Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Jamaica Day 1

It's technically our 2nd day here, but I didn't journal last night so I'm doing it this AM instead.  It's vacation time - so I'm breaking the rules, lol.

Yesterday we got up at 7:30 which is super early, well early for me and got ready to head out.   We left the house at 8 and headed to the airport.  Overall our flights were uneventful and we made it safely to Jamaica.   Upon arriving we went through immigration and customs, both a fairly seamless process before making it over to the Sandals Lounge.  A few minutes later we got in our transportation to the resort.   Let me just say they need to upgrade the transportation... it was a little SUV that should fit 4 - driver, 1 in front and 2 in back.   In no way is this a luxury vehicle with comfort as its goal.  Instead, it was 3 of us crammed in the back for hour 1.5-hour drive to the resort.   That drive turned into closer to 2.5 due to festival traffic, so by the time we got here I was tired and slightly grumpy.  The drive overall though wasn't bad though and the people in the car were nice.

The similarities between us and the other passengers in the vehicle were eery though.  They were named Jack and Lisa  - he was in IT, she loves essential oils, though she is using Doterra instead of my beloved Young Living.   It was so funny!  There were of course differences, they have kids, we don't, etc.. but what are the chances?  Same name? Same hobbies/careers?

As we arrived at the resort they had a marching band playing out front with Jamaican dancers.   We checked in and met our Butler who showed us to our room and gave us a tour of the resort.   We are hopefully changing rooms tomorrow as this one - while having a balcony looks over a tree.   You can kinda see the water if you hang your head just right, but mainly when you sit down you see a tree...  The sounds of the ocean are amazing though and just being outside is nice.

I hate this blog is a little negative and I am confident that today and the rest of our trip is going to be fantastic, but I must say the service at Sandals Negril is better.  Here everyone has a butler so it doesn't really feel like you have one at all.   The beach spots are first come first serve, only one restaurant takes reservations, it just feels different.  The restaurant we wanted to eat at tonight in the resort next door reservations is full already, it's just not the same.  Of course, nothing ever is.   It's ok, but at Negril, you felt like royalty.   It's an entirely different experience.   Also, they don't have us in their rewards program, despite me knowing I've signed up for it before... so we lost out on some points and apparently some type of returning guest package? 

Anyway enough with the pity party!  I'm at an amazing island with sun, waves, and relaxation at every turn.   We had dinner last night out on the terrace with music playing in the background.   Breakfast this morning was also outside overlooking the ocean.   Nothing really to complain about and hopefully, in a bit, we will get to change rooms to one with a better view!   Now to go oil this irritation away.   Have a blessed day.

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Good job brother

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