with healthy alternatives that are making us stronger vs. poisoning us slowly.  

Given how much I love the oils I have decided to pursue the Young Living Business side as well.  I’m not sure I’ll ever make a ton of money with it as I have no intention of pushing it, but I do believe in the product.  I do believe our oils are better than the competition and while they have some cost to them, I do believe they are worth it – It’s true most of the time, but especially with oils – You get what you pay for!  

So, if you are interested in trying them out, learning more, or swapping from your existing oil company to Young Living please let me know.   I’m loving our journey to a healthier better us and hope you join me.

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